How Are Tourism Operators Included In The Things To Do In Cape Town eBook

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Dear Cape Town Tourism Operator & Service Provider

“There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return.” Mandela

To date, we have tried. But I think we have never really done a great job of joining forces with fellows like you.

We share the same pain. We share the same audience. Together we experience the beauty of Cape Town. We are reminded of what we take for granted when our guests go WOW! 

But when we do business we go in protection mode. Lager!

We never really make an effort to join forces. No. We don’t share resources. We don’t have ways to incentivise our fellows. No. We want it all. Stuff them.

But then COVID hits the fan. And we are alone.

Our only SAVIOURs demands money for attention.

We pay Google, we pay Facebook. Airbnb, TripAdvisor.

Dependency loop. And we make it more expensive for our clients.


We are desperate frogs not realising the water temperature is uncomfortable.

You, we, all of us must make plans to use the internet to become less dependent paying for attention.

I believe! We must go DIRECT!  Direct bookings. And to do that we must cooperate. 

I believe we have to be in control of our own destiny. If not someone else will.

But how?

It’s a long story. And I hope to do it in short training posts. I suggest you stay in touch. Be an observer; the stay-in-touch is part of the direct effort we have designed for our guests. But I’ll explain the benefits to you.

And follow the process. I am sure it will excite you as much as it excites me.

Let me explain how I believe we can benefit each other:

Would your previous clients not like to get a free gift from you? A gift that costs you nothing but saves them money!

Let me start at the beginning:

  • We recommend you to our guests. You provide a service to tourists. Our 100’s and 100’s of guests are looking for fun Cape Town things. Original, authentic and highly rated things. That’s what you do. I want to make my guests happy. And I give them a Things To Do Ebook with you as a recommendation. I do this FREE. Gratis. No money strings attached. This is what the cover looks like. I may have included you already (get it and check). But to stay in or be added you can qualify to stay in the book for free. No one will ever pay to get listed. No. Good guys get listed. 


  • Get paid when your clients book accommodation: Your clients may look for 5-star accommodation you can trust. Excellent. You tell them about us and we pay you. If you have many clients looking for accommodation we can share our agency options with you (Whatsapp Johan here). However, if you want to generate hassle-free referral income go here and give your UNIQUE referral link to clients. You can email them, you can add the offer using our images etc on your website or social media. To share via social media is easy.
  • We run special discounts & only you will know about it. If you read this before 20 Nov 2020 you can book any available 5 star home at 15% Off. Limited opening offer. Now think about it; you can give your previous clients such a gift. Would your previous clients not like to get a free gift from you?
  • Why not give value away? We have various homes empty from time to time. We are at this moment giving away a stay voucher worth R15000 (one wins R10000 and the one who referred wins R5000 stay voucher) in one of our premier 10 sleeper disable proof beach home in Noordhoek. Again you can give it to friends and clients to win.  The good news is; if they win you get an R5000 stay voucher. And if you win the R10000 stay voucher the friend who referred you gets R5000. 
  • Specials during the year. Anytime during the year, we will launch surprise discounts and free stays in our other homes. 

Cool. Why pay 3rd parties if we can rather share money amongst trusting partners?

Would like to be included in the Things To Do eBook!

Great stuff. 

  1. Get the ebook by giving it to friends and clients.
  2. Accumulate at least 5000 points (10 people you referred).
  3. Show us proof that you are doing a remarkable tourism job.
  4. We may have to limit the type of tourism providers to 3 or 4. But I suppose proof of remarkability will help us decide.
  5. Assist Those Who Are New! We also would like to assist new tourism entrepreneurs. Anyone who is keen; has a cool offering but limited exposure are possibilities. We can only accept these guys if two genuine people recommend them. Whatsapp Johan here to recommend.

I am sure you know who said,

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.


It’s our intention to change to direct bookings. Direct communication with our local fellows. You! Pay the money out to locals. You! Share gifts with friends and colleagues. You! And together find clever ways to reduce the cost of having fun in Cape Town. 

Have Fun






Johan Horak

Creating MORE Remarkable Experiences”
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