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We had beautiful and perfect moments

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“Coming to Cape Town quite often it always was an exhausting rally for us to find a suitable and nice place to stay, combining pleasure, leisure and business – and of course authentic Cape style combined with good views! Not less than all that. Well, dealing with owners personally often brought me into the situation to interpret that kind of very subjective answers like “”great view”” while the view is just not nice or “”very spacious”” talking about a room-in-a-box or what also belonged to my favourites “”true Cape style furnitures”” meaning an assortment of all the old furniture that weren’t anymore good enough for the owners flat but not yet bad enough to throw them out. Want to have it all and without being exhausted on your arrival? Then switch to Elmarie and CapeHolidays Accommodation!

Elmarie is one of the nicest Capetonians we got to know and she breaks her back to find the perfect place for you. She listens to you and she also accepts unconditionally and without being annoyed if you don’t agree with her on an accommodation. You just mention your objectives and on she goes with looking further just to make you feel happy. What we like about Elmarie is her very personal approach to the needs you have. She never gives you the feeling that you want too much or that your wishes are slightly exaggerated (although ours were sometimes The more you let her know about your wishes and requirements the more she gets ambitious to find the perfect place. And last but not least dealing with Elmarie is prompt, punctual, communicative, absolutely reliable and far beyond all doubts. Ever since we met Elmarie, the pre-rallyes to our stays in Cape Town are history. We just approach her with our dates and wishes and here she goes and comes back with good proposals. We owe some of the most beautiful and perfect moments of our last Capetonian stays to Elmarie !!!


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