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New & 1st Ever Best Where to Stay in Cape Town Self-Catering Rates Per Night Index for Tourist

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Where to Stay in Cape Town: Self-Catering Rates per Night Index for Tourist


Introduction- Where To Stay In Cape Town Self Catering

Are you looking for an easy answer? I am sure you like to investigate your options. Pricing, area, value, things to do, shopping, and beaches.

We are busy writing a short but thorough, free book to assist you. We will call it “The Best Places to Stay in Cape Town: Local Insight By The Mountain Load”. It’s easy because. Subscribe here to get the FREE e-book.

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world. And a popular tourist destination for those looking for adventure. It comes with loads of mountains; with Table Mountain the beacon of hope.

The city has many lodging options to suit any budget, but it can be difficult to know which one will best meet your needs. Are you are travelling with family or friends, solo, or on a budget? Great stuff.

While writing the free book we realized it’s easy to discuss each Cape Town holiday suburb; the pros and cons. But what about showing you these suburbs stack up against each other regarding self-catering rates per night.

The Cape Town self-catering rates index should help. You can narrow down your selection and find the perfect place to stay in Cape Town without breaking the bank!

Where To Stay In Cape Town Self Catering When The Bank Is Out Of Play?

If the bank is out of play; stay in Camps Bay or Clifton. But getting accommodation in Clifton, at a 1.4 premium can be difficult.

How Did We Establish The Where To Stay In Cape Town Self Catering Rates Index?

In the “where to stay in Cape Town index” we compared the nightly rates per suburb. We looked at the accommodation; 6 or more people stay in a self-catering home over peak December to early January.

  1. We chose Camps Bay as the base rate for the index.
  2. The average daily rate for peak season is R17000 for 6 or more people.
  3. We used the R17000 per night and compared it to the average for 6 people in other suburbs.
  4. Therefore R17000 divided by R17000 gives us an Index of 1 for Camps Bay.

Using the index: The Camps Bay Self Catering Index is 1.00; how much is it to stay in Clifton? 

Clifton’s Index is 1.40 (see table below). 

In other words; you will pay 1.4 times more to stay in Clifton than Camps Bay. If you found a nice home for  R20 000 in Camps Bay you will pay R28 000 ($1980) per night in Clifton (20 000 times 1.40).

But don’t despair.

The “Where to stay in Cape Town Self Catering Index”, below, will show you more affordable and excellent holiday suburbs. Suburbs where you’ll pay 50% or less than Camps Bay. And it’s not a question of giving up value, or luxury, or 5-star experiences. 

Therefore an R20 000 in Camps Bay self catering villa will cost R10 000 or less in most other suburbs. Again I am using big bucks budgets to explain, but the same is true for a family with a budget of R3000 per night.

With Clifton, Camps Bay and Bantry Bay being the most expensive holiday suburbs the others work out very affordable. With Blouberg the least expensive tourist suburb in Cape Town, of those, I have picked. If you pay R17000 in Camps Bay you’ll pay about R6000 per night in Blouberg – over peak season. 

Excellent Cape Town self-catering homes become much more affordable as you move away from Camps Bay, Clifton and the V&A Waterfront. 

Cape Town is huge with many small holiday villages divided by a mountain. Table Mountain and its siblings come by the mountain load; spreading out and narrowing towards Cape Point. The further away you go the more affordable the accommodation. 

Where To Stay In Cape Town Self Catering Rates Index:

The table below shows the area, the suburb, the index, and pros and cons. You’ll see the top four are expensive. Then it even out nicely with pockets of luxury in between.

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Area Suburb Rates Index Pros Cons
Atlantic Seaboard Camps Bay 1.00 Popular. Flashy. Cool Busy. Setting sun.
Atlantic Seaboard Clifton 1.40 Romantic, Exclusive, Beautiful Limited availability
Atlantic Seaboard Bantry Bay 2.00 Exclusive, No wind Very Limited
Atlantic Seaboard Fresnaye 1.20 Views, Out of traffic, no wind Further from the ocean
Atlantic Seaboard Sea Point 0.45 Cosmo, Eclectic, Promenade, Sea, Massive pool Busy during season
Atlantic Seaboard Green Point 0.45 Central, Restaurants Not on the ocean
Atlantic Seaboard Mouille Point 0.80 On promenade, Exclusive Only apartments, limited availability
Atlantic Seaboard De Waterkant 0.47 Young, very LBQT friendly, Colourful, Restaurants Not on the ocean, limited parking
Atlantic Seaboard V&A Waterfront 0.80 Modern, Popular tourist attraction, shops, restaurants Busy, modern
City Bowl Central suburbs, varied 0.40 From hippie to the artist, from old to young. From pubs to peace. Further from the ocean, can get hot in some areas.
Southern Suburbs Suburbs hugging Table Mountain. 0.40 Established, little wind, among vineyards, central for travel Away from the buzz. Travel 20 mins to the ocean
Southern Peninsula Muizenberg 0.37 Surfing, Restaurants, families Can be busy
Southern Peninsula

