What is an Experience Creator?

We can do what’s necessary or we can be remarkable.

Which will make guests happy?

You may seek a dedicated Cape Town rental management team to manage marketing, guest relations, and maintenance. (These are the primary services)

Everyone can provide these services. Some are better than others. But these are the basics. And Airbnb has changed all this through relentless commoditization (read this). We cannot afford to be a commodity!

In this evolving industry, it is crucial to ensure your home is exceptional. We must create an experience and be remarkable.

If not, ordinary home managers will become tedious as Airbnb adds more and more uninspiring properties.

Guests want to experience a holiday, compared to traditional short-term property management companies focusing only on basic features.

In other words:

We’ve heard about a home away from home so often, and yes, guests want to be comfortable and feel at home, but why not offer them more? Why not give them something ‘remarkable’!

We agree with Walt Disney!


  • Guests want remarkability.
  • Homeowners want remarkability.
  • As agents, we want only to share remarkable experiences.

Our aim at CapeHolidays is remarkability first.

To keep the foundation stable, we must also offer personalized service that suits the different needs of our homeowners while matching that with the requirements of our guests.

Please have a look at this review we got. I am sure you see what we mean by creating a remarkable experience:

reviewcapetown“This is SUCH a special place, there are almost no words. If you want to find tranquility, peace, beauty & comfort in Cape Town, this is it. We stayed for a week but wish it was a lifetime. The place is immaculate & cozy. It’s a dream home away from home. And the owners could not be more accommodating and kind. From it’s magical outdoor space to it’s open plan indoor space, you could not ask for anything more. And it’s kept BEYOND clean. As in PERFECT. The entire place is like having your own private resort that feels like home. We could not RAVE about this spectacular hidden gem any more. We loved it so much we plan to stay every year 😉 because you really can’t find anything as beautiful, charming & idyllic in Cape Town’s wine lands. We have one word for this place: Heaven.” From Kristen NYC staying at New Kings Kalk Bay.

By sharing exceptional experiences, we distinguish your home from the rest. CapeHolidays Experience Creators strive for reviews like the above every time. But then…

A home we manage must be remarkable or nothing.

Is your home remarkable (WOW) enough?

We developed an easy and fun quiz to evaluate your home. Quick and free.

Complete the quiz here and we will immediately send you the free evaluation.

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