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Airbnb Marketing & Management Tips

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Owners subscribe to airbnb management and marketing tips at Agency.CapeHolidays

Cape Town Agency Shares Airbnb SuperHost Marketing & Management Tips Today I am inviting you to subscribe to our Airbnb SuperHost Marketing and Management tips. We will share with you tips we believe are critical to our owner and Airbnb managers. The idea is to share Airbnb Tips as follows: Quick and short tips Weekly […]

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Real Airbnb Stories From Hell Happing To Us In Cape Town

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Real Airbnb-stories-from-hell two

Real AIRBNB STORIES FROM HELLFirst Airbnb Story From HellAirbnb “Marriage” Arranged In Hell: Introducing Owner “Mr. Darkness” To Guest “Jenny Discount” Dear Friend,You are not going to belief this story is based on the truth. But I will let you decide.If it can go wrong it will go wrong. Accepted. But can it really get […]

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Why Is Your Property’s Airbnb Ranking Important?

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We all know the above quote from Lord Harold: location, location and location. With Airbnb dominating the short term rental market the same refrain applies. Today I don’t want to discuss your property’s physical location. This location is critical but fixed. Your “location” on the Airbnb website, when people search for properties like yours is […]

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