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Is Cape Town Safe?

Yes. Cape Town is very safe as long as you are not a gang member or trying to become one, or walking around in poor gang invested areas. These gang areas are never frequented by tourists or everyday ordinary Cape Townians. Obviously, no-0ne in any world city walks around naively thinking opportunists will not pick your pocket. Be vigilant. But that’s about it

Let me give you a quote to answer your question; Is Cape Town safe? 

…..the majority of violent crimes that take place in  Cape Town are between gang members , tribes and people who know each otherTourists are not the target of these crimes that mostly occur outside of the city in the townships, which are a harsh legacy of the Apartheid era.

Take for example one area of Cape Town, Nyanga (a township), where 1% of the city’s population lives, but 13% of the murders occur each year.  Compare this with another area,  Simon’s Town, which hosts over one million visitors a year, but has not had one murder reported in the same time frame.  The dark statistics reported by the media do not reflect this at all. (more).

The above tells it very well. But searching further you’ll get the same message on if Cape Town is safe? Have a look at the following answer to this question:

Cape Town safety: the tale of two cities

As one Cape Town tourist puts it; “Cape Town is safe enough if you take precautions.  There are really two cities here , but the crime stats blend them together. The poor communities of the Cape Flats see 95% of the crime while the city centre and suburbs are pretty safe in terms of violent crime.” Just like with all the other major cities around the world, Cape Town is safe when you take certain universal safety measures in order to safeguard yourself and your belongings from criminal activity and local hazards. (More here).


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Is Cape Town safe for tourists?

Many guests ask, “is Cape Town safe for tourists?” or “is it dangerous in Cape Town? Or “is it safe to walk in Cape Town?”

Most of these questions have a common answer; yes it’s safe.  This does not mean you should be naive.  The clever guys define naivety as showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment. Obviously, you have not experienced Cape Town but you should be wise and you can judge. Make use of it. Most of the time while in the tourist’s areas you’ll be happy like the fellow CapeTownians next to you. This is a fun place. 

As you know Cape Town is a massive city of nearly 4 million people. And many of these people live poorly. Others call it Cape Town’s two cities.

The tourist areas you’ll frequent will be the more affluent areas. On your Cape Town travels you may never enter these areas at all. (See map on safIs Cape Town safe for touriste Cape Town areas here).

From the Airport, you’ll go past some of these poor areas. Even though I am sharing this with you there are various township tours. Just look at this Township tour with many reviews at 4.6 out of 5. Excellent. (Consider the tour here). Now have a look at this lady, you may meet on your tour, trying to make a living in this poor area. Do you think she just wants happiness like you? 

You may know we manage very manage Cape Town holiday accommodation. We are SuperHosts (more here). We have been in business since 2009. Do you think we would be a success if we dumped guests into unsafe areas? No. It would be ridiculous. The first time we compromised our guest’s safety will be the last time we rent the home. 

Is it safe to walk in Cape Town?

Yes. It is. But again don’t be naive. Any city in the world has bad people looking for fast asleep tourists who leave stuff on dining tables, walk alone at night, or just not taking note of their whereabouts. Be vigilant but enjoy. All Cape Townians run up and down mountains every day. Everyone walks the streets every day. We cycle. We have fun. And why can you not walk safely in Cape Town?

Is Cape Town safe for tourists? I think you have the idea. Go out and play. 


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