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“1” FOCUSED Steenberg Short Term Rental Accommodation Agency

Unlock The Real Steenberg Short Term Rental Accommodation Agency

Steenberg Short Term Rental Accommodation Agency

Why would you even consider an alternative Steenberg short term rental accommodation agency? You have one on your doorstep already! 

Well, the question is are you getting what you signed up for?

You have a lovely holiday house in Steenberg.

It’s a self catering home on the prestigious golf course. Pristine and amazing. You can, potentially, sell it for R10 million or more. 

But who wants to sell such a home? And the one in the photo above has an asking price of only R30 million. Not bad. 

With a home in Steenberg, you’ll agree with me that you are not the average Joe.

And considering that this may be your second or third home it’s obvious that you have made it.

This means you are not dumb; your money worked for you. But you have this Steenberg investment. 

You are not always staying there. Yes, you can share it with your friends, and family. But really! Do they really respect the gift?

And other than having fun, and capital gains, is the home costing you money? Even just to pay the levies of about R120 000 per year? Yeah. I know you have it! 

But why dish out levies? 

Is it not time to ask, “why am doing this? Life has been great. But should I not get a return on my investment?”


Is it pretty? Yes!

The Alternative And Real Steenberg Short Term Accommodation Agency



The “1” Focused Steenberg Short Term Rental Accommodation Agency. Yes! We focus on trust. We get rewards for trust. We work on trust, and trust and trust. The results follow.

Well. There is a solution. An alternative Steenberg Short Term Rental Accommodation Agency, called CapeHolidays. 

And a dedicated short term rental agency. Not just a jack of all trades trying to capitalise on property sales, long term rentals and holiday rentals. No. Dedicated, focused, determined Airbnb management agency for Steenberg.

From 2009 this family business, consisting out of Nandi, Elmarie and Johan ran a short term rental management agency with one motto:

We will be the best in Cape Town. We don’t have to be the biggest. 

But let’s leave the bragging for later if you are still interested and need to verify our credentials.

Let’s answer this question first…

Which Steenberg Owner Should Not Use Our Self Catering Agency?

This is not an easy question to answer as I am biased. But let me volunteer a few reasons:

  1. If you don’t see your short-term rental agents as your friend but just another employee then rather skip us. The relationship will not last. We base our relationship on utmost trust. You give us a key to a valuable possession. Some owners mistrust them easily and then resent agents. What a waste.
  2. You like to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Good for you. You basically like to tell your dentist how to do his job. It will not work. We are the experts. Leave it to us. Your best interest is our best interest.
  3. You will not re-invest in your home or you are not excited to make guests happy. And when the first issue arises you may resist the guest’s critique or blankly object. Expose it. No. It will not work. 
  4. Some owners distrust everyone, but some think all guests are out to con them. We had two owners like that. They would blame guests for everything. If it fits, try another agency. 

Luckily, most people we know are good at heart. We prefer you.

What Is Wrong With Steenberg’s Current Self Catering Marketing Agency?

I suppose it depends on your aims as a homeowner. And your goals.

If you are happy with the status quo then we will waste your time. Stick with them. But if you question how they do their short term rentals then ask them;

  1. Are they dedicated to short term rentals only? Or do they try to do sales, long term rentals and short term rentals? (What is wrong with Jack Of All Trades?)
  2. Is the current Steenberg agency an expert Airbnb agency? Are they Superhosts? How many reviews do they have? I could not find any evidence for these.
  3. Do they have a professional short term rental pricing strategy? I get the idea they set one daily rate for most holiday homes through all seasons? One monthly rate. And then hope for the best. Here’s proof of what they do:
  4. Is this agency focused on generating a decent income from short term rentals? I would say, “NO!”. I get the idea they don’t give a dam if it rents out or not. Why? What they do seems to be either arrogant or ignorant. My guess or hope it’s the latter.
  5. Do they have rules, regulations and experience creators in place to ensure guests are always happy, get the home 5-star reviews, ensure guests are always at their best behaviour?
  6. Yes. They catch an occasional fat fish. Good for them. Good for a few owners. But the rest wait for the dice. This is not a gamble. If you know your business it’s predictable and consistent. 

The real issue I have, and I have mentioned it, is do they care about short term rentals as a professional entity to maximise the needs of their Steenberg owners? 


Don’t They Care About Short Term?

Are these Steenberg agents already making enough from sales that making nothing from short term rentals is irrelevant?

I don’t know. 

But from my critical view, I believe the above is true; short term rentals to them is an occasional incident; they may get reservations during peak times when a stupid guy can rent anything. But during bad times they are next to dead.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CapeHolidays Accommodation Agency? 

