How Do You Collaborate With Cape Town Travel Agents?

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Hi Cape Town Travel / Tourism Agent

Thanks for reading.

Are you interested in the following?

  • Can we pay you to send us clients when they look for accommodation?
  • Can we send you clients when they need your services?
  • Do you want Cape Town 5 star accommodation stay gifts to share with your clients?
  • Do you want to be paid every time someone books a home you referred to us?

Right now at the end of 2020 tourism seems dead, but Cape Town will bounce back. 

Pres. Ramaphosa had some really encouraging news.

During COVID I am sure you may have questioned our tourism marketing ways and how we (are not) joining forces.

  1. Why are we not design tourism tools to bond our mutual power? Why not design (online) tools to empower our local tourism fellows (YOU!)? And share the spoils locally rather than paying some 3rd Party Saviour? (Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, and or Airbnb for attention).
  2. Why don’t we offer each other’s clients valuable gifts? Your clients are mine. My clients are yours.  Only our offerings differ. Today I am giving your clients valuable gifts! 
  3. If you agree then let’s start talking. 
I have 2 options to award you and your clients, while we create local relationships:
  1. Book Our 5 Star Accommodation & We Pay You! If your clients look for accommodation in Cape Town we can offer you a non branded portfolio. You tell your clients to go here and tell you which home they would like to book. You offer them a 10% or 15% discount. You book the stay and we pay you 5% to 10% commission based on what you offered the guest. If this interests you send Johan a Whatsapp here.
  2. Hands-Free Guest Gift Option: We give you a unique link to share with your clients. And you do nothing else. When they take action you get notified. You get various stay voucher gifts you can offer your clients and you can win stay vouchers. During the year we give free stays away. But I am telling you too much. Rather read how tourism operators use the hands-free referral gifts here.  

Have Fun






Johan Horak

BTW: One of the gifts we are dishing out to our 100’s of guests is an authentic local Things To Do Ebook. Many of our local tourism operators feature in it for FREE. All they have to do is qualify. And it may be a cool gift on top of all the gifts you can offer your clients (link as above).

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