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POPIA CapeHolidays Compliance With Privacy Act

POPIA CapeHolidays Compliance With Privacy Act

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Popia Capeholidays Compliance with act

The POPIA Act is in effect from 1 July 2021, CapeHolidays commit to strictly adhering to the regulations of keeping your personal information safe with POPIA. No matter how you choose for us to contact you or if there is a need for any updates related specifically pertaining only and exclusively (without exception) on matters relating directly between our company and yourself – which are all subject solely by law- no other individual will have access without consent from yourself first given in writing either digitally or paper form beforehand including those who may be employed under this enterprise. (No personal information will be shared, without your consent, with any third party).

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  1. Send us an email to popia@capeholidays.info
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We really appreciate your interest in CapeHolidays. But your happiness is more important to us than trying to influence you with our stuff – when you don’t want it.

What is POPIA act?

The Protection of Personal Information Act ensures that your personal information is protected by specifying when it’s legal to process someone else’s. For example, one condition states the person must have consent before processing any data on you. If they don’t receive this permission, then their request for more info could be misconstrued as something nefarious and should likely not go through
This law has been in place since 1996 and continues today with new updates adding even more protections!


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