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Unhassle Airbnb eBook + Bonuses Promotion Participant Terms and Conditions [AGENCY.CapeHolidays.Info]




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Promotion Participant Terms and Conditions

These are the Promotion Participant Terms and Conditions for the promotional Promotion of chance for the promotion of Unhassle Airbnb eBook + Bonuses (hereafter “Promotion”) offered by AGENCY.CapeHolidays.Info, located at 14 Harbour Heights Drive Simonstown South Africa Trading us Agency.CapeHolidays.info (hereafter “Company”).

These Promotion Participant Terms and Conditions apply to the Promotion offered by the Company and do not apply to any other services offered by and/or agreements with the Company.

Participation in the Promotion implies the participant agrees with these Promotion Participant Terms and Conditions, as well as with all decisions the Company takes to ensure the Promotion runs smoothly.

If any provision in these Promotion Participant Terms and Conditions is void or voided, the remaining provisions will remain in full force. The Company will replace the void provision with new a provision, whereby the purpose and scope of the original provision will be taken into account as much as legally possible.

The Company may at any time, in its sole discretion and without giving prior notice, change these Promotion Participant Terms and Conditions, unless these changes are to the disadvantage of the participant.

Any voucher qualified for will be verified. And if found to be not according to the rules can be disqualified.

Any voucher used is only at Agency.CapeHolidays manage. 

The Promotion runs continuously until stopped by AGENCY.CapeHolidays.Info here at any time.

Participants can participate in the Promotion by registering for the Promotion on the website AGENCY.CapeHolidays.Info and agreeing to receive the Company’s newsletter.

Participants can increase their chances of winning the Promotion by inviting friends to join the Promotion and/or look at the Company’s website, by entering e-mail addresses from friends. Every invite will increase the participant’s chance of winning the Promotion.

Participation in the Promotion is excluded for employees of the Company as well as anyone who is (in)directly involved in any way in the development and the implementation of the Promotion.

Participants under the age of 18 are excluded from participation in the Promotion.


These are the only areas qualifying at the moment. All in between suburbs may not be listed but suburbs in non-tourist areas and areas outside of the following may not qualify:

These areas all qualify:

CapePoint to Green Point.

Green Point to Houtbay.

Houtbay, Noordhoek, Kommetjie to Scarborough.

Simonstown to Muizenberg – Marina Da Gama.

Tokai, Constantia, Rondebosch and area.

Left around the mountain to the central suburbs back to Greenpoint.

Any areas north Milnerton etc, and east towards the Airport is too far.

Qualified Homes and Owners:

All owners are not ideal. And will be qualified before we agree.

All homes may not qualify. Our criteria are simple: It must be remarkable. It must be wow. With appeal and with excellent maintenance finishes. One bedroom, if unique, can work. Ideally from two to 12 bedrooms.

PRIZES & Rewards

  • The participant in the Promotion can give unlimited homeowners the Unhassle ebook with a total. When the referred friend lists her home with us the OWNER must qualify and her home must qualify. Only homes where the OWNER and Agency.CapeHolidays agreed to our T&Cs will qualify for the cash bonuses.
  • The cash bonuses are paid once upon the first paid booking.
  • When YOU (The Participant) collected enough points will you qualify for various bonuses irrespective if a friend has an agreement.
  • Depending on your points; when a friend and home qualify you to get R1500, R1800 or R2000 per the signed agreement.
  • Depending on if you have enough points to earn R2000; when a friend and home qualify you can choose R2000 cash per the signed agreement or you can earn 10% of our commission as long as the house is on our books and the agreement is still in place.

Images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes.

NOTE: The Bonus Consultations ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO Home Owners in the Areas Above. Any owner outside of this area, unfortunately, do not qualify for FREE consultations. 

Winners of vouchers will be notified by e-mail when the participants qualify. There will be no other correspondence about the result.

Exchanging or returning prizes or rewards is not possible. The prize is personal and not transferable or exchangeable for money. But cash is yours to do as you please.

To participate in the Promotion, no additional communication costs will be charged. Furthermore, no payment or purchase is required for participation in the Promotion.

The participant agrees to behave in accordance with any applicable rules of conduct of the Company and/or other third parties concerned at any locations of the Company and/or third parties.

The Company reserves the right, without obligation of giving any reason and at its own discretion, to exclude participants from the participation of the Promotion if the participant violates these Promotion Participant Terms and Conditions or any other legally applicable provision.

The Company also reserves the right to prematurely terminate, interrupt or change the Promotion at its own discretion and without prior notice and/or modify the prizes that can be obtained if it cannot be reasonably expected from the Company to adhere to the original terms, prizes and/or Promotion.

In the event of knowledge or suspicion of violations, fraud or abuse, the Company has the right to suspend participation and/or to declare participation invalid, without obligation of giving any reason.

Participants guarantee that that personal data provided during the participation procedure is correct, truthful, up-to-date and complete. The foregoing is required to be able to send any prize winners the prize, as well as sending the newsletter. The Company can provide this information to third parties if this is necessary for the provision or the delivery of the prize.

Any complaints or questions about the Promotion, prizes or these Promotion Participant Terms and Conditions may be sent directly to the wowebook@capeholidays.info.

The Company endeavours to respond to questions and complaints within 10 working days after receiving the complaint.

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