Doomed? Coronavirus South Africa Update Hosts & Owners – Issue #6

Dear HomeownerToday I want to share some background and then a Coronavirus South Africa update; most

Doomed? Coronavirus South Africa Update Hosts & Owners – Issue #6
By Johan Horak • Issue #6 • View online
Dear Homeowner
Today I want to share some background and then a Coronavirus South Africa update; most is good news:
As if Covid is not enough, South Africa also has to carry the cross; the so-called South African Covid Strain. The UK even did us a favour to blame their second wave on SA. (Arrogant? Ignorant? Read more below..)
The negative news piled up. Even CNN says, on travelling to SA, the South African variant of Covid-19 is thought to transmit more quickly. As you read along you’ll notice they left out important facts.
Have a look at this publicity-seeking headline from CBSNewsheadline:
South Africa Variant’s Deadly Spread……
As you read this Coronavirus South Africa update you’ll may be agree that the above “deadly spread” is hype! Not only hype it is wrong. The Corona virus is deadly. ……
We will discuss:

Read the full story here: It’s a good news story. At least if you are familiar with South Africa. We have had our share of bad news, but given the odds you’ll read how well we are doing.
Have Fun
Johan Horak
I am one of the SuperHost designers of experience for Cape Town Self Catering Owners – Mostly Absent Owners – far away and a few excellent owners who host but we do the marketing. Thanks to you all. Without involved owners we would not be Airbnb SuperHosts.

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Johan Horak
By Johan Horak
Short Term Rental Tips & Tricks For Host & Owner
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