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10 Most Expensive Airbnbs In South Africa – Are They Attracting Any Guests at R30 000 Per Person Per Night?

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10 Most Expensive Airbnbs In South Africa – Are They Attracting Any Guests at R30 000 Per Person Per Night?

Today you can choose to stay in one of the ten most expensive Airbnbs in South Africa.

As you know, South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and if you’re lucky enough to visit, you’ll be able to experience unparalleled views of Table Mountain. Or the big five wildlife in the north – staying in ultimate luxury in the bush.

But while many people come from all over the world for its natural beauty, there’s another reason that tourists are coming here- it has some of the most expensive Airbnb listings on earth! In this post, we will show you the 10 most expensive Airbnbs in South Africa. Yes. Some with a price tag greater than R200 000 per night.

Not bad. I am sure you would like to say. “I’ll stay two weeks and pay it with my small change!”

Well, I have great news for you. Airbnb Lux has been waiting for you. You have the money and they give you a reason to spend a small fraction of that at one or more of these luxurious stays.

And just to give you some more confidence Airbnb says, “these extraordinary homes undergo a 300-plus point inspection”. They offer you the most unusual luxury homes in the world with the highest standard of services. A selection of pristine, expertly designed homes with high-end amenities, services and dedicated trip designers. Read more here.

Let’s get to the 10 Most Expensive Airbnbs In South Africa:

No. 1 Karula House Cheetah Plains Limpopo (Stay Here)

(R225 540 per night for max 8 guests)

Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Kruger, South Africa

Cheetah Plains is home to a luxury and sustainable South African safari. It is located in the world-famous Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Where you can have an exclusive stay in one of the exclusive Plains Houses for a private African safari life.

The private Plains Houses provide a great backdrop to your safari experience. The imaginative, honest architecture is good for relaxing in. It is easy to see the outside from the inside and there are warm natural things on the inside.

The Plains Houses accommodate a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 guests per house.

Interesting: Again; This Cheetah Plains house has zero future bookings. If you have 16 in your group you can stay in both houses, a minimum of 3 nights is required. At R1353240 or $92 474.

Let’s consider another one of the most expensive Airbnbs in South Africa.

No. 2 Mapogo House Cheetah Plains Limpopo (Stay Here)

(R225 540 per night for max 8 guests)


Mapogo House Cheetah Plains

What to expect- The most iconic South African reserve, Sabi Sands combines modern architecture and traditional safari lodgings. On one side of the river, which winds its way through a verdant landscape, dense jungle brush surrounds the other. Animals freely roam the Kruger National Park, grazing or drinking at the edges of the water, where they follow their migration patterns.

Interesting: They have zero future bookings. And you pay the same rate irrespective of the season. You’ll be paying nearly R30 000 per night per person.

Let’s consider another one of the most expensive Airbnbs in South Africa.

No. 3 Most Expensive Airbnb In South Africa: Molori Safari Lodge North West Province (Stay Here)

(R210 000 per night Max 14 people Taxes & Fees R94 500)

Madikwe, North West Province, South Africa

2021 08

Molori Safari Lodge means ‘to dream’ in seTswana. It is a place where wealthy people can take a break from their lives and relax. They are located in the heart of the 75,000-hectare malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve. It was originally built for the family but then transformed into a wildlife paradise retreat.

Looking at the above romantic setting; imagine the wildlife walking past, the lions roaring at night. And compare this to sitting in a tent. There is just no justification. You want luxury, and you have R724500 for three nights then you have no option but to stay here. Today.

And if you are not willing to pay for your 13 friends then let them pay R17250 per night and you have the house at a bargain. Yes! Not for all people.

Interesting: They have no confirmed bookings for the future. So you would not have an issue staying.

No. 4 Most Expensive Airbnb In South Africa: Tarkuni Villa Northern Cape (Stay Here)

(R198 000 per night for max 10 guests)


Tarkuni Villa is a beautiful home with chandelier lights and state of the art technology. It also has rugged wood, natural stone, and an open-air environment. Sit in the outdoor lounge on the terrace and watch for some colourful birds.

It’s obvious, that the people who have access to this wilderness have a privilege that other people do not.

From the ancient quartzite mountains of Korannaberg to the grassy red sand dunes of southern Kalahari stretching to the horizon, Tswalu offers what the most discerning travellers want most – space and time.

The Tswalu Game Reserve Stephen Boler. He bought farms to create a conservation reserve, re-introducing lions, rare types of antelope, giraffes, buffalos, and zebras. Here are the largest population of black rhinos. After Stephen Boler’s death in 1998, Nicky Oppenheimer now owns and operates it.

Interesting: They have very many confirmed bookings. But why would they have many and the other two above have nothing? Do you have a plausible answer?

No. 5 Most Expensive Airbnb In South Africa: Obsidian Camps Bay Cape Town (Stay Here)

(R175 000 per night for max 10 guests)


Obsidian Camps Bay Cape Town

The most expensive Airbnb in Cape Town.

It’s a truly luxurious and exclusive Camps Bay villa that rises five stories above the coastal cliffside, snagging serious views of both iconic Lion’s Head and Twelve Apostles. Savour these from loungers or a two-sided infinity pool while your chef skewers dinner on an epic braai right in front of you!

Interesting: Did you know Obsidian is a strongly protective stone? Obsidian forms a shield against negativity, providing a grounding cord from the base chakra to the centre of the earth. It’s open from April and the calendar shows no reservations.

