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How To Estimate Airbnb Income Before You Invest In Cape Town With Free Airbnb Income Calculator
airbnb income potential For Cape Town Accommodation


Are you investing in Cape Town real estate for Airbnb, or do you want to do short term rentals in Cape Town but don't know the income potential? Do you want to learn if your Cape Town holiday rental is a good AIRBNB investment? 

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Why Fail Before You Start?

It's obvious that some Cape Town holiday homes will and do make money on Airbnb.


But some owners will make lots of money, and others will struggle. 

The problem is you don't know if your Cape Town holiday accommodation will make good money.

  • And why then invest in Cape Town property, or even consider it for short term if it's a going to fail?

Let me stress:

Before I oversell; "Good money" does not mean that I'll tell you exactly much money you'll make from Airbnb.

A lot of water needs to run into the sea before I give you an exact income potential. That comes later.

I'll Tell You Today: 

"Yes! Do It!", or "NO!" or "Don't Really Bother!"

And it's a free service: just do the simple quiz to evaluate your Airbnb Income Potential For Cape Town  Accommodation.

Initially we developed this Airbnb estimated revenue "calculator" to qualify homes for our portfolio, but we decided to make it available to you for FREE! 

There is no obligation at all.

How to estimate Airbnb income before you invest with a free AIRBNB income calculator? The idea is you feed it 

Owners, Cape Town real estate agents and short term rental agents may find this Airbnb income calculator useful. 

Summary Of What You Can Expect.

As soon as you complete the quick quiz, you'll get an email with the verdict on your Airbnb income potential for Cape Town Accommodation. 

Your potential will be ranked as remarkable, great, okay or poor:


Homes that can easily do very well with 80% occupancy and higher- demanding high rates.


Above average. A few tweaks & these homes can do very well. It depends on the owner.


It will be tough to rise above the boring masses.  The war focus is on price. Not perfect. 


Major "structural" changes are required. It will NOT be easy to make it work. And not the ideal.

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How To Improve Cape Town Airbnb income potential?

Guests expect experiences. They want to have fun. They want a change of scenery. No hassles. No surprises. 

As a host you must be extremely flexible, and very accommodating, if you can be innovative, responsive and smarter- you can expect your occupancy to increase.

You have to know the game, and play by the rules. BUT you have to play them better than your neighbour. 

Your home is a given. Your location is fixed. But your interior can change. And don't underestimate your attitude towards people using your home - it can and will make you a winner or ..... 

Also: The guest we work with are not interested in budget accommodation. Therefore don't give them a cluttered, mismatched interior. NO! Neat, modern, minimalistic sells!  

The quiz will give you an insight (just a peak). If the results are not to your liking, at least you can do something about it.  

Only Remarkable Homes Will Make Good Money

Airbnb has commodtized the market; like coffee and sugar. Boring at face-value. You don't have be part of the coffee and sugar commodity homes. Your task is to take what you have and make it remarkable. 

Is owning an Airbnb profitable In Cape Town?

"Cape Town is ranked number 10 in the Top 25 Destinations in the World ”


"Cape Town is the most popular bucket list destination in South Africa, South Africa is fourth most bucket listed country among those surveyed..”


The bad newsowning an Airbnb is profitable in Cape Town! Why bad news then?

As an owner you don't really have an excuse for not making money with most Airbnbs in Cape Town.

The truth is most owners have an occupancy of less than 20%.

Why? I don't know. I can only guess.

Here's an example where CapeHolidays gets 58% and 55% occupancy and the market is less than 10% and 20%:

How To Estimate Airbnb Income

Learning which factors influence Airbnb profitability will answer your question: Is renting out Airbnb worth it in Cape Town? 

Let's do it! Yes?

Click On The Button To Do The Quick Quiz!

And learn how to estimate Airbnb income using our free quiz Airbnb income calculator

What Factors Affect Airbnb Income Potential in Cape Town

The quiz focus on establish a ranking on factors affecting your home's Airbnb income potential. 

When you do the quiz be open minded and as honest as possible. Being honest or not too optimistic will give you better results as you don't want to invest in a dead duck.

  • Location! 

    Unique locations are premium. A house on the beach generates more money than the same home in the suburb. You cannot change your location!
  • Remarkable or Sensational:

    Boring does not sell. Modern sells! Minimalistic sells. Even if you are old fashioned you may want a conservative interior. 
  • Photogenic!

    Photos sell. But photogenic sells better! The question is just how photogenic is your home? A Cape Town holiday home is photogenic if appearing aesthetically or physically attractive or appealing in photographs. 
  • Luxury! 

    Luxury is not the ultimate. But it's important. The queen's castle can be luxurious but it may be outdated. Luxury is a state of great comfort or elegance and can be achieved with the right aesthetics.  
  • Pool or Jacuzzi or Hot Tub: 

    If you have a beach house and I have the same beach house with a pool I'll get more money for my beach pool home. During winter Cape Town is dead. Add a hot tub (wood fired) and you'll do 30% better.  
  • Fast Internet! 

    Internet is a basic need. Fast uncapped internet is the minimum. Including a smart TV with Netflix etc.
  • Features 

    The more quality features you add the better. If you don't drink tea don't think a tea pot is a waste of money. If you don't watch movies while on holiday don't assume others are the same. Give the guests more and they will pay you handsomely.   
  • Rates: 

    You don't make money with daily rates; no! You make money with occupancy. This does not mean you must increase occupancy at all cost. No. Occupancy tells you if you are on the right track. The speed or lack of occupancy tells you your rates are too high or too low. Let occupancy be your driver. If you want to fix rates, because you know what you pay oversees, then you will probably never maximise income.   
  • Minimum Stay Rules: 

    If you can do one day stays you may have a winner. Unfortunately the change over cost is a problem. If you go beyond 4 days minimum stay you have reduced the market to nearly zero. Only peak times should the minimum stay be longer.   
  • Cape Holiday Accommodation On The Beach 

    We have discussed location but we wanted to high light Cape Town "On The Beach". Obviously "On the beach" makes a lot more money when compared to the same home far from the beach.   

If Your Cape Town Holiday Home Is Remarkable Income Flows!

You can see below that our Agency.CapeHolidays scores 4.9 out of 5 on Airbnb for nearly 600 guests. This is great. But it can be better. To maximise income we must work on maximising the experience. And our review scores tell us if we are on track. 

I am sure you agree that this kind of scoring instills trust with potential guests. Again: Invest in remarkability. 


Do You Know Your Home's Remarkability?

Do the quick easy no obligation quiz and get the results now.

Thank you for reading and (hopefully) quickly doing the FREE quiz.

The Agency.CapeHolidays thrives not because we want to be the biggest. No, we only want to be the best Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency.

Brought To You By The CapeHolidays Experience Creators

If you are still skeptical about taking the quiz why not spend a few minutes reading what our owners and guests have to say about us. 

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