Okay. You get a dedicated professional Airbnb agency that works to maximise the owner’s goals. 

What about a holiday management agency for Steenberg where the agency is not trying to be the biggest? All it wants is to be the best; the best at what it does. And that is the best Airbnb agency.

Do you see the difference between the biggest and the best short term rental agency?

To be the best agency you can say NO a lot easier; there is nothing to win. All you want is happiness (idyllic? maybe), and trust. 

All you get is an agency working on great relationships and a dedicated team to maximise your specific goals.

Let’s consider a few benefits:

Maximising Airbnb income

Depending on your goals we can maximise your Airbnb income by providing a hands-on management service, with an emphasis on integrity and quality. 

Our team of professionals will ensure that your home is maintained to the highest standard, so you can focus on running your business.

I don’t want to maximise? 

But you may not want to maximise income. Correct. We just adjust the model to generate an income to cover your needs. And limit occupancy or increase the length of stay. 

– Trust In A Superhost Agency

We are a Superhost agency, which means we have a proven track record of happy guests and owners. For every 5 star review we receive from our guests, we create trust with future guests! 

Every additional 5 Star review is an asset. The more we accumulate the more valuable the home becomes. In the new economy, trust pays. 

– Long Track Recorded: Started 2009

Steenberg Short Term Rental Accommodation Agency, called CapeHolidays, was started in 2009 by the Horak family. Elmarie was the initiator. Then Johan joined. Then Nandi. Today we have a team of Experience Creators. Others call them managers; managing guests and ensuring your home is 5 stars at all times.

The Best In Hospitality!

Getting 5 stars is one of our measures of success. We have hosted thousands of guests. And our review rating sits at 4.9 out of 5.

Our owners are super happy scoring us 9 out of ten. Even Airbnb complimented us. No wonder we are SuperHosts

And if you want to dig further why not read what independent guests have to say about us. Go Here and read our profile and reviews!


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– Management Company Focused On Reducing Management Costs

Many Airbnb management agencies in Cape Town use management costs as an income generator. Some would even make enough from this owner’s cost that they have no incentive to market the place.

Our management cost is insignificant and a cost is only incurred if there is an action. Mostly this action is related to a reservation. All reservations carry at least one meeting with guests upon arrival, one departure and a clean. These incur costs. However, on top of the reservation cost, the guest pays it and also pays a management fee. This fee covers a lot of the associated costs to manage.

This means; if we do a great job of marketing there is a cost. If the owner or guest does not need the agent there is no cost. And the story continues; cost is associated with success.

I Cannot Say No To Friends And Family Who Want To Stay

This may or may not be an issue. But sometimes the owner feels obliged to give our home to friends and family who ask (We call them guilt-induced Freebies). They may even stay for free. Now, if you want friends to stay for free then it’s your choice.

But with an independent third party, you have the option to refer all Freebies to your Very Difficult Agent. This removes you as the culprit. We set up rules with you. And respectfully charge them a special rate and at least to clean the home after their stay.

Dedicated Steenberg Short Term Rental Accommodation Agency

You get the current Steenberg accommodation agency who see the pot of gold; they sell accommodation, they rent long term, and for the hell of it, why not do short term rentals as well?

As you know; when you go to unclog your arteries, with a stent, do you go to a general surgeon? Or to a specialist?

Therefore, if you have an expensive, and exclusive home in Steenberg do you rent out short term through a jack of all trades?

Again, I am not suggesting you should not. I am just asking the question. And it’s your choice.

Should I Rent Out Short Term Or Long Term?

Great question. In a place like Steenberg, we expect tenants to be okay people. But we have found that long term guys can become a pain. Not all. But when they do you sit with them for a long time.

Secondly, you can never really use the home for yourself.

Thirdly, you can potentially have the home to yourself when needed, see guests go before they creep under your skin and make more from high paying short term guests. Why not?

The Final Question To Steenberg Owners Looking For An Alternative Short Term Rental Agency

Let’s assume you want to rent out your home short term. You agree with most of what I said above then it’s easy. But if you are not yet convinced why not ask:

  • Who is dedicated to my home? 
  • Who has a short term rental track record? 
  • Who has 1000 public 5-star reviews? 
  • Which agency can share reviews from current owners? 
  • Which one is the SuperHost agency?
  • If you own golf estate accommodation and are considering a real Steenberg accommodation rental agency, then let’s talk.
  • You will quickly realise that we will rather turn you down today than disappoint you tomorrow. 

Making money is great but the value of happy relationships are critical. Idyllic? Maybe. But we rather try than be unhappy but not trying.

Have you found the alternative Steenberg short term rental accommodation agency? It’s obviously your choice.

Have fun.

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