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Fresnaye Airbnb Management Services:  Tips from Local Airbnb Experts

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Fresnaye Airbnb Management Services

Introduction To Fresnaye Airbnb Management Services:

Welcome to your local Fresnaye Airbnb management agency, called CapeHolidays. We assist homeowners in Fresnaye who want to benefit from short-term rentals but not wanting the hassles.

CapeHolidays is a family-run business by the Horak Clan. This clan is not interested in being the largest Airbnb Management Agency. All we are striving for is to be the best agency in Cape Town. We are on our way when compared to other Cape Town Airbnb management agencies.

The purpose of the article is to show you how your services can help homeowners, with lovely homes, maximise their profitability through happy, well-vetted guests.

Comprehensive Freshnaye Property Management Services

Are you looking for a comprehensive Airbnb management agency? An agency assisting homeowners with everything from listing their property on Airbnb to handling check-ins, vetting guests, managing guests, supervising cleanings, and maintenance?

Unhassle Your Short-Term Return

Many owners just don’t have time to hassle guests and home management issues. Many owners are absent and just cannot Airbnb their own homes. Whatever the reason, it’s not fun to be successful if you cannot give full-time attention to a professional Airbnb service.

Obviously, anyone can list on Airbnb, but most are mediocre to bad. It takes effort to be a consistent Airbnb Superhost. That’s what Fresnaye Airbnb management services provide. We strive for 5-star services. We have been doing it from 2009. We understand the hassle. But we love it. Not everyone do.

No one likes difficult guests!

Are you familiar with Pareto? He said something like, 95% of your problems are caused by 5% of your guests. These guests can be a handful.

Are you really willing to manage guest issues 24/7? And do you know how to discourage them from staying? These are critical questions to ask, as your success depends on reasonable guests giving you only 5-star reviews. Did you know that accumulating excellent reviews is like accumulating money in the bank?

Tell me how many reviews you have, and your review score, and I’ll tell you how much money you make.

Why Pay An Airbnb Agency If You Can Do It Free?

Obviously, a few owners don’t like paying for a professional Airbnb management agency. And that’s fair. And they should not. This helps us, as we prefer to assist owners looking at the glass half full; those owners who see an opportunity. We work ideally with Fresnaye owners looking for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Let me add: if you find a really great Superhost agency chances are the agent will generate a lot more money than you would even after costs.

What About Your Fresnaye Airbnb Management Services Experience?

With experience dating back to 2009, CapeHolidays would not be in business if we did not generate excellent returns, for owners, on their investments.

A great agency should save you time and unhassle all Airbnb management issues.

Fresnaye Airbnb Management Services

What Management Services Do You Provide?

Fresnaye Airbnb management services summary:

  • Expertly list your home with all rules, add the cancellation policy, and add all features and photos.
  • Vetting guests, liaison with guests, in person welcoming up arrival and greeting guests upon departure.
  • Supervised cleaning. We don’t drop a bunch of cleaners and hope for the best. Our host supervises. It costs more but we don’t compromise.
  • Assist with staging the home for professional photos.
  • Auditing the home and identifying additional differentiators that will increase profits.
  • Do a foolproof audit to identify any issues to limit any unexpected issues guests may complain about.
  • Financial administration: getting payments, paying owners, providers, and any domestic payments the owner may require.
  • Maximising annual income, setting seasonal rates, and minimum stays, with our in-house supply and demand philosophy where the guest is seen as the judge of value.
  • Maintenance: we maintain everything we manage. Our obligation is to get 5-star reviews from guests. Without an exceptionally maintained home, we will not get these 5 stars. At all stages should the home be in a better state than the owner gave it to us?
  • Ensuring guests behave and respect the home. If there are losses or breakages we follow the claim process to recover losses.

With these Fresnaye Airbnb management services, we ensure guests get more than they expected and owners continue to invest and maintain their offer. This assists us to increase the owner’s annual income.

Fresnaye Airbnb Management Services

Attracting High-Quality Guests

Many happy guests mean the accumulation of trust through reviews. This translates into higher demand for the property.

But it is important to attract high-quality guests to maximise profits and minimise the risk of damage or other issues.

We have two major issues to address:

  • Identify objections and address expectations
  • Vetting guests.

Objections and Expectations

Guests don’t like bad surprises. With the owner, we need to identify any possible issues guests may object to. Examples are open staircases, exposure to prevailing winds, or construction in the area. When you tell guests about these limitations they never complain. But don’t and you are attracting poor reviews.

The Guest Vetting Process

Vetting guests is critical. Airbnb allows us to qualify guests with previous positive feedback. We also can verify their previous reviews. This helps to identify the best possible guests. Obviously, this is not full proof, as anything in life, but it helps.

Airbnb is the only online booking system giving hosts the opportunity to review guests. And Airbnb guests behave better than, for example, Therefore, we don’t use

Given these tools, our Fresnaye Airbnb management agency’s vetting procedures help us limit untrustworthy guests staying in Fresnaye properties.

In the vetting process and setting low expectations we mostly get happy guests respecting the property as its own.

Optimising Pricing and Bookings

Depending on your annual income goal we set out a strategy to achieve it. We must optimise the pricing, occupancy and your rules to maximise profitability.

Our pricing philosophy is based on supply and demand. We must build a TRUST banking account. This account balance increases in value as guests bank 5-star reviews. The more, the higher the demand and higher the rates.

But we need to get there, slowly but surely. It needs patience and the setting of reasonable goals between the owner and the agency.

By considering the annual goal, reasonable seasonal rates are set. The idea is to set conservative daily rates for the immediate future and optimistic rates towards the far future.

The guest is then our judge. If they don’t reserve we are over-optimistic and we reduce rates marginally. If guests reserve far in advance it may mean our future rates can even be higher. We continuously cycle through this process. If the home has all the future we recommend it will do exceptionally well.

We have this owner with a large 5-bedroom close to the beach. We started managing the house 5 years ago. We followed the trust, supply, demand and guest is the judge-philosophy and today the owner is reinvesting a lot back. Every time he adds a new feature the demand increases and we continuously have to increase rates.

Conclusion and Action

Unhassle! Fresnaye Airbnb management services unhassle. We get you a well-deserved return on your Freshnaye investment. This is within easy reach given your location and tourist flocking to Cape Town. The question is if you want to tap into this lucrative business with the hassles or if you want to use a 5-star Fresnaye short-term rental management agency to take care of everything.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how our short-term rental management services can help you maximise your profits in Fresnaye.

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