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Dear Instagram Friend

Dear Instagram Friend 

What a pleasure to connect with you.

We are looking forward to a remarkable relationship. We value experiences. And why be boring if it’s easy to ‘wow’?

We are a small but dedicated self catering agency in Cape Town. Our aim is not to be the biggest but only the best.

Today we want to share how can we extend our friendship to you.

  • If your are an owner with a remarkable Cape Town home and would like us to assist with marketing and management then read this.
  • We can offer you remarkable accommodation in and around Cape Town. Just complete our enquiry form telling us you are an instagram friend. We will give you an instagram deal.
  • Collaboration: We get many invites to drink coffee and or discuss collaboration. We love coffee but we will never have a be able to make our homes even more rewarding drinking coffee with all our new instagram mates. I am sure you will understand. Please, rather, share your proposal here and if it fits our portfolio we will seriously consider it. One way is to write an informative article with professional photos on your Cape Town interest and we will consider publishing it on our blog.
  • Reviews articles or videos: We get many requests from pretty young people and not so young people who want to stay a weekend or few days for free in exchange for a review they will publish and share. Our only reviews comes from Airbnb, and our own websites from genuine guests who paid full fee to stay. That’s the only reliable way for us to get honest reviews. Nothing else.
  • Magazines, select Instagrammers with a proven track record (at least 150 000 Instagram followers) may apply for a competition where their followers stay for free if they win the contest. In exchange we will provide accommodation depending on season and availability. Apply here!
  • Are you an agent or do you get clients visiting Cape Town? We can and will gladly work with you. Just complete the enquiry saying that you met us through Instagram and you are agent looking for accommodation for your clients. Apply here!
  • Photoshoots.  We are not great with shoots at our homes. It’s not our core business. But if you insist; shoots starts at R10000 per day. Apply here!
  • Can we provide employment? Unfortunately we are not hiring.
  • Sponsoring request for Miss South Africa contestants or similar; we would love to assist but we have to pass this time.

Great stuff. You have read it all. Tell us how we can assist or how we can improve. Or go back and like our photos 🙂 And tag us with #ctremarkable when you do or see something remarkable in and around Cape Town. Go! And have #ctremarkable fun.

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Investment Advice in Airbnb Cape TownMore Property Investment Tips

Investment Advice for Airbnb Cape Town:

The obvious question is- how many bedrooms should my Airbnb ideally have?

My quick answer is that the number of bedrooms is a driver when trying to make money with Airbnb. 

 But! If everything is not equal; then other drivers are more important. 

Like The Following Airbnb Success Drivers: 

Location: Critical.

On the beach will “sell” on Airbnb long before any other.

Experience Airbnb Agent

We have two beautiful apartments against the mountain. The two-bedroom is royal but seventy steps up, with spectacular views. The one-bedroom is as great but at 15 steps only, also with views. However, income is not really different.

Interior and outside living:

 Guests pay premiums for funky or modern places with sun-filled light and inviting living areas. Imagine sun-loungers and a deck. It sells. 


I mentioned beach location; if you cannot bring the beach to your Airbnb accommodation then try a  pool or hot tub . And it does not matter if the sea is just 50 meters away. Airbnb guests will pay a premium for water.

Sun loungers, deck (and pool), amazing location with great interior and a view and you have a seller.

Experience Airbnb Agent

Marketing Philosophy and Rules: 

You cannot measure your Airbnb success until you have learned by failing. Going in with an attitude of….  “why do they need a pool? Can they not see the sea?” , or  “who wants to watch DSTV on holiday?”   or guests “ must pay high rates; I pay high rates at hotels!”  or  “they should stay a minimum seven days!”  

These comments are shortsighted and show ignorance. And will cost you dearly.

Should you invest in a two or three-bedroom Airbnb?

It matters only if  they look exactly the same, at the same location, with a similar interior.  If not, then most of the drivers above are critical.

 For more on investment advice: Airbnb Cape Town Airbnb success drivers,  I suggest you complete our free questionnaire. The questions we ask will assist in getting a better idea. And you may be surprised to know that your Airbnb rule sets may be a killer driver.

After you completed the questionnaire our calculator crunches “numbers” and sends you a report;  automatically emailed to you. More below. 

P.S. One bedrooms have a disadvantage as the change over costs for a one-bedroom Airbnb is as much as it is for a two-bedroom and even three bedrooms. Two-Bedroom change-over costs nearly as much as a 4 bedroom but if you give me two two-bedroom apartments next to each other then I take two x2. I’ll rent them as a 4 bedroom or 2x two bedrooms. But, I suppose this is not the only way to look at it. Now we are opening-up flexibility as a driver. See FAQ on flexibility here

But let me stress: we should never focus on cost. Cost should be driven down but be careful.  Cost is a negative concept.  If your one bedroom has everything I mentioned above and via the questionnaire then a one-bedroom can beat the best.

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