Keeping Everyone Happy

We aim to have happy guests who treat your home well.

You are welcoming strangers into your home so how do we ensure everything runs smoothly?

We cannot always guarantee that people will be easy to please. To manage this we ensure we screen guests as well as possible, and also see to it that your home is 100% up to standard.

These are things we have control over to manage this:

  • Money first. Our guests pay the full amount upfront (at least 30 days before arrival) and also pay a breakage deposit. Sites like Airbnb have a Host Guarantee, which provides protection for up to $1,000,000 in damages around the world. Payments are subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions. (For more details read the Host Guarantee terms).
  • Guests agree to our T&Cs before a booking is confirmed.
  • We never over sell. The house must be impeccably clean and well maintained and the photos must show it exactly as it is.
  • Having third party liability or proper short term insurance in place is crucial.
  • We share everything with guests. If there is construction nearby or if your views have changed to due buildings in the area- we let them know, immediately.
  • We fix what is fixable as soon as humanly possible. Guests expect all amenities to be in working order. If something should go wrong we believe in instant communication while we find a solution to the broken pool pump, or wifi.

Now, unfortunately there are things we have no control over:

  • Believe it or not, we have had guests complain about the wind and ask to be moved.
  • Perhaps a poor gecko has landed up in your pool, or a little field mouse scrambled across the walkway and now guests believe the house must be dirty. Squirrels may be running around the large oak trees causing acorns to noisily drop on the roof.

Some people will never be satisfied, but we always try our best. On arrival we greet them with a friendly face and offer them an impeccable home and hope they have as much fun as possible.