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What Do You Suggest For Limiting Loadshedding For Airbnb Guests?

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Load-shedding affects us all negatively. And Airbnb guests are frustrated. Obviously we can see load-shedding as a curse or we can do better than our Airbnb host next door in making guests happier than they ever expected.

Unfortunately, the load-shedding curse has consequences; if you are not interested in fixing the issues it will negatively affect your income.  It may even cause your house to burn down.  And we had such a close encounter yesterday. Luck was on our side.

Unsuspecting guests booked into the beautiful Mbali. They went out and left the “things” to charge. When the power got back the surge caused an issue; heat, then a flame and the next thing a fire.
CapeTown airbnb Loadshedding CapeTown airbnb Loadshedding
This is not one of the emails with photos we like to send any of our owners ever:
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“When the power came back on, after load-shedding, there was a power surge that sparked an electrical fire in the main bedroom. Thanks to the quick responses from Security and the fire department the house is ok. The main bedroom has water and smoke damage as the carpet caught alight. Beyond that, all seems OK”.

How Do Propose You Fix These Load-Shedding Issues?

  1. The obvious conclusion we can draw is that guests must unplug and switch plugs off.  But you are missing the FOOL. Guests are sophisticated FOOLs. It’s also called Murphy. If it can go wrong it will go wrong.  The only way to resolve this issue is to take full responsibility, do a FOOLPROOF Audit try and make it impossible for guests to make mistakes. The following steps are designed to protect you from Murphy……
  2. It’s critical that all owners install power surge protectors as soon as possible. With labour it should be less than R1000.
  3. We highly recommend owners invest in a simple power backup system at about R8000 (after discount). Not only will it ensure income it may even increase it. More here on what we suggest.
  4. If you don’t have a gas stovetop we suggest a one plate gas burner (more here).
  5. Fire and monoxide detector should be a standard fixture to any home.
  6. Ensure that you have liability insurance against guest claims and your insurance guys are aware you are doing short term rentals. 

Even though this could have been a major disaster; quick action by many roleplayers prevented a calamity. And it was great to get the owner sharing the following with us:


Thank goodness I have the best team ever, I appreciate all you are doing to get us back in business.
It was quite a shock to read what happened. I had no idea about Surge adapters and will now investigate what they are and if I need them anywhere else.


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