False Bay

Kalk Bay 0.50 Arty, Restaurants, fishing harbour, pubs, shops, surf Limited parking. Busy
Southern Peninsula

False Bay

Fish Hoek 0.35 Family, Beach, Views, shark nets Main street not pretty.
Southern Peninsula

False Bay

Simonstown 0.40 History, Penguins, Nature, Romantic beaches, whales Some areas are windier. About 1 hour from Cape Town.
Southern Peninsula


Scarborough 0.35 Barefoot, nature, beach, peaceful, surfing. 3 Restaurants. Baboons.
Southern Peninsula


Kommetjie 0.40 Surfing, long beaches, views, crayfish Limited shopping
Southern Peninsula


Noordhoek 0.45 Green (Peace), wine, long beach, horsey, community Water’s edge is far from parking area
Southern Peninsula


Hout Bay 0.47 Like its own republic, beach, restaurants, full “town” Can be very busy
Atlantic Seaboard Llandudno 0.82 Exclusive, mansions, views No shops, limited parking
Altantic Seaboard


Bloubergstrand 0.35 Surfing, kite surfing, views on Table Mountain Wind. Can be busy during season

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Where To Stay In Cape Town Self FAQ:

How much should I budget for Cape Town?

If you want to stay in Cape Town self-catering homes, it really depends on your budget. The most expensive suburbs are Camps Bay and Clifton (both up to and more than R17000 per night for a family of six). The rest are affordable with a Cape Town Self Catering Index of 0.50 or less.

Is South Africa expensive for tourists?

No. But it depends. In general, it’s much less expensive than in most tourist countries. Around €2,328.73 (39,776.66R) in Cape Town will maintain the same standard of life with €4,900.00 in Paris. Food prices in South Africa are 52.60% lower than in France.

What is the best area to stay in Cape Town?

Have a look at the Where To Stay in Cape Town Self Catering Index above. Identify these areas we recommend and what you’ll pay per Cape Town Suburb.

And subscribe here to our bi-monthly newsletter here and receive our FREE e-book called “The Best Places to Stay in Cape Town: Local Insight by the Mountain Load”.

The best areas to stay in Cape Town for tourists are very simple; look at a map of Cape Town. Identify Table mountain, the ocean and Cape Point; the peninsula. Suburbs close to the sea, hugging the mountains from Table Mountain towards Cape Point are great.

Obviously, you will find many small local non-tourist community areas in between, but those you’ll identify easily.

Is it expensive to eat out in Cape Town?

You can eat out where locals eat for cheap and find beautiful meals.But if you go to fancy 5-star restaurants like La Colombe you’ll pay. But even then it’s still a lot less than for the same restaurant in Paris or developed 1 st world countries.

Restaurant Prices in South Africa are 47.58% lower than in France.

Restaurant Prices in Cape Town are 3.26% lower than in Johannesburg

Cape Town, South Africa’s Big Mac is one of the six cheapest in the world.

How much should I budget for Cape Town?

How much money for Cape Town? It depends on where you stay; hotels, self-catering or guests houses. Additional transport costs; close to Table Mountain will mean you can easily Uber or use Cape Town’s MyCiti bus system saving you lots.

Plan to spend around $100 per day or about R1,400. The daily price is based on previous visitor’s expenses. The average for food in South Africa, as reported by travellers, is R618 ($44) per day and R254 ($18) spent on local transportation.

Staying in a self-catering can be different as you prepare your own meals. Again, watch out for the season; during peak Christmas New Year the rates increase threefold.

The average hotel price in Cape Town for a couple is R1,118 ($80). A two-person trip to Cape Town for one-week averages at about R20,148 ($1,433).

These are all averages. And you can spend a LOT more or a lot less. 

Borought To You By We manage 5 star holiday homes in Cape Town. We are SuperHosts. And we do it right or don’t get involved. 

Written by

Johan Horak

And edited by the rest of the Horak Clan.

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