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FAQ Things To eBook

FAQ Things To Do eBook 

  • Limited 15% Off. You have until 15 November 2020 to reserve any of our 5 star accommodation when you book direct for stays from today until 31 Jan 2022. After 15 Nov 2020 you will revert to 5%. But by giving your friends these gifts via your UNIQUE link you can qualify for 10% and 15%. And dedicated specials for regular guests.
  • Can I Rather Get Cash? Unfortunately, we play this game so that your friend, you and us win instead of OTAs or Airbnb. By getting a voucher you win when you stay, your friend wins when they stay and we pay when both of you are winners. But you can get cash as an agent. Where you offer your friends at home. You charge them a premium.
  • How Do I It Work? You get a unique link. Use it. Share it with friends.
  • Give it to your friends. Each friend joining gives you an entry. You can have as many entries as you like. As long as you have at least 5000 points. 500 points per friend who register. Anyone with points above 5000 qualify for the draw of the R10000 or R5000 Stay voucher*
  • You basically give can give all your friends an R500 voucher (valid once). After they get the ebook via your link I’ll know you sent them. When they decide to stay with us they can use their R500 voucher and use a 5% discount voucher (valid 12 months). When they book the for the first time you get an additional R500 stay voucher. Every one of your friends you gave R500 who stays will give you an unlimited number of R500 stay vouchers. When they take action you’ll be informed asap. And you can always track your progress. But we decided if you assist us further you can qualify for a 10% discount or if you really are a serious clan member you can get to a 15% discount for 12 months. Is this too good to be true? Why not ask Airbnb and other OTA’s how much money they add to add make tourism more expensive?Why not become a #BookDirect Clan member where we rather share the OTA’s money with our trusted clients? It makes a lot of sense to most of us. So let’s do it. 
  • Who Are You & Why should I trust you? I am not expecting you to trust us because of what I am saying to you. It’s best to go and read our reviews to see what others are saying. Is that fair? GoogleFacebookAirbnb. And if you want more read about us. In short; we are the Horak Clan. We run a 5-star agency, from 2009, looking after the owner’s homes and ensuring they are 5 stars at all time. Well. We try.
  • Why do this? When you need a third party you must pay. We have to add what they call a service fee. This makes the daily rates you pay a lot more expensive than what we would be happy with. Instead we give you the benefit. And we will win.
  • What About Agencies? Excellent. But agencies are treated differently. And you can Whatsapp Johan to register as an agency. 
  • List my business? Excellent. We have a FREE listing opportunity for proven successful providers of tourism services, restaurants, etc. And yes! You can. Send Johan a Whatsapp message to enquire. 
  • More questions: We have not answered all your questions? No problem. We have you covered. Send Johan a Whatsapp here. 
  • Are all homes valid for these bonuses? Only homes on our direct-booking site qualify. We offer homes which are not listed on our direct booking’s. These homes do not qualify for the 5 to 15% stay vouchers.
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