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Know Your Home's Potential & What To Do About It

What You Can Learn From The Quiz

You know that some homes will make money on Airbnb. Some will make lots of money. And others will struggle. The problem is you don't know if yours will make good money?

At we developed this quiz to help us select remarkable homes. And we decided to make it available to you for FREE! There is no obligation at all. 

Summary of what you can expect

As soon as you have completed the quick quiz we will send you an email with details on your score. The following is a short summary on what you can expect. We just hope that you are fair on rating your home :)


Homes that will easily do well and 80% occupancy is possible.


Above average. A few tweaks & these homes can do well. It depends on the owner.


It will be tough. Time will tell. But these homes tend to compete on rates.


Major "structural" changes are required. It will NOT be easy to make it work.

Quick Quiz That May Just Give You Peace Of Mind. Or.....

2) What Have We Learned

Guests expect experiences. They want to have fun. They want a change of scenery. No hassles. No surprises. 

If you can be more flexible and more accommodating, if you can be innovative, responsive and smarter- you can expect your occupancy to increase.

You have to know the game, play by the rules. But you have to play them better than your neighbour. 

Your home is a given. Your location is fixed. But your interior can change, your rules can change. 

The quiz will give you an insight. (Just a peak) If the results are not to your liking, at least you can do something about it.  


Only Remarkable Homes Will Make Good Money

Airbnb has commodtized the market; like coffee and sugar. Boring at face-value. You don't have be part of the coffee and sugar commodity homes. Your task is to take what you have and make it remarkable. 

Do You Think This Guest Gave A 5 Star Review Because He Stayed In A Remarkable Home?

"We have just returned from a 5 night at the French Breeze and it was the perfect ending to a wonderful holiday. The house is on the outskirts of Cape Town. We certainly didn't mind, because the tranquility of the house makes more than up for the driving time. French Breeze is equipped with every little gadget one can imagine: a huge kitchen with tons of appliances, a TV room, a jacuzzi, a little outside pool and even a trampoline. A very special "thank you" to Janene, the property manager who did not seem to mind that our arrival time became later and later, due to a flight delay - in the end it was 5 to midnight when we met. Even more, she went out of her way to buy a birthday cake, some candles and balloons for my daughter, who celebrated her 15th birthday in Cape Town.”

Klaus and family

These are the kind of reviews that remarkable homes attract. With more reviews like this, this home will generate more money. It will not be overnight, but it will happen.

If Your Home Is Remarkable Income Flows

You can see below that our Agency.CapeHolidays scores 4.8 out of 5 on Airbnb for nearly 300 guests. This is great. But it can be better. To maximise income we must work on maximising the experience. Review scores tell us if we are on track. 

I am sure you agree that this kind of scoring instills trust with potential guests. Again: Invest in remarkability. 

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Do You Know Your Home's Remarkability?

Do the quick easy no obligation quiz and get the results now.

Thank you for reading and (hopefully) taking the quiz.

The Agency.CapeHolidays thrives not because we want to be the biggest. No, we only want to be the best Short Term Rental Agency in and around Cape. 

Brought To You By The Cape Holidays Experience Creators

If are still skeptical about taking the quiz why not spend a few minutes reading what our owners and guests have to say about us. 

Some Reviews

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A Few Guest Reviews

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