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Have You Met Bad Guest Connie The Gasser?

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Have You Met Bad Guest Connie The Gasser?


Today I want to tell you a true story about guest Connie The Gasser. (Connie is not her real name.) But in real life, she is a gasser.

Connie the gasser guest

What is gasser? I did not know. Until I came across one. Today you’ll recognise her. 

Well, Connie sounded like a nice, mature lady. I know we all get (more) mature as time takes its toll. You’ll agree that mature has nothing to do with wisdom. 

Connie has long blond hair, like the 70s. Wavy over the shoulders. With two adult daughters. Very polite. In a hippy way. Asking never-ending questions. 

Getting to know Connie I believe she must have been taken for a ride a few times. As you know; people believing anything learned over time that to get gulled often is not fun. 

She has been looking for a self catering home to stay. For years she made contact with us, via our site and also via the very popular third party platform. (As you know, these platforms connect guests and hosts, collect the money and make decisions on our behalf).

Back to Connie. 

After all these years of questions, Connie never stayed. Odd. Elmarie would announce to all, “Oh. Do you know who is back?” And we all would shout, “Don’t tell us it’s Connie!”

100’s more detailed questions, about various homes. We shared every bit of detail. Patiently. 

If we thought we had a painful experience, answering all her questions we were in for a nasty surprise. 

Before she convinced herself to reserve a house another series of questions started. 

Connie said, 

“I am in Cape Town with my two adult daughters and this place looks just stunning! I would like to ensure that wherever we stay has good security.

“I want to find a place that provides high-speed wifi – is the wifi reliable in this house?”

“As you know it’s cold, how is this place heated? I know it’s a bit of a last-minute request, but we look forward to hearing back from you”. 

Read this last sentence again. See how politely she ends all her questions. Man. It’s so considerate.

Connie asked about heaters, security, and the internet again. And again. We mentioned everything again. We even mentioned we have gas heaters. 

But Elmarie was losing it. Years! Enough is enough. And she said to Connie,

“Connie, I am concerned that we will not meet your expectations. Therefore see if you can’t find a property meeting all your requirements. We prefer to turn you down today than disappoint you tomorrow”.

Politely, Connie ignored Elmarie’s rebuff. And thanked Elmarie for being honest. 

Then, Connie booked!

She instantly reserved one of our least expensive homes. 

Elmarie was worried. Nandi was worried. 

“Oh. My Goodness.” The gut turns.

She moved in. And the fun started.

Upon arrival, Polite-Connie complained about the gas heaters. She wanted other heaters. We said we would like to assist but just could not buy other heaters. “We can give you more blankets. Or help you differently”. Eventually, the host left Connie hoping she would be happy. 

Polite Connie became Adamant-Connie. Remember gullible Connie will never-ever be conned again. Not if she doesn’t like gas heaters. But we did not know how adamant Connie could get. 

Connie complained to Platform Powers,

“There is a gas leak! My daughter is ill”.

She called the emergency response. She immediately moved to a hotel. 

We were so worried we called the fire brigade. The gas man. The fire brigade found no leak. The medical response went to the hotel and found no one sick. But we had no proof, then, to show there are NO leaking gas. Reports take time, especially over the weekend.

And the platform gave her her money back. 

Connie, the star. She gassed us.

We must have owed her a repayment for past debts (Karma). Yes. Connie the gasser. 

Don’t we all encounter these kinds of gassers? Not often. But they are out there. 

I always say that we should have a foolproof system. But then we will have NO fools. Wouldn’t that be boring? 

This Afghan Proverb gives another view,

As long as there are fools in the world, no one will be penniless. 

Thanks, Connie. If it was not for you the world would turn slower. 

After proving to the Platform guys and wrestling with them, they decided to repay our money. Connie got hers, we got ours. The owner is happy. And we gave Connie a not so complimentary review. 

That reminds me. 

I went to read Nandi’s very interesting review on “Connie”. And surprise, surprise; Connie and daughter stayed in another home after our stay. And booked out after one night. Here are the reviews by us (below) and the next host (top).

connie the gasser guest

What Can We Learn From Connie The Gasser?

Not much. 

But if I have to dig deep;

The lesson for us in this social, public-everything-world, is that our “foolishness” will be exposed. The opposite is true as well; if we treat others with respect it will shine through.

May your world travels make it a better place. 

Have fun

The CapeHolidays Team

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P.P.S. Have you come across Connie The Gasser in your life? Why not share it and I’ll publish it.


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