Best Simonstown Restaurants

Best Simonstown Restaurants

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Do you agree? People looking for the best Simonstown restaurants vote with their wallets! Yes. But we don’t know, as a Cape Town tourist, which restaurant is the best choice. Well, I am like you. I look at reviews, the number of reviews before I decide. Today, as a local Simonstownian, I and sharing those restaurants scoring very well. I included one restaurant with no reviews but we have been there and love the decor, the ambience, and the food. You decide and tell me.

Many years ago Bon Appétit was the talk of the town and people came from far and wide to experience this gourmet treat.

Today, many have things changed, Bon Appetit is long gone. Even with the devastating pandemic, Simonstown now has many small cosy restaurants. From the well-know Sweetest Thing still offering the most delicious pastries to 5 star home dining.

Reading below, you will also find bigger, well-located restaurants catering also for big groups (Berthas, Seaforth, Black Marlin and Dixies).

Lastly, I will also share with you a very limited fine dining experience in Simonstown…..

Many years ago the famous La Colombe was initiated and run by world-acclaimed chef, Franck Dangereux. Franck and William French ran the show at La Colombe. William was the experience creator.

Today William is running a 5 star (romantic) guest house in Simonstown. And at odd occasions treat lucky people not only to his fine dining but also to an experience you will not easily forget. See the last entry.

Okay let’s move on,

(In brackets are the review rating out of 5).

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The Sweetest Thing Patisserie in Simonstown (Rated 4.7:5) —

The Sweetest Thing, the best patisserie shop in Simon’s Town. Delectable cakes and pastries, coffee, breakfast, sandwiches, delicious pies and quiche, all made daily on the premises by Doreen.

Doreen Alcock won the Diners Club National 2008 Dine Award for the Most Promising Pastry Chef Newcomer.

A patron said,

Went for a high tea which was amazing! My only “criticism” is that it was almost too INEXPENSIVE considering the quality and abundance of delicious treats included.

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Pizza Khaya Restaurant (4.7:5) —

With a score of 4.7:5 they are doing really great pizzas. And a patron are said,

“The pizzas and focaccia are the best I’ve had in many years! The prices are extremely reasonable and the service is brilliant — friendly and professional. Amazing pizza. The combos of ingredients are really weird but work on so many levels!! Definitely make a stop here for some pizza!” (Glencairn)

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The Lighthouse Cafe — Simonstown (4.5:5) —

The Café has a beautiful ambience; it is an inviting space, light & airy with a French Provençal and Coastal feel which makes one feel right at home, it is a space where customers love to spend time with a book or with friends and a frothy cappuccino coffee. BTW: Their Mauritian Bouillabaisse, are the signature dish and loved by patrons. (Center of town; Main Street)

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SavCafe — Family Style Restaurant — Simon’s Town (4.5:5) —

SavCafe is a modern, European style restaurant, making quality food and service accessible to the local market. Situated in the Harbour Bay Mall, there are lots to do for the family. Wi-Fi enabled and wheelchair friendly.

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Small Cozy Simonstown Restaurant: MONOCLE AND MERMAID (4.4:5) —

The young vibrant owners are focussed on the long-forgotten locals. Local is definitely Lekker with Alwin and Maria! Supporting local and in doing so offer affordable prices to their customers. Experience a vibrant, lively and fun environment whilst enjoying the best Coffee, Burgers and Milkshakes the Deep South has to offer. Bring your own wine. (Center. Main Street)

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Saveur Restaurant Simonstown (4.3:5) —

What patrons said about Savuer;

Saveur is always an experience! Wonder food with great flavours and decent portion sizes. The staff is next level professional and friendly.

It is a brilliant venue, with a fantastic view. Felt like we hit the jackpot. Food was of a high standard. What a pleasant treat. My mouth waters as I think back to our visit to SAVEUR.

