Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency: Join Our Inner Circle to Unlock Your Cape Town Airbnb Property’s Full Potential with CapeHolidays’ Trusted and Proven 12 Step Onboarding Process

Seamlessly Transition from Enquiry to Success: Discover our Comprehensive Onboarding Process and Experience the Difference with CapeHolidays, the Trusted Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency

Cape Town holiday rental agency

Thank you for considering our Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency to help you maximise the potential of your holiday home in Cape Town.

We understand you have several important questions and concerns regarding how we manage Airbnb properties, handle guests, address rules, ensure home maintenance, and more.

We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of our services while setting clear expectations. Note: When you read this, don’t expect us to be perfect. We make mistakes, but we strive to improve all the time. You’ll also read our guest reviews, how we respond to them, and what our owners have to say about us.

You’ll notice we don’t advertise our services. We are not interested in becoming a large Cape Town holiday rental agency. No. We aim to pick our owners, well, owners with lovely homes who care about their 5-star homes. If we cannot meet your expectations, we will turn you down rather than disappoint you tomorrow.

Be sure to read this, as we would not like to waste your time. Don’t read this article if you are looking for a cheap agency. We enhance your property’s value by bringing you the best possible guests who will pay a premium for a place with a proven track record (many reviews). This ensures you, the owner, will bank more money. In addition, if you believe there is no risk involved, this is not for you. Or if you are a perfectionist, you try your best, but as a perfectionist, you know only you can do it right.

1. Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency: Property Management Functions:

Here is a summary of some of the most important functions we provide. There are more.

  1. We offer full Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency functions, including listing creation and optimization, pricing analysis and strategy, calendar management, and guest communication.
  2. Our team handles check-ins, check-outs, and on-site inspections to ensure the property is well-maintained and ready for guest arrivals.
  3. We coordinate with our trusted service providers for housekeeping (in-house), maintenance, and repairs, ensuring that your property remains in excellent condition throughout the year.
  4. We prefer not to use because they cannot verify guests. The risk is too high. More.
  5. We provide detailed income and expenses 24/7.
  6. If it’s not 5-star, it’s not good enough. We expect it from guests and the properties we manage. When we give the home back to the owner, it must be in better condition than when we got it.

2. Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency: Guest Management:

Capeholidays has a rigorous guest vetting process to ensure your property’s security and well-being. Our 6 measures include guest verification, review analysis, and communication assessment. Is it foolproof? Nothing is foolproof. If we had regular issues, we would not be in business.

  1. We manage guest inquiries and bookings and provide 24/7 support to address their needs and concerns during their stay.
  2. Our team handles guest reviews and feedback and promptly addresses any issues that may arise.
  3. All claims and complaints we handled by us. Sooner than later. We take care.
  4. We take our responsibility seriously and believe in treating our guests with respect. We strive to ensure that every guest has a positive experience with us and that they feel happy and satisfied. This brings us 5-star reviews. And accumulating trust brings demand. And demand ensures higher income. Read our guest reviews. At Airbnb and Google. When you read these, ask yourself: Why is CapeHolidays’ average review scoring so high? Is trust important to you?

3. Rules and Regulations:

  • Our Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency enforces house rules to maintain a pleasant and safe environment for guests. These rules cover noise restrictions, occupancy limits, smoking policies, and other relevant regulations.
  • We communicate and enforce these rules with guests to ensure compliance and protect the interests of both owners and neighbouring properties.

4. Security Deposit and Cancellation Policy:

  • We set up a security deposit for guests to safeguard against potential damages or violations of the house rules. We manage and handle this deposit responsibly under our terms and conditions. However, Airbnb has amazing host damage protection and liability cover. But don’t be fooled. Your agent needs all the proof that the guest damaged or broke something.
  • Our cancellation policy balances the needs of guests and owners. We have a transparent policy in place that provides appropriate protection for both parties. At Airbnb, we set the best possible policy, and very few hosts use it. Airbnb does not want hosts to use it as it protects the host better but could affect the guest. Airbnb tends to err on the side of the guest.

5. Terms and Conditions:

  • Our terms and conditions outline the legal agreement between us as the Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency and you as the property owner. It covers important aspects such as fees, responsibilities, liabilities, and termination clauses.
  • Our terms are not in fine print and it’s obviously not cast in stone.
  • We will provide you with a detailed copy of our terms and conditions for your review and approval before entering any formal agreement.

6. Trustworthiness and Reputation:

Earn trust,

earn trust,

earn trust

then you can worry about the rest.

Seth Godin.

