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How Can You Earn More From Your Rental Property?

Gone are the days when Airbnb used to be a mere niche offering.

The platform is now the go-to option for many travellers; which, in turn, has led to an increase in demand for Airbnb management services.

However, not everyone can effectively manage their properties as they are either too busy or unfamiliar with the workings of Airbnb.


Are You Looking For A Professional Airbnb Management Company Cape Town?


Want to earn an income while not having to be available for rentals?

Are you looking for a simple, hassle-free way of earning a living from your investment? If yes, then you’ve found the right place!


Sounds all rosy?


It depends. You’ll read about our qualification criteria. It’s simple. But it’s based on trust.


Mutual trust.


Our first objective is to see if we can become partners. You, us, our guests, and another…

Our trusted partner, Airbnb is one of the most popular accommodation options for travellers.

Many people choose Airbnb over other options because it offers competitive prices, it’s easy and more importantly, removes the hassle and lack of trust of having to contact property owners or managers.


But what if you are not into managing your properties on a full-time basis?


Or you don’t want all the hassles? Or you are not present to take care of it?

What if you can earn from it and not have any issues getting all the payments and cleaning done for you?

We make Airbnb easy for owners who are busy or those who don’t want to hassle with marketing their homes.

With our extensive network of travellers around the globe, we effectively market your property allowing interested guests to have access to your details at their fingertips.

When it comes to holiday rentals, you just want your property to be well-maintained and attract more guests.

So what if you can focus on your relaxing stays at the house? While we taking care of your property; leave the rest with us.

Let Out Your Airbnb Without Any Fuss


How We As Airbnb Agents Optimise The Airbnb Hosting Experience?


First, we create trust.

Trust creates momentum. And momentum becomes occupancy. As occupancy increases the number of reviews increases.

As this increased demand goes up. What happens when demand exceeds supply?

Prices go up. Unfortunately, many Airbnb agencies in Cape Town and around the world are oblivious to this relationship.


Qualify For CapeHolidays Airbnb Management Company Cape Town


CapeHolidays have no intention to be the largest holiday rental agency in Cape Town. No. We aim to be the best. By focusing on being the best we can make choices. As we always say,


We rather turn you down today, than disappoint you tomorrow.


But to get here we need to understand each other well.


Qualify The Owner And The Holiday Home


Qualify The House – Guests Must Go WOW!


There is a type of home that works best for Airbnb – The one that is always clean, quiet and with all the amenities a traveller needs.

Good start! A house does not have to be expensive. No. But it must make guests go WOW! These homes qualify.

Obviously, some homes will make more others less. More on house qualification.


Qualify The Owner: Airbnb Management Company Cape Town


We must spend time with the owner to clarify expectations. Here are a few issues:

An owner is an integral part of the equation. An owner can be absent in another country, but an owner who does not care will not work.

The owner must be willing to work with his agency as a partner. Any bossy or controlling kind of owner will not last.

Allowing management on his behalf is not always easy, and some owners may do this reluctantly.

Obviously, the owner can stay at his home but the agency is in control of the calendar.

The agency will allow qualified guests to stay here. These guests may be critical. And if the owner does not like criticism then it will cause issues.

Income expectations: Read the paragraph on trust again; basically we cannot make you money when your home has no trust record; the number of reviews you have is trust.

And there is a direct relationship between reviews and income. If you expect high rates from day one, year one we may find it difficult.

The owner should be an integral part of the equation.

There are many issues that we must address when it comes to the owner.

An “absent” owner (not involved), or apathetic owner, and a bossy or controlling kind of owner will not last for long with this business.

The agency must work with the owners as partners to maintain a healthy working relationship. The agency does management on behalf of the owners.

And if they are reluctant to do this, they may not be right for this business.

A few main points namely that the owner should be willing to work with the agency, trust them, and give them opportunities to maximise happiness; for the guest and the owner.

More on the ideal owners.

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Owners Need An Airbnb Agency To Immediately Respond To Guests, Qualify, Close, Undersell, And Set The PlayGround.

Increasing your Airbnb home’s occupancy depends on how quickly you respond.

Owners need an Airbnb agency to act quickly. Qualify guests, close a reservation, undersell, and set the ground rules for the stay. And everything is done to get a 5-star review. We want TRUST.


The Impact Of Check-In & Check-Out On Your Goal


Checkin starts long before arrival. Your Airbnb agent must start setting the scene for arrival upon reservation.


First impressions last.

