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How To School Holiday Rent My Cape Town Home- FAQs

How To School Holiday Rent My Cape Town Home- FAQs

Local Cape Town schools have a six-week break during December and January. For those who own a nice home in Cape Town, this is an opportunity to earn extra income by renting their property while the owner takes a break.

Many Cape Town “school holiday” owners want to rent their home but they don’t know-how. They think they will need to take care of it themselves. They also think it may be difficult to charge correct rates, so they are unsure about the best way to do this. But there is help! There are people with them.

You can read that it’s a difficult task to match the expectations of “school holiday” owners, and the impact of expecting guests (with a managing agent if you want to use one).

When managing an annually available Cape Town holiday home, feedback loops vary–the house becomes more guest-ready or foolproof. Owners also learn everything there is to know about their property. The same is not true for infrequent owners and thorough checks are required to ensure guests and owners are happy.

You normally search using the suburb’s name. Airbnb selects a relative map area to show all listings in that restricted map area.

Unfortunately, Airbnb does not show the actual suburb as known by the locals or how the city demarcates it.

When you don’t see your listing, view the Airbnb map. You would probably notice your home is outside of the area Airbnb selected for your suburb.

Adjust the Airbnb map and click on Search This Area. Now your listing should show.

Can you change this? No, unfortunately Airbnb only uses your actual address to create the map via Google maps and it prefills the address field as you type.