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Owner Thanks For The Interest

Hi Owner


Join our efforts to go “Local”, BOOK Direct giving gifts to our friends.

Instead of paying a penalty for using intermediaries. 

It’s a pleasure to know you are interested in learning the short term rental secrets we have learned while being frustrated and making mistakes. I can see no reason why anyone cannot copy what we have learned and make this a better place for all of us.

While I have your attention I would like to introduce or remind you of our current focus on doing stuff direct. As a society we are so dependent on the traps set by intermediaries; third parties who wedge a layer of cost in between the host and guest. And they add a massive fee to assist hosts in getting attention?

We Are Like Frogs In Tepid Water!

We have created two self-propelling referral loops. And I want you to check these out. The idea is that we take control back. If we pay a massive fee to our 3rd party Saviours why not rather give these “fees” to the people who really matter. You. The local. The tourist.

Here are the two offers we created. I want you to join both. Be not oblivious to the process. I need you to know it well and give these gifts to friends.  And then critique the process and bonuses. Can it be done better or not?

Unhassle Airbnb For Owners


Unhassle Airbnb

LOCAL Cape Town Things To Do Ebook



Have fun


Johan Horak

P.S. We are always trying to design remarkable experiences.