When they arrive you need a magical host to handle nice and not so nice people. And it’s critical to set the playground rules. Any agent overselling will be in trouble. But being firm is critical.




It’s a great opportunity to get feedback. And we always remind guests to give us a 5-star review. Always. You know why!


Airbnb Management Company Cape Town: Professional Cleaning


All Airbnb travellers looking for a place to stay come with their own set of expectations. They would read the reviews. Any negative remarks and you are on a downward slope.

Cleaning an Airbnb home is critical to get great reviews. Yes. But is it not the right thing to do?


A professional Airbnb agency wants happy guests. Surprise a guest with any dirt and your ratings drop. There is no compromise.


Airbnb Guest Vetting


What are your thoughts on Airbnb?

Money is great but not everything.

Do you know what other others host have said about your latest (prospecting) guest? What ratings did they get? Did you set up Airbnb to limit risky guests? We vet your guests before booking. And if we don’t like their manner we can even ask them to explain their plans. Any vague stuff and they are gone. Money is great but not everything.

Guests with positive reviews can instantly book, guests with no or few or some bad reviews cannot instantly book.

We take these new and border edge guests through a series of simple questions. Depending on their transparency we may permit them to book.


Risk Management


Setting expectations throughout the process, from “agreed” rules before the reservation, pre-arrival information, arrival brief and communication during the stay are geared towards setting expectations.


Fools will be fools… 

Fools take advantage if they think they can get away with it.


Airbnb Pricing Strategy


Owners have various needs; some want to maximise income, some want to pay the overheads, others are worried that the empty home get’s no attention or the wrong attention.

Whatever the motivation, it’s critical for the agent and owner to define the goals. And set a pricing strategy to meet these goals.


Airbnb Marketing Strategy


For us, it is important to have a consistent marketing strategy when launching a short-term rental. To be a winner is to have a consistent Airbnb marketing strategy. But never leave the marketing to Airbnb alone.

You must do email marketing, social media, have your own direct booking website and create and maintain a Google My Business presence.


Airbnb Financials And Accounting


As your Cape Town Airbnb management company, we inform you immediately of all reservations, number of guests, dates and income. These reports are available online 24/7. And any home-related payments required are done on your behalf.


What do Airbnb management companies charge?


You have two costs. One is what we call marketing costs. Depending on who you use you can pay from 15% to 30% of the rental fee.


How much does the actual Airbnb management service cost? – excluding marketing.


Management costs are covered per booking. Consider this; guests pay a rate per day plus a once-off change over-fee, and any other fixed fees related to managing your home.

Depending on the demand and the pricing strategy the guest pays 80% to 100% of the management fees. However, if guests stay longer, which is a good idea, the number of change-overs reduce.

But the once-off cost may not cover all weekly costs.


Turning Superhost (Airbnb Management Company Cape Town) Services For Your Short Term Home Into 5 Star Reviews.


The number of reviews a guest leaves for the listing affects how many people see that listing and whether or not the host can attain or keep Superhost status.

The guest’s ratings can mean the difference between performance success, mediocrity and failure. Research also shows a direct relationship between the number of reviews and occupancy. Obvious.

It’s for these reasons CapeHolidays, Superhost Airbnb Management Company Cape Town, do focus ALL our attention on getting excellent reviews. However, it does not mean we don’t get rid of guests who don’t behave.

Read what our guest reviews why they give us 4.9 out of 5.


Airbnb Management Company Cape Town: Suburbs We Manage



What Do Our Happy Owners Say?

We did a recent survey among all our owners to establish our Net Promoter Score and they scored us 9 out of 10.

(10) We have always been happy with your service and your comms during the pandemic have been exceptional. We love your positive attitude.

(10) It’s already perfect,

(10) Consistent good quality guests.

(10) From our perspective living overseas and relying on you entirely to create bookings and manage our property, it is difficult to think of ways for you to improve your service.

We don’t even see what you actually do for us. We only see the bookings and the money coming in. It would be easy to say the way to improve your service is to get more bookings into our house but that is too simplistic (particularly at the moment of course).

I think what I would suggest to you is just to continue doing what you are doing – namely not resting on your laurels and continually looking for new and innovative ways to promote your service and by extension our house.

You are pushing forwards during this difficult time, just keep that commitment up.

(10) Excellent service and reliability from everyone I have dealt with at CapeHolidays. Thank you.

(10) I am very happy with your work. Thank you.

