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Contrasting Airbnb Income Maximisation Strategies: Beautiful Victorian House vs. Modern 4 Bedroom Home In Cape Town

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Airbnb Income Maximisation Strategies: And The Winner Between The Victorian House Or Modern 4 Bedroom Home In Cape Town Is?

Airbnb Income Maximisation Strategies

Introduction To Airbnb Income Maximisation Strategies

Airbnb Income Maximisation Strategies: Today, we focus on two contrasting case studies that illustrate different strategies for Airbnb hosts to maximize their Airbnb income.

The first case study focuses on a Victorian house that faces challenges because of restrictions imposed by the owner (note: she lives in the home and needs to vacate when we receive a reservation). The second case study explores a modern 4-bedroom home where no such limitations exist. By contrasting these approaches, we can gain valuable insights into the dynamics of trust-building, revenue growth, and the power of positive reviews in the Airbnb marketplace.

Read The Full Case Study On The Highly Successful Launch Of The 4-bedroom home.

Victorian House: Imposed Restrictions and Trust Limitations On Our Airbnb Income Maximisation Strategies

Airbnb Income Maximisation Strategies victorian home

  • The owner of the Victorian house has set a high minimum income requirement and an extended minimum stay, hindering the property’s ability to attract reservations and build trust.
  • The lengthy minimum stay of 5 to 7 nights exceeds the preferences of most guests, especially during off-peak seasons when shorter stays of around 3 nights are more common.
  • The owner lives in the house and wants reservations to make it worth her while to move out.
  • The owner’s desire for longer stays combined with higher rates for shorter durations creates a dilemma for potential guests and may deter most guests sensitive to high rates and no reviews.
  • Demand for Victorian-style accommodations may be lower than for more contemporary aesthetics.
  • The Victorian house has made virtually no money over many months because of these restrictions.

Modern 4-Bedroom Home: Trust-Building and Revenue Growth

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  • The modern 4-bedroom home does not face any restrictions imposed by the owner, allowing for a more flexible income maximisation strategy.
  • Within just two weeks of launch, the modern 4-bedroom home generated nearly R300,000 in net revenue for the owner (after our and Airbnb’s fees), demonstrating impressive short-term performance.
  • The focus is on quickly accumulating positive reviews to signal a commitment to guest satisfaction and gain favour with Airbnb, referred to as “making love to Airbnb.”
  • By initially offering rock-bottom rates, the home attracts attention, establishes a strong presence, and builds a reputation for delivering value.
  • The modern 4-bedroom home shows great potential for long-term success and aims to double the initial goal of R450,000 in revenue we set with the owner for year one.

Contrasting Approaches: High Rates vs. Trust and Demand

  • The Victorian house’s (unintentional) approach relies on high rates and short minimum stays, regardless of demand, season, or level of trust.
  • The modern 4-bedroom home prioritises guests’ fear of staying with no reviews, showing Airbnb the house means business (making love to Airbnb), and achieving high occupancy rates through initially low rates.
  • High rates, especially during launch, do not equate to higher income, as the focus should be on attracting attention, building trust, and establishing a reputation for value.

Analysis of Trust-Building Strategies

Showing proof of trust (many reviews) and paying the price with rock-bottom rates (initially) are critical aspects of income maximisation on Airbnb. Both case studies highlight different approaches to trust-building and their impact on revenue generation.

Summary of Modern 4-Bedroom Home Success:

  • The modern 4-bedroom home focuses on trust-building by prioritising guest satisfaction and compliance with Airbnb guidelines.
  • Pay the price to attract guests and show Airbnb our commitment: By initially offering rock-bottom rates, the home attracts attention and establishes a strong presence.
  • Positive reviews are crucial in building trust and signalling a commitment to guest satisfaction.
  • The home’s approach emphasises high occupancy rates and reputation-building, leading to significant revenue generation within a short period.

The Power of Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are a powerful tool for income maximisation on Airbnb. Both case studies show the influence of positive reviews on revenue growth.

Victorian House:

  • The Victorian house faces challenges accumulating positive reviews because of the imposed restrictions and longer minimum stays.
  • Limited bookings and lower guest satisfaction may cause fewer opportunities to receive positive reviews.
  • Without a substantial number of positive reviews, attracting new guests becomes more challenging, hindering revenue growth.

Modern 4-Bedroom Home:

word image 62730 4

  • The modern 4-bedroom home prioritises getting positive reviews to build trust and reputation.
  • By delivering exceptional guest experiences, the home quickly accumulates positive reviews, signalling a commitment to guest satisfaction.
  • Positive reviews contribute to increased demand, allowing for higher rates and revenue growth in the long run.

Conclusion On Airbnb Income Maximisation Strategies: “There is only one judge and that is the Airbnb guest!”

The contrasting Airbnb income maximisation strategies highlight the importance of very competitive rates to start trust-building and getting positive reviews, which are all flowers in the love relationship with Airbnb; these all lead to better Airbnb ranking and higher demand, leading to income maximisation.

While the Victorian house faces challenges due to imposed restrictions that limit trust-building and getting attention from Airbnb and guests, the modern 4-bedroom home shows impressive revenue generation within a short period. The modern home focused on a successful income maximisation strategy.

I believe both homes have amazing potential. Unfortunately, guests judged the Victorian home’s restrictions as too harsh. Again, modern vs Victorian is irrelevant. What is relevant are the imposed length of stay and high rate restrictions. Guests are getting better value elsewhere. Remember, I always say, “There is only one judge and that is the Airbnb guest!”

I believe hosts can learn valuable lessons from these studies to tailor their approach and overcome obstacles, ultimately maximising their income potential on the platform.

A 3-Bedroom “Victorian Gem” In The Same Area Is Doing Extremely Well

word image 62730 5

BTW, this “Victorian” home in the same area is doing extremely well. It has high occupancy; the review score is 4.9 with 30 reviews; and it also has 3 bedrooms. But it is not nearly as beautiful as the one in the case study above. The other major difference is that it does not have rate- and long-term minimum stay restrictions. This house does 4 nights, and the rates are competitive. Just imagine the pretty Victorian above would allow more flexibility to build trust. It will beat this house hands-down.

Take Away

  • Be aggressively competitive with rates and minimum stays at launch
  • Get the attention of Airbnb: Tell them, “I Mean Business!”
  • Get the attention of guests! Tell them, “I Mean Business!”
  • By making love to Airbnb they promote you to the top of searches
  • Accumulate attention and 5-star reviews
  • This increases demand
  • Demand creates scarcity
  • Increase rates
  • Increase income!


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