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5 Star Superhost Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town + FREE eBook


5 Star Superhost Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town+ FREE eBook

How Can You Increase Profitability With An Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town?

Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town:


As demand for Airbnb management services has increased, it is becoming increasingly difficult for hosts to manage their properties and respond to guest inquiries. There are several reasons why this is happening. Some of these include the following;

– They are too busy with other tasks such as work and family

– They have little or no prior experience managing vacation rentals

– Unfamiliarity with the workings of Airbnb

– Have no real interest in guests liaison 24/7

– Airbnb may be easy to set up. But the setup is not everything. You need to make money. And with all the competition it’s not easy.

A Professional Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town Can Make You A Winner.

But it depends;

  • do you choose based on cost or trust and income potential? More later.
  • Do you want to make money without needing to be available for rentals?
  • Are you looking for an easy, trouble-free approach to make money from your investment?
  • If so, you’ve come to the correct place!

It’s all hunky-dory? 

We have to crawl before we run.

You’ll learn about our house and owner qualification requirements. It’s straightforward.

However, it is founded on trust. Shared belief. Our initial goal is to see if we can work together. Then your home, and then another…

Airbnb, one of our trusted partners, is one of the most popular lodging options for travelers. Many guests prefer Airbnb to alternative options because it offers comparable costs, is simple, and, most significantly, eliminates the trouble and lack of confidence associated with contacting property owners or managers.

I don’t want the Airbnb Management Hassles!

  • But what if you don’t want to manage your Simons Town holiday homes full-time?
  • Or do you wish to avoid the hassles like these?
  • Or are you not there to take care of it?
  • What if you could earn money while having all of your payments and cleaning done for you?

We make Airbnb simple for owners who are too busy or don’t want to deal with the hassle of marketing their homes.

We efficiently market your property using our enormous global network of travelers, allowing interested visitors to have access to your data at their fingertips.

When it comes to short term rentals, all you want is for your home to be well-kept and to attract more guests. So what if you can concentrate on your peaceful stays at home? Leave the rest to us while we take care of your property.

Let Out Your Simon’s Town Airbnb Without Any Fuss

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How Do We As An Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town Improve The Airbnb Host Experience?

First, we create trust. We start with the owner. But we have to work on the potential guests.

Momentum is created by trust – number of reviews. We must “rank“.

And momentum becomes an increase in occupancy. As occupancy rises, so do the number of reviews. As a result of the increased demand; what happens when supply exceeds demand? Prices rise.

Regrettably, many Airbnb agencies in Cape Town and around the world are completely unaware of this connection.

Apply For CapeHolidays Airbnb Management Business in Simons Town.

CapeHolidays does not intend to be the largest Airbnb Holiday rental agency in Simonstown, Cape Town.

We intend to be the finest. We must concentrate on being the best we can be.

As we’ve always said,

We’d rather turn you down today than let you down later.

And to get there, we must first understand each other well.

Qualify The House – Guests Must Go WOW!

Is there a specific home that does well on Airbnb?

There is a specific style of home that works best for Airbnb – one that is constantly clean, peaceful, and equipped with all of the conveniences a tourist requires.

Excellent start!

A residence does not have to be costly. No, it does not. However, it must leave guests in awe! With your help, we must exceed the guest’s expectations.

These residences are eligible. Undoubtedly, some residences will make more money than others.

Qualify The Owner – The Owner Must Go WOW!

We need to meet with the owner to clarify expectations. Here are a few examples:

It does not get hot often. But chefs must take the heat.

  • An owner is a critical component of the equation. An owner can be away in another nation, but an unconcerned owner will not work.
  • As a partner, the owner must be willing to collaborate with his agency. Any owner who cannot hand over the running to us will not stay happy for long.
  • The owner must agree to have management act on his behalf. Some owners may be hesitant to do so. The owner can obviously stay at the home, but the agency controls the schedule.


The Airbnb agency will screen and approve qualified visitors to stay here. These visitors may have negative feelings towards the residence. And if the owner dislikes criticism, it will generate problems.

Owner’s Airbnb Income expectations:

Read the trust section again;

Simply, we can’t make you money if your house has no trust record; the amount of reviews you have is trust.

In addition, there is a clear correlation between reviews and money. We may have a difficult time if you expect high rates from day one, year one. And add to it that you need to make love to Airbnb.

Some owners are only looking to cover costs. Some are suspicious of foreigners. And they set up all kinds of barriers to protect their home. This is understandable.