(10) Carry on with the way you are doing things. Don’t change.

(9) I am very happy with your work.

(10) You are attracting very nice people J Thanks for everything Elmarie – I really value your and your team’s service ( and I like you a lot, too! ).


Why use Superhost Airbnb Management Company Cape Town South Africa?


Have you ever wanted to have your Cape Town holiday without being kept occupied with maintenance, worried about the capital invested and not making a return on your home?

With AgencyCapeHolidays, a professional Airbnb management system, that is now possible!

Start enjoying your well-maintained home, come on holiday and relax in a perfect home, no stress. Everything is taken care of by your partner Agency.CapeHolidays.

Not only will your home improve, but you’ll also generate extra cash. The cash you can use to re-invest in the home, pay your taxes and levies.

Because CapeHolidays are not trying to be the biggest agency in Cape Town we can give you personal care.

As you come to know us, trust us, like our owners do you’ll feel this satisfaction as your home is no longer just an asset needing maintenance. Your home is being taken care of for you while you’re away.


AgencyCapeHolidays is the perfect solution for professional Airbnb management.


It’s easy to work with a dedicated team managing your properties, taking care of the issues and hassles

And because our owners are individual investors they know what it’s like to deal with different needs, maintenance, payments – so that we can offer you personal care when needed.

You’ll always have your beautiful holiday home to come back home to – all without worrying about the capital invested and not making a return on your home.

Summary Of Benefits

  • We take care of mundane housework for you so you can focus on whatever you want to do.
  • We look after great and difficult guests.
  • AgencyCapeHolidays is the perfect solution for professional Airbnb management.
  • A homecare system that lets you enjoy your home while everything is taken care of.
  • You’ll have a beautiful vacation home to come back to – all without worrying about managing or maintaining it yourself!

Free Superhost Airbnb Management Company Cape Town South Africa eBook

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Agency.CapeHolidays, a Superhost Airbnb Management Company Cape Town offers you a free ebook on unhassling Airbnb.

This ebook gives you the tips and tricks on how we have managed hundreds of excellent Cape Town holiday homes from 2009. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. The ebook is yours. Today.

The ebook on Airbnb is a resource for those who have a property and want to grow their business on the platform.

It is detailed and gives you all the information you need to get started, from how to pick out your perfect listings, right through marketing and management.

Airbnb Management FAQs (More In-Depth Here):


What do Airbnb management companies charge?

15% to 35%. Depending on the agency.

How much does an Airbnb management service cost?

On average, Airbnb management services costs 20% of the rate per night. And the management costs. There are two main options for Airbnb management fees. The first is a flat rate per month. This means that no matter how many bookings you get, you pay the same monthly rate to the management company.

We don’t believe this is in the best interest of the owner as the agent can do nothing and get paid. The second is a commission rate of 15 to 35% per booking, depending on the agency you use. Agency.CapeHolidays work on a combination of commission per booking and a management fee per booking.

This means; when we achieve a goal we get paid a commission. The second portion is the management of the home; guests pay most of this management fee once off per booking.


Can you pay someone to manage your Airbnb?


Do management companies do Airbnb?


Yes. Airbnb Management companies tend to look after holiday homes where owner are not interested in the hassles of management or are absent and cannot attend to these functions. As end-to-end services for hosts on Airbnb Capeholidays, Superhost Airbnb Management Company Cape Town, provide comprehensive management.

Starting with your property, allowing you to earn extra income from renting your space, without the time commitment.

Do you need a license to manage Airbnb?

A license is not required in South Africa.

What percentage does Airbnb charge hosts?

It depends. Today Airbnb charge managing hosts 14%, and hosts who use Super Strict cancellation policies may pay more.

Is it difficult to manage an Airbnb?

People often consider rental housing a viable option for an income-generating strategy. Many people use Airbnb as a way to earn extra income.

But this is not easy to do in a competitive industry. If you are looking to make money with Airbnb, you will have to stand out and have your listing be unique for it to succeed.

Building trust with your guests and getting excellent reviews quickly are two of the most critical things that can help your listing succeed from the beginning.

Brought To You By Agency.CapeHolidays: An Airbnb Management Company Cape Town

Run by the Horak Clan and SuperHost Experience Creators Aureol and Coral. From 2009. We rather walk away today than disappoint you tomorrow. Our business is small but personal. We care more about the relationship than trying to make big bucks. Therefore we can and do say no. But we smile easily. And have a lot of fun. If you like this then join us.


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