(At Simonstown Harbour)

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Fran’s Place (4.3:5) —

Patrons said,

Most beautiful setting for a lovely meal away from home. The most fantastic food, beautiful and caring staff and a loving atmosphere. Located in Simon’s Town Jubilee Square. It overlooks the bay and the harbour and is very scenic. The menu is extensive and the food helpings enormous!

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Home — Dixie’s Restaurant (4.2:5) —

Great setting over False Bay watching the whales. The steak is really great. Pizzas as well. It also has a sports pub where you can enjoy your meal.

A recent patron Keir Tetley, said;

An absolute must in the Glencairn/Simon’s Town area!! The selection of food is excellent — with particular recommendation for the seafood, and the location & view absolutely made the visit for me. For me it was the perfect place to sit and enjoy a late lunch after a morning/early afternoon trip to the beach. There is a great pub-looking bar area just inside with a great selection of beers on tap also.

On Main Road Glencairn

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Seaforth Beach Restaurant — Simonstown (4.2:5) —

Set next to the white sands of Seaforth Beach, with stunning views of mountains and sea, and penguins to entertain you. Note: It can get very busy with large tour groups.

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Lord Nelson Inn’s Simon’s Town Restaurant (4.2:5) —

A patron said,

“They served us breakfast at 12:00 when no other restaurant in Simonstown would. They really do have the best pizza in town. It feels like walking into history….”

They also do a braai on Sundays. Try it. (Main Road close to Shell Garage).

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Black Marlin Restaurant Simons Town, Cape Town (4.1:5) —

On your way to Cape Point is the Black Marlin restaurant:

The views are spectacular and the food good. Also good wine selection. Best on days with good wind and rain-free weather, so you can enjoy the outdoor tables.

Note: It can be packed with bus tourist. They can handle it. But be early. Never after a tiring service.


Celebration Cafe Simonstown (4.5:5 TripAdvisor Only 5 Reviews)

Take your own booze. But go. The place is just lovely. Amazing decor. We were there twice; once for coffee and the same day we went back for lunch. Beautiful.  (BTW. As soon as Olivia has many reviews I’ll place beautiful restaurants where she belongs in this list of best Simonstown Restaurants;

Karyn Ann had this to say and I agree:

One of the most fascinating restaurants and coffee shops in Simons Town by Far! A historic building restored with vintage hand-done postage stamp wallpaper from the original Post Master’s wife who lived there at the the beginning of the century. The owners have incorporated this classic vintage artsy style with modern twists and turns. From bright pink dining chairs, Ghost chairs, floral ceramic coffee cups (the coffee arrives in floral ceramic)!and gorgeous oak wood floors and vast ceiling levels. Just the environment is a feast! And the cakes are all home baked style and super delicious! Chef Olivia is there taking care of your main meals herself also delicious! Very affordable! I highly recommend a visit you will leave with more than just a meal but a visual feast as well!

Well. These are obviously not all the Simonstown restaurants. Other newcomers may surprise us. If you know of any let me know.

To conclude: A friend and famous restauranteur (La Colombe — see intro) prepare fine food with an amazing twist. The caveat: He does it when inspired. So arrange in-advance. You will be treated like a king. Read more below.

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The Food — Residence William French (5:5) —

If you are spending time in Simonstown then contact flamboyant and kind William French for the most amazing experience today!

What patrons said:

From the 3 tiered cake stand groaning with delicious French pastries for our afternoon tea to our luxurious sea view room everything was superb. That evening William cooked us a sublime three course meal which was really the highlight of our stay. William is a warm and generous host with excellent attention to detail. Treat yourself and book a night or two with a special person you won’t be disappointed.

Stay for the in house cooked dinner, it was absolutely amazing. Freshly cooked by William along with helpful staff. Lovely rooms and living area. Beautiful pool and views, floating beanbags …

The best kept secret in Simon’s Town. A chef par excellence…

Enjoy. And if you are aware of a great new culinary experience in Simonstown let me know.


Johan Horak

P.S Part an experience creator team at Agency.CapeHolidays, where we bring you 5 star rated holiday accommodation.

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