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Why My Octopus Teacher Is The Art Of Assisting Discovery?

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Cape Townians are proud of the accolades that My Octopus Teacher has received.

Why My Octopus Is The Art Of Assisting Discovery?
Cape Townians are proud of the accolades that My Octopus Teacher has received. Opening a new and exciting secret world in the kelp forests of Simonstown’s False Bay. Have you watched it?
Watching this cool documentary I was so intrigued by this underwater world.
The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.
– Mark Van Doren
You’ll read about Craig discovering the Octopus. But instead, Octopus becomes the teacher and with Craig discover ourselves.
Well, My Octopus Teacher is not only another reason to visit Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula, but also a great story of life. It is obvious that we believe we are separate from nature.
But this movie, and Cape Town’s dominating nature, bring us back to where we belong.
Watch it. And if you already have, share your thoughts with me.
my octopus teacher
What is My Octopus Teacher about?
My Octopus Teacher is a documentary about an octopus. Not just another octopus. A real mother.

It follows the story of Craig Foster, who dives into South Africa’s kelp forest to form a relationship with a wild common octopus.

It was a young female octopus. He said she was his teacher.

Again. If you have not watched it, watch it today. I am sure you’ll love it and may become more adventurous next time in Cape Town.

Craig Foster – the student, together with friend and filmmaker Roger Horrocks, observed behaviour they had never before seen:

The film shows how in 2010, Foster began free-diving in False Bay where the teacher is exposed to the cold Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean.

You’ll see the “teacher” octopus walks by using two of its tentacles like human legs. It is playing with fish and finding armour for itself among the shells.

Most good people would see why this movie is called Octopus Teacher. Nothing vain, or too sweet. No. Just life. Love, fear, and death.

You may know that My Octopus Teacher is a Netflix Original documentary released in November of last year. It has been an immediate success – earning a Bafta and Oscar.

What Lesson Did Octopus Teacher Teach His Student?
Let me leave that to the student Craig Foster:

“It’s ironic that the path I chose – this deep work in the water – has led me full circle back to the world I wanted to leave behind,” he said. “But this is a conservation plea. If we don’t have a change of heart soon, we will be facing an intolerable habitat. It’s very simple – if you care about the near future, if you have a child, then educate yourself, vote with your wallet. And spend some time, every day, connecting with nature.”

Yes, is that not true. One of the major reasons Cape Town is magical is because of the influence of nature.

From the majestic icon called Table Mountain to the secretive kelp forests; where real octopuses scamper to have fun, get food, babies, and defend themselves.

Craig introduced me to deep diving. Elegant, and free amongst nature in our own power. But it’s a very popular sport for all. Next time try it out.

Visiting Cape Town and caring for nature is not enough. It is too easy to miss the Octopus for the protein it provides, but we cannot ignore our responsibility to nature and its ecosystems.

I believe we have a responsibility to make it last but we need to check our “superior” behaviour.

I am sure you will agree; when you care about future generations, you’ll vote with your wallet. Go where people care about wildlife, nature and do responsible stuff.

BTW. A great way to see the secretive world of the Octopus Teacher is to learn to free dive. Or at least see what you missed while watching My Octopus Teacher.

Watch Octopus Teacher. It’s true and beautiful. Sad. But that’s life.

We can ignore it but not deny it. And the more we open our eyes the more we see. As we see we recognise our responsibility.

Let me know if you have more questions about My Octopus Teacher and where it was shot. Also, see FAQS below.

What is the most important lesson about it for you?

Share it and I’ll update this article? Are you the kind of person who, if you had no limitations, would love to snorkel or free dive in the mostly undiscovered False Bay kelp forests?

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