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Airbnb Tips and Tricks: Double Airbnb Income With Occupancy. FREE! No Fancy Pricing Tools Required

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Airbnb Tips and Tricks: Double Airbnb Income With Occupancy. FREE! Today we talk about simple Airbnb tips and tricks to double your Airbnb income easily by focusing on occupancy as a tool. It is FREE!  You have read related Airbnb Business Host Tips And Tricks Tutorial articles (here) on exceeding guest expectations, setting deal making […]

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Easy: How To Get More Airbnb Bookings 6 Critical Steps

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How To Get More Airbnb Bookings

6 Steps On How To Get More Airbnb Bookings  Even during this Covid-19 Coronavirus scare can we plan for how more Airbnb bookings when things return to the new normal.  Why can we not relaunch our Airbnbs with a bang AND get more bookings?  Let’s reconsider our foundation; the critical basic drivers you should have […]

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How Do We Guarantee 5 Star Reviews?

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Dear Homeowner As you know your home is remarkable. If not we would not have it as part of our portfolio and we would not get such amazing reviews. But this doesn’t mean we can now relax. As I have said many times; Airbnb is making money for their own pocket and this does not […]

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What is an Experience Creator?

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We can do what’s necessary or we can be remarkable. Which will make guests happy? You may be looking for a dedicated Cape Town rental management team to take care of marketing, guest relations, and maintenance. (These are the main services) Everyone can provide these services. Some better than others. But these are the basics. […]

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Homes that make you go ‘WOW’

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If you go on holiday to Cape Town you do it because it’s a place that makes you go ‘wow’. When you travel you want it to be a sensational experience; not just an ordinary one. We want to offer guests homes that live up to these expectations. What features do you need to have […]

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