Give & Win! FREE Unhassle Airbnb eBook For New Owners (Worth $15 about R250)

 Is It Not Sad That You Do Not Make Good Airbnb Money - While Your Fellow Informed Neighbour Do It So Easily?

Not all will win the Airbnb Game! Why? Laziness to learn a few simple tricks. Today you'll know, if you and your home will beat the competition hands down.

Brought to you by SuperHost From 2009 managing remarkable Cape Town homes.

Not convinced? Understood!

Who the hack is this Johan Horak?

Telling you this book will unhassle your frustrations and worries to get an excellent income from your home using Airbnb and other. Well, have a look at the Table of Contents. It will give you a glimpse of what you'll get. Reading this quick book will hopefully entertain; but most importantly tell you if you have what it takes, and if your accommodation will be a winner.

Most people think; "I have such a nice home! I'll make millions!" Not a bad attitude. But if fear, arrogance and ignorance drives you, you may end up next to Old Average Joe Airbnb who jumped on Airbnb wave but plods along at 17% occupancy ( study). 

My skeptical friend; I understand. It's easy to win the ebook. And there is no obligation. You tell your friends about it, you win. I, hopefully, show you that we are genuine people who love what we do. Now have a look at the video I made just because I know you wanted more. Have Fun.

Author: Johan Horak

 Member of the #WowCapeholidays Team from 2009.

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