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Maximising Airbnb Income 10 to 40 % With Dynamic Pricing: Benefits, Objections and Risks

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Maximising Airbnb Income For Owners with Pricelabs

Maximising Airbnb Income For Owners with Pricelabs

This article on maximising Airbnb income provides an overview of how Pricelabs can increase revenue for Airbnb owners. It also addresses potential owner concerns, and risks and shows how Pricelabs can be a small monthly investment.

At CapeHolidays, our goal is to maximise Airbnb income for the Airbnb properties we manage. We believe Pricelabs is an invaluable tool that can help us optimize pricing and earn more for property owners. Here’s an overview of the key benefits Pricelabs provides and how it can increase bookings and revenue.

Dynamic Pricing Drives Revenue

We are all familiar with flight tickets and how they change from day to day.

Pricelabs uses similar advanced algorithms and market data to dynamically adjust short-term rental pricing based on demand, events, seasons, and competitor rates. This dynamic approach means properties are competitively priced to attract more bookings. Rather than manually updating rates, Pricelabs automatically optimises pricing so owners can earn the maximum revenue.

Increased Bookings and Revenue

With optimised pricing, Pricelabs can increase annual revenue by 10-40% per property. For just a R400 monthly investment, the Pricelabs subscription can quickly pay for itself through higher occupancy and nightly rates. Maximising Airbnb income is our top priority. And even if it’s only 10% more it’s a small investment for a great return.

Avoid Pricing Mistakes

Pricelabs helps us avoid common seasonal pricing mistakes by factoring in demand changes, seasons, and past trends. We can prevent under or overpricing with Pricelab’s data-driven recommendations. This ensures we price properties optimally year-round to maximise bookings in every season.

Consider this: You had a great season last year. You based this year on last year but globally the market changed and it will not be the same. This means you are not attracting guests as they get a better deal elsewhere. And we end up having to recover too late. The same is true if demand is much higher than we expect. Currently, we don’t know.

Market Insights and Competitive Edge To Maximising Airbnb Income

Pricelabs provides valuable market insights and analytics we use to make smart pricing decisions. This market data gives us a competitive edge to stand out and keep properties occupied. We can confidently price properties using real-time data instead of guesses.

Addressing Potential Owner Concerns

We understand owners may have some initial concerns about using Pricelabs. Here’s how we ease the top concerns:

  • Cost: The monthly fee is small compared ($19 or less depending on volume) to the revenue lift Pricelabs drives. Owners earn back the investment multiple times over.
  • Control: We maintain pricing control within set parameters. Pricelabs optimises pricing but we make final decisions.
  • Performance: Pricelabs has a proven track record of boosting owner revenue. But performance varies, and we can cancel anytime if needed.
  • Pricelabs in South Africa: The largest short-term rental companies, like Nox in Cape Town, all use dynamic pricing tools.
  • Will they not price my place too low? Dynamic pricing is not dumb pricing. We apply our knowledge of minimum stay, minimum rate and seasonality to the tool and Pricelabs gives us insights. If it’s higher it’s a go. If it’s lower it’s a suggestion.

Risks Of NOT Using A Dynamic Pricing Tool Like Pricelabs for Airbnb properties:

Maximising Airbnb Income 10 to 40 % With Dynamic Pricing

  1. All eggs in one basket! Current manual pricing is dependent on the skill of one. What happens if a bus hits the wrong guy? Dynamic pricing modelling makes pricing easier, even for dumb users. 
  2. Lost revenue from suboptimal pricing. Without dynamic pricing, rates can easily be set too high or too low for market conditions leading to lost bookings and revenue.
  3. Pricing errors during peak and low seasons. Not optimising for seasonal demand changes can lead to lost bookings in peak season from overpricing or underpricing in low season and missing revenue opportunities.
  4. Lack of competitiveness. Static pricing can lead to non-competitive rates compared to similar listings. Dynamic pricing matches market rates so properties don’t miss bookings due to overpricing.
  5. Inability to quickly respond to market changes. Fixed pricing prevents taking advantage of events, demand shifts, or competitor rate changes in the market. Slow manual repricing causes missed revenue potential.

In summary, outdated fixed pricing all but guarantees lost revenue compared to data-driven dynamic pricing. The risk is simply leaving money on the table and not achieving maximum occupancy and revenue.

Pricelabs Allow Improved More Data-driven Outcomes

The bottom line is that tools like Pricelabs allow us to tap into powerful data and insights so we can optimise pricing on behalf of owners and maximise Airbnb income. The small monthly investment is well worth the potential revenue lift for properties. And if it cannot do better than what we are doing manually we switch off.

Let us put Pricelabs to work for you so you can even maximise bookings and revenue more on Airbnb.


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