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Avoid 5 Potholes With These Sample Airbnb Checkout Instructions

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Unlock More 5 Star Reviews With These: Sample Airbnb Checkout Instructions

You can ignore these sample Airbnb checkout instructions but deny them can be costly; losses and bad reviews. And I am sure you want none of that.   

Sample Airbnb Checkout Instructions to ensure hosts anticipate issues and 5 star reviews

Sample Airbnb Checkout Instructions

The checkout process is something that all Airbnb hosts (and owners) need to be aware of and take the time to prepare for. The truth is, there are a lot of pitfalls that can ruin your experience with guests and give you low reviews.

But if you’re prepared, study and adapt these sample Airbnb checkout instructions to help you get more 5-star reviews and keep everyone informed!

In this article on Airbnb checkout instructions, I will talk about 5 things that can go wrong during your guests’ stay. You should anticipate these problems and use them to help get more positive reviews and to keep everyone happy.

Airbnb hosts are not able to ignore their guests, give them a key drop-box, and hope they leave the home intact. Yes, it will save time, and reduce call-out costs but this is about increasing demand with positive reviews.

Today’s professional Superhosts rely on getting 5-star reviews from ALL departing guests. As you know there is a “direct” link between the number of reviews and occupancy.

One way a person can get more 5-star reviews on Airbnb is by coaching and guiding the initial guest conversation. They should set firm expectations for their stay and departure.

Hopefully, these sample Airbnb checkout instructions will allow you to get what you want.

Setting the scene early will ensure the integrity of the house after checkout and happy parties.

Let me start this sample Airbnb checkout instructions with questions to direct the discussion:

Why Should Airbnb hosts be present at the time of checkout?

Airbnb Checkout Instructions start with the first and last interaction; departure is your final opportunity to positively influence a guest’s impressions.

Take note: Guests are prompted to review their experience within 24 hours of checking out.

If you have given the departing guests a great experience, all will be good. Or will it?

The scene, however, must be set with the PRE- and at arrival “setting-the-scene” expectations discussion. Ignore this and you leave it to the gods.

Just like with check-in, being there in person at checkout is always advisable whenever practical. You want them to feel obliged to your hospitality. Give. And give. Your heart is enough. They’ll know.

Being there in person re-activates the “human element”

Airbnb hosts get to see how their guests feel about their stay. If someone has an issue, you can contact them and ask what is wrong.

Both of these outcomes will be important in ensuring you receive the best possible reviews very shortly.

As you know, everyone’s priority is to get out of your Airbnb rental as quickly as possible. It’s understandable but there can be a lot lost in the process, including any feedback you may have wanted from the guest! Guests are the best (only) judges ever.

This can be as simple as asking if there is anything that needs attention. For example, you could ask if the guest had any complaints or questions during their stay.

Obviously, when they mention something serious, it may mean they did not feel at ease approaching you during their stay.

Guests Will Hide Their Issues..

I remember a lady staying with her son for a month in a great home. She was given the whole prearrival spiel. When she left she gave us a nasty review because a doorknob was broken. Apparently, she is a private person and did not want anyone to attend to the issue.

A guest arrived, the Airbnb instructions stipulated that only street parking. He was never told where to “street park” and gave the host a 1 out of 5 overall.

In the big scheme of things, one extreme guest will not break the bank. But as hosts, we must try to anticipate the off-the-charts demands and expectations.

Fools are our biggest threat and take note of how we use these sample Airbnb checkout instructions to defuse fools.

If you have something that may go wrong, then leave it to a fool to find it. Rather do a foolproof audit and inform guests before they book and repeat it at arrival. Fools tend to be less foolish when he is told about things that can go wrong.

Something we have not done, but is recommended, is where hosts ensure guests complete a quick and easy online Checkout Guest Feedback Form. Cool ideal. Don’t you agree? In future updates, I’ll share how we will do this Airbnb Checkout feedback.

