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Unhassle Airbnb FAQ

FAQ’s For Unhassle Airbnb eBook and Self Catering Consultancy Promotion in Cape Town.


What Are The Gifts & Points Required?
  • R2000 cash once-off per owner who’s home we manage and you referred. Or 10% of our commission as long as the referred home is managed by us. All you do is spend it. 9999 points to unlock. As soon as you qualify for R2000 or 10% you must tell us in writing which you prefer. If we don’t get it in writing we will pay you a FINAL ONCE OFF R2000.
  • FREE Full Analysis Of One Home: Fin Expectations, Interior Audit & General Advice Worth R5000. 8500 points to unlock.
  • Once-off R1800 for every referred home we manage. 6000 points to unlock. Payable once off on first booking a the referred home.
  • Once off R1000 for every referred home we manage. 2000 points to unlock. Payable once off on first booking a the referred home.
  • Unhassle Airbnb eBook today when you have at least two friends who registered.
  • Free Questionnaire: Will/should you succeed? 3333 points to unlock.
  • NOTE: Payments are made when the first booking occurs.
  • Critical Checklists for owners worth R1000. 3800 points to unlock.
  • Free Income Audit. What Can You Expect To Make? Worth R2000. 5000 points to unlock.
  • Free FOOLPROOF Audit 3300 points.
  • FREE Income & Attitude Evaluation Questionnaire + Interpretation Worth R2000 or 3300 points.
  • FREE Income Audit – What Can You Expect To Make? Worth R3500 or 5000 points.
How To Make This Work?

You get a unique link. Use it. You basically give can give all your friends in Cape Town with remarkable homes this FREE Unhassle Airbnb ebook.

It should be a great value to homeowners new to short term rentals.

After they get the ebook via your link I’ll know you sent them. And you score points.

When they decide that we should manage their home we will compensate you upon the first booking. If you have qualified for the 20% of our commission option you get paid every time we pay the owner.


How Do I Score Points

You have a unique link above. If you grab it and send an email to your friends with remarkable Cape Town homes and they subscribe then you get 300 points. Nothing else. Just a subscription from a friend. When you write us a review you can score about 1000 points (about 300x3).

When you share it via Whatsapp you get 75 points just because you did. But the real score of 300 comes when your friends subscribe.

Why Do This?

We all need attention. We either pay Google & Facebook fines dumped into a never ending loop of dependency. Or we ask our friends, clients, homeowners who we trust to help us.

We hope this is a fair exchange of value.

We have written a short but hopefully valuable ebook to introduce newbies to short term rentals.

When you give this ebook to a friend you are helping a friend who needs it.

I trust you, your friend trust you. If he likes the ebook he may trust us.

And at the end of the day.

That’s the relationship we want.

All of us benefit. You get awarded. Your friend found an answer and we have just assisted both of you.

And hopefully, it turns into a long term relationship.

I Want These Bonuses Now

Assume you want a no string attached consultation. Then choose any of these options. And contact Johan below.

  1. You can buy the eBook, no strings attached, at Paypal ($15 (about R250) here (remember the password to download: unhassle ).
  2. FREE Full Analysis Of One Home: Fin Expectations, Interior Audit & General Advice Worth R5000. Including season rates for 12 months. It includes:
  3. FREE Fool-Proof Audit & Income Valuation Questionnaire Worth R2500
  4. Income Audit – What Can You Expect To Make? Worth R3500

Contact Johan via Whatsapp to discuss.

Agencies & Influencers

Excellent. You can apply but must be bona fide with a proven track record.

I need to know your social profiles and or the agency where you are registered.

You can Whatsapp Johan to get answers.

Can I List My Home


  • We have very simple criteria; the house must be remarkable.
  • No maintenance issues and clutter. Clutter and granny looks do not sell.
  • Any size home can work. But 1 bedrooms are just as expensive to run as a two and three bedroom.
  • The owner must have the correct attitude. See the unhassle ebook for more.

What will be required?

  • We must qualify you and your home.
  • Professional photos at about R1500.
  • What income do you expect? We are the experts and will guide you. But your expectations is used to qualify you.
  • Agree to our terms and conditions.
  • You can qualify yourself by reading our FAQs.

You can send Johan a Whatsapp message to enquire.

More Questions
We have not answered all your questions? No problem. We have  you covered.  Please read our extensive FAQs.
Which areas in Cape Town qualify for listing?

CapePoint to Green Point.

Green Point to Houtbay.

Houtbay, Noordhoek, Kommetjie to Scarborough.

Simonstown to Muizenberg.

Tokai, Constantia, Rondebosch and area.

Left around the mountain to the central suburbs back to Greenpoint.

Any areas north Milnerton etc, and east towards the Airport is too far.

Please check with us. You can obviously still use the ebook. And we may give you a consultation.