Cape Town holiday rental agency

Experts are such a loaded word. We may be experts, but we prefer to be the trusted Cape Town Holiday rental agency. If we cannot follow the above Seth Godin quote, then we are not interested in the business. Accumulating trust (many 5-star reviews) is our measure of success. If you are greedy or impatient to make money, then you don’t agree with Seth Godin. And our relationship will not last.

  • We pride ourselves on our trustworthiness and transparency. As a reputable Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional client results.
  • We have received positive reviews from many property owners who have entrusted us with their homes. These testimonials reflect our commitment to professionalism, reliability, and success.
  • Read our guest reviews from Airbnb guests and guests using Google. Here are reviews from a few of our owners.
  • Accumulating trust translates into higher demand,, which in turn leads to higher turnover. Is that what interests you? Let’s discuss it in more detail.

Why Are We Getting These Gleaming Random Comments From Owners?

Simon Airbnb and part of Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency

Our homeowner, Simon, has entrusted his beautiful home to us for many years. You can see it here.

Maximising Income:

Maximising income is a concept that is not well understood. Whatever it means to you, it should not include the idea of “at all costs.” If we wanted to maximise income at all costs, we would risk and not care about the unvetted guests sends us. We care. We take responsibility.

  • At our Cape Town Airbnb Management Agency, we prioritise the financial success of our property owners. We want to be transparent and upfront and say that we are not a cheap agency. We may not be the ideal fit if you are looking for a low-cost option. However, if your goal is to maximise your income while ensuring high guest satisfaction, we believe we are the perfect partner for you.
  • Our proven track record (as you read in our reviews above) showcases our hands-on approach to maximising owners’ income. We have consistently achieved outstanding financial results for our clients through strategic pricing analysis, marketing techniques, and expert management.
  • We ensure that your investment yields the highest possible return by focusing on banking more money for property owners rather than providing a cheap service. Our emphasis on attracting vetted and happy guests contributes to both your financial success and the overall reputation of your property.

7. Join Our Privileged Inner Circle For Proprietary Knowledge To Set You Up For Success:

Inner circle Cape Town holiday rental agency

Are you looking for advice on highly profitable features, or are you trying to figure out bed configurations or the colour and type of line and towels to buy? What are the best ideas for cutlery and crockery? How do you increase demand by allowing various guests’ needs (popular searches) a list of stuff for your kitchen and dining room? Or what should you never buy? Or you may even want to know how we set our rules and policies. We will assist you with this and more when you join our inner circle of trusted owners.

  • We have an exclusive inner circle of owners who have joined our privileged group. As part of this group, they gain access to our proprietary knowledge and insights on maximising income and enhancing guest experiences.
  • Once you agree to our terms and conditions and become a member of our inner circle, you will benefit from our expertise in property layout, essential amenities, guest preferences, and other valuable strategies contributing to your success.

How Do You Choose Your Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency?

Why would you trust us? You have read our articles and reviews, and you may like us, but you are not sure. That’s great. We want you to be well-informed, which will ensure you are not surprised or disappointed later. We have written articles to help you decide.

We are a boutique agency. This has benefits, but some owners may see it as a negative. You decide:

Introductory Onboarding Process To Join Our CapeHolidays Inner Circle

The following steps will help you become part of our Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency.

  1. Complete our evaluation form (Click Here).
  2. Send us photos of your place, describe your home and
  3. Share your goals, plans and objectives. We will use your annual income goals to determine whether you are reasonable. This is one of the qualifying criteria we use to know if we can work together.
  4. Read our extensive blog articles.
  5. Start a discussion on WhatsApp.
  6. Ask every possible question about our way of doing short-term rental business.
  7. If we are happy with your home and know we may be able to meet your expectations, the next steps follow.
  8. You’ll read our terms and conditions and ask questions.
  9. When you are happy and have agreed, we can offer all inner circle optimisation info.
  10. You will schedule a meeting at your property. And audit your property.
  11. We will approve the property or suggest improvements or additions. If the property does not meet our expectations, we will inform you.
  12. How To Set, Optimise, Maximise And Improve: If all is in place, you have qualified as a member of the inner circle. We will now offer advice on setting up your Airbnb to maximise returns and limit issues. See inner circle privileges above.

If you are not interested in joining our inner circle, we can provide you with our consulting services. Contact Johan via WhatsApp.

We hope this information provides a comprehensive overview of our Airbnb services and addresses many of your initial questions. We would be delighted to discuss further details and address any additional inquiries you may have. We believe that by working together and you joining our inner circle, we can unlock the full potential of your holiday home and achieve remarkable results.

Thank you for considering our Airbnb Management Agency. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you.


Johan Horak

One of the Horak Clan is a trusted Cape Town Holiday Rental Agency (Read our guest reviews. (At Airbnb and Google).