Well, if you have any doubts about getting feedback, then read Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion Robert Cialdini. He will tell you that when people put their signature to anything they feel obliged to defend it.

Let us, in the future, use this psychology at checkout; with their exit interview with the host present, they may give you good feedback. And when they do the Airbnb review they will just continue in the same vein. More in a future edition.

Why Do Guests Expectations Settings Start Before Departure?

I have referred to this topic above but let us elaborate:

It’s imperative for a host to set expectations from day one. The guest must feel very welcome while confirming the stay guidelines in a gentle but firm manner. They will love you for being honest.

Guests do not always know what to expect from a self-catering home. Most new guests often compare it unfavorably to hotels that come with a certain expectation of services.

We understand that it is not always possible to get everything you want. But we cannot allow guests to have unmanaged expectations. Seeking out these unspoken needs and giving them a voice is the way out. If not, they will drop you a bad review on departure.


Let your guests know that you will be present when they check out during their arrival during check-in. Tell them that they should have fun, use the house but please leave it tidy. This reminds me of checking the number of guests who booked. Only technology can assist you to verify if guests are honest. But larger houses that may attract the party crowd should invest in tools to check guest numbers.

Why?  Asking Guest For A 5 Star Review Rating

Setting expectations of your own is important. Most guests do not know that a 5 out of 5 ratings is great. Some believe 4 out of 5 is good enough although they were very happy. We have had guests who gave us 5 out of 5 for every sub-item but overall 4 out 5. Never let that happen.

Ask them for a 5-star review.

And tell them at arrival, “If you have any issues don’t wait for the review! No. Tell me immediately. NOW! My job is to ensure your 5-star experience.”

It’s important to tell them you are giving them a 5 star home. You expect them to have a 5-star experience but YOUR SuperHost status depends on them returning the favour.

Why Is It Critical To Check For Damages & Losses Immediately?

If you need to make a claim on your security deposit or the Airbnb Host Guarantee, you should do it within 14 days. This last bit can be tricky. You don’t need all the evidence and costs but get the claim in as Airbnb will try to use their T&Cs.

It’s important to have proper evidence in place when making a claim. Take photos of everything. Everything. If your guest is a nightmare, you’ll need to provide Airbnb with evidence in the form of text messages and other communications. Keep records.

How To Check For Damages and Losses?

Various guest checkout procedures exist. I believe the best is to keep it simple but effective. You’ll notice the following house check-out form is very simple (here or video below)

Sample Airbnb Checkout Instructions Airbnb Check-Out Form & Review Of Guest By Host

Airbnb Check-Out Form & Review Of Guest By Host

Why Is A Post Departure Check-Out Procedure Like This Important?

As a short-term rental marketing agency and proud Superhost, we expect the best. We are not there yet but we try every day.  We believe……..

The house must always be 5 stars. By asking the managing host to certify it, the host is the judge of the current state, the responsible one. This is an important aspect.

Small things and “wrong” things added up by unintentionally ignoring store blindness is the result. Giving guests reason to be critical.

For example:

When you use your house, you might not notice problems like a broken lampshade. Or a dark spot on the floor. People who visit will see these things, and they will judge how good of a person you are.

It is not until another guest or owner arrives and innocently says, your lampshade is broken that you are reminded that it needs fixing.

The intention is to send the form results to owners, co-hosts, or managers who want them. We can send these forms out every time someone checks out, or we can wait and only send the forms when something happens. Let us know how often you want to receive it.

Using These Sample Airbnb Checkout Instructions To Our Advantage!

Now that you have read the above, I must thank you. Do you believe the above checkout procedure will improve our services? Do you have any suggestions on how it can be done better? Obviously, you may have read about things like parties, get guest feedback at departure, etc, and how to address them. We will get to that.  Let me know. I value your feedback.

Have Fun

Johan Horak

P.S. Just another experience creator at Agency.CapeHolidays in Cape Town South Africa. Where we try our best to make owners happy, increase their investment with excellent guests going WOW every time they arrive.



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