No. 6 Most Expensive Airbnb In South Africa: “Beyond” Clifton Cape Town (Stay Here)

(R168 876 per night for max 10 guests)

Most-Expensive-Airbnb-In-South-Africa Beyond Clifton-Cape-Town.

Above Clifton Beach, an eclectic and exclusive modernist villa called Beyond.

It is situated in the small and exclusive seaside community of Clifton, this designer estate overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with its small romantic beaches.

At the entertainment level, is a pool, ping pong, a sauna and steam room, as well as fire pits, leading to a grassy courtyard on one side, and an infinity pool on the other. Cook dinner on the braai, host cocktails at the wet bar, and drive 10 minutes to Lion’s Head.

Interesting: For the R168 876 per night you are treated to daily free housekeeping, a dedicated chef, even canapes and welcome drinks. Not bad at R16 888 per night per person.

No. 7 Most Expensive Airbnb In South Africa: Pentagon Camps Bay Cape Town (Stay Here)

(R150 000 per night for max 10 guests)


Pentagon Villa in Campsbay is described as following:

This perch villa in Clifton’s highlands is just minutes from Camps Bay. White parasols, textured orbs of light, and a mirrored accent wall provide depth to the pared-down decor. As the sun sets over the Atlantic Seaboard below, you can relax in the home theatre or take a drink on the terrace.

Interesting: A dedicated chef, free daily housekeeping, and welcome drinks are included for only R150 000 per night. At R15 000 per night per person, it’s not a bad deal. Even you can stay here. But remember no one-nighters, it’s a 3-day minimum.

No. 8 Most Expensive Airbnb In South Africa: Sea Lion in Fresnaye (Stay Here)

(R145 000 per night for max 8 guests)


The gallery-like retreat in Fresnaye is filled with large canvases and life-sized sculptures. Greg Wright Architects designed this open-concept villa with walls of glass, which has been featured in many magazines with views of the rocky hillside and sparkling city below. A home cinema, gym, and wine cellar up the ante, and you’re just 2 miles from Clifton Beach.

Interesting: Accommodating 8 people only, it is the most expensive Airbnb in Cape Town per person. You will fork out R18125 per person compared to R17500 at Osidian. I wonder if Obsidian is aware of this? They may not like it!

No. 9 Most Expensive Airbnb In South Africa: The One And Only Minosa (Stay Here)

(R140 000 per night for max 8 guests)


This exclusive penthouse is located on the top floor of the One and Only in Cape Town. VVIP Guests who want ultimate security, privacy, and use of the pool, spa, and gym are the only ones who are welcome.

Besides villa pre-stocking, you will get a private chef to cater to all your needs, as well as activities, excursions, and spa treatments. Moreover, they offer personal shopping services, close protection security services, butler services, and personal trainer services.

Interesting: At a maximum of 8 people it is exactly the same rate Obsidian, above, the most expensive Airbnb in Cape Town.

No. 10 Most Expensive Airbnb In South Africa: 21 Nettleton In Cape Town (Stay Here)

(R130 000 per night for max 12 guests)


This boutique hotel perched above Clifton Bay features a waterfall cascading past boulders into the pool. While your chef and butler work in the kitchen, you can read in a lounger next to the lush hillside, then take a winding red carpet staircase to your suite for tea or cocktails. The Clifton or Camps Bay beaches can be reached within minutes with a driver.

Interesting: At R10833 per night per person this Airbnb is becoming a bargain for the wealthy. From a pricing point of view, they may have it right as they are well occupied compared to most others above. It’s also the only one allowing one night stays. Therefore you have no excuse.

No. 11 Most Expensive Airbnb In South Africa: 5 Star Constantia (Stay Here)

(R99 000 per night for max 12 guests – Two families with not more than 8 adults)


It was not my intention to include 11 luxury homes but why not?

We manage an exclusive and private villa in Constantia. It was always at about R45 000 per night. But looking at these luxury Airbnbs it’s possibly time to double the rate to R99 999 per night. Have a look here and tell me how well it compares with these homes.

The Most Expensive Airbnb In the World Is In South Africa

Just out of interest; I read this article sharing the most expensive Airbnbs in the world. They list an island stay for 16 is, accordingly, the most expensive at R278 000 per night. Or R17 375 per person. But when you compare this island stay with the South African Cheetah Plains Homes in Sabi Sands you’ll know South Africa has the most expensive Airbnb in the world. At R225 540 per night sleeping 8. Or R28 181 per night. If you want to stay in one of the most expensive Airbnb in the world you will not make a mistake choosing South Africa.

Summary Of 10 Most Expensive Airbnbs In South Africa:

Are these homes not some of the most luxurious homes in the world?


  1. The most expensive Airbnb In South Africa is a luxurious game reserve at Sabi Sands.
  2. The most expensive Airbnb if you look at the per person rate is in Cape Town.
  3. If you consider the per person rate then Cheetah Plains Limpopo homes at Sabi Sands are the most expensive in the world.
  4. Most of the top ten expensive Airbnbs are in Cape Town.

It is no surprise! Cape Town is amazing!

With an abundance of luxurious homes and resorts, it’s one of the top destinations for wealthy tourists who want to escape their daily life without having to leave home or go too far from civilization.

If you’re looking for a luxurious wildlife experience combine your Cape Town stay with at least three nights at the Cheetah Plains homes. The ultimate.

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