Unfortunately, Airbnb is not bothered by these fears. And if your rules are too restrictive, you don’t make them money and they will not promote you.

We have had owners making very little until they realised, years later, it’s okay. 99% of guests respect your home.

As mentioned; the owner should be an integral part of the equation. The ultimate goal is to generate cash. But the owner needs to trust his “chef”.

Owners Want An Airbnb Agent To Reply To Visitors Quickly, Qualify, Close, Undersell, And Set The Playground.

The occupancy of your Airbnb home depends on many things but also on how promptly you answer a request.

Owners, and guests, expect a timely response from their Airbnb agency.

Agents must qualify guests, close a reservation, undersell, and create the ground rules for the stay. And everything has must be done to obtain a 5-star rating. TRUST is what we seek.

The Impact Of Check-In & Check-Out On Your Goal

Check-in begins well in advance of the arrival. Upon reservation, the Airbnb agent must begin preparing for the arrival. Initial impressions are lasting. When they arrive, you’ll need a wonderful host to deal with both pleasant and not-so-nice folks. It’s also vital to establish ground rules for the playground. Any agent who oversells will be in hot water. Being firm, on the other hand, is essential.

Check-out is an excellent time to get comments and encourage customers to leave a five-star review. We also make it a point to ask guests to provide us with a 5-star rating. Almost always. You understand why!!

Simons Town Airbnb Agency Professional Cleaning

Every Airbnb visitor looking for a place to stay has her their own set of expectations. They would go over the reviews. You’re in a downhill spiral if they read regular negative remarks.

Cleaning an Airbnb home is essential if you want to obtain good reviews. A competent Airbnb agency wants satisfied customers. Every time. If you surprise a guest with any unexpected nasty issue, your ratings will plummet. There is no room for compromise.

Qualify Airbnb Guests

What do you think of Airbnb?

Do you know what hosts are saying about the guests who intend to stay?

Before booking, we thoroughly screen potential guests Visitors with positive reviews can book immediately, but guests with no, or few, or some negative reviews cannot.

We ask these new and borderline guests a series of easy questions. We may allow them to book based on their transparency. But if there is any doubt they go somewhere else.

Even guests who book instantly are qualified. Our questioning and their answers make us either comfortable or not. If we feel all is not well we can cancel.

We do it. But it’s not often.

Airbnb Risk Management

Establishing expectations throughout the process, from agreed-upon regulations before the reservation, pre-arrival information, arrival brief, and communication during the stay, is focused toward doing so.

Remember, we want 5-star reviews. If guests believe they can get away with tricks, fools will take advantage.

Again, our goal is happiness. If guests get reprimanded they may give us a bad review. But what comes first? The integrity of the home? Yes.

Airbnb Pricing Strategy

Owners have varying needs;

  • some want to maximize income,
  • others want to cover overheads, and still,
  • others are concerned that the empty home will receive no or unintended attention.

Whatever the rationale, it is vital that the agent and owner identify these objectives. Then devise a price strategy to achieve these objectives.

Winning Airbnb Marketing Strategy

When launching a short-term rental, we believe it is critical to have a consistent and effective marketing plan. But, you should never rely just on Airbnb for marketing. Email marketing, social media, your own direct booking website, and a Google My Business page are all required. We do all that for you.

24/7 Airbnb Financials And Accounting

As your Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town, we keep you informed of all reservations, including the number of guests, dates, and income. These reports are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week online. Furthermore, all mandatory home-related payments can be made on your behalf.

What do Simons Town Airbnb management companies charge?

Marketing expenses are one type of expense. You can pay somewhere between 15% and 30% of the rental fee, depending on who you choose. And there is a management fee.

How much does the Simonstown Airbnb management service actually cost? – except for marketing.

Each booking is subject to one-time management costs. Consider this: guests pay a daily cost in addition to a one-time changeover fee and any other specified fees involved with managing your home.

Depending on demand and pricing strategy, the guest pays 80% to 100% of the management expenditures.

Yet, if guests stay for extended periods of time, which is a fantastic concept because it reduces the frequency of change-overs. But, with a longer stay, the one-time charge may not cover all weekly expenses.

Using Superhost Simonstown Airbnb Agency Managed Services To Turn Your Short-Term Property Into 5 Star Reviews.

The volume and frequency with which visitors submit reviews influences how many people see that listing and whether or not the host can achieve or maintain Superhost status. The ratings of the guests are the difference between success, mediocrity, and failure.

According to research, there is a direct association between the number of reviews and occupancy. It should be self-evident. As a result of these factors, CapeHolidays, a Superhost Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town, focus ALL of our efforts on generating positive feedback. But, this does not mean that we do not evict disruptive guests.

Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town Look After These Areas

Simonskloof, Harbour Heights, Admiraalskloof, Glen Cairn, Froggy Pond, Castle Rock, Moudock Valley, and Boulders Beach.

What Do Our Happy Owners Say?

We did a recent survey among all our owners to establish our Net Promoter Score and they (read more here) scored us 9 out of 10.

(10)We have always been pleased with your service, and your communications throughout the pandemic have been outstanding. We admire your upbeat demeanour.

(10) Being in another country and relying solely on you to arrange bookings and manage our property makes it tough to think of ways for you to enhance your service. We don’t even see what you do for us; all we see are bookings and money flowing in. It would be easy to suggest the best way to improve your service is to get more bookings into our house, but that is very simplistic (especially at the moment).

I guess what I would advise you to do is keep doing what you’re doing, which is to avoid resting on your laurels and constantly looking for new and imaginative methods to advertise your business and, by implication, our home. You’re moving on during this challenging period; just keep up the good work…

(10)Everyone I’ve dealt with at CapeHolidays has provided excellent service and dependability. Thank you very much.

(10) You are attracting very nice people J Thanks for everything Elmarie – I really value your and your team’s service ( and I like you a lot, too! ).

Why Use Agency.CapeHolidays as Your Superhost Airbnb Management Business in Simons Town?

Have you ever wished to spend your Simonstown holiday without being preoccupied with maintenance, concerned about the funds invested and not seeing a return on your investment?

That is now achievable with AgencyCapeHolidays, a professional Airbnb Property Management Company in Simons Town!

Start enjoying your well-kept home, come on vacation, and rest in a wonderful home with no worries. Your partner Agency.CapeHolidays handles everything.  You will make money to reinvest in your home or to pay your taxes and levies.

Because CapeHolidays is not attempting to be the largest agency in Cape Town, we can provide you with personalized service. Once you get to know us and trust us, as our owners do, you’ll feel this happiness since your home is no longer just an asset that needs to be maintained.

While you are away, your home is being cared for.

The Ideal Solution. Professional Simonstown Airbnb Management: AgencyCapeHolidays.

It’s simple to work with a dedicated team managing your properties, taking care of the concerns and inconveniences.

And because our owners are individual investors, they understand what it’s like to deal with various demands, maintenance, and payments – so we can provide you with personal care when needed.

Download The Superhost Airbnb Management Company in Simonstown South Africa eBook For Free.

Agency.CapeHolidays, a Superhost Airbnb Management Company in Simonstown, gives out a free guide on having a hassle-free Airbnb experience.

This Airbnb host guide explains the Airbnb trips and tricks we gathered from managing hundreds of quality Cape Town holiday houses since 2009.

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. You now have access to the ebook. Right now.

 Get Your Free eBook Here 

The Airbnb ebook is a resource for those who own a property and want to expand their business on the platform. You read how we work. You’ll get to know us.

This is important if you are looking for a short term rental agency in Simonstown.

But if you want to do it yourself; it is comprehensive and provides you with all of the information you need to get started, from selecting your ideal listings to marketing and management.

Airbnb Management FAQs (More In-Depth Here):

Is it tough to run an Airbnb in Simonstown?

Individuals Airbnb hosts frequently perceive holiday rentals to be an easy potential income-generator. And many people use Airbnb to supplement their income.

But, in a competitive industry, this is not always easy.

If you want to make money using Airbnb, you must stand out and make your listing is unique for it to thrive. Establishing trust with your guests and receiving outstanding reviews early are two of the most important things you can do to help your listing flourish right away.

Brought To You By Agency.CapeHolidays: An Airbnb Management Company in Simons Town

The Horak Clan, and SuperHost Experience Creators, Aureol and Coral, run the show.

The Clan has been doing this since 2009.

We either do it correctly or tell you it won’t work.

We’d rather walk away today than let you down tomorrow.

Our company, Agency.CapeHolidays is small and intimate. We are more concerned with the relationship than with making a lot of money. As a result, we can and do say no. But we can’t help but smile. And have a great time. If this appeals to you, please join us.

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