Cape Town Magic

What Is The Magic Of Cape Town? We Got Surprised During Covid!

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While in your Covid locker the sun still rose over Cape Town every morning. All alone. 

Cape Town Magic

Do you know what happened to the Cape Town Eggman? Just check these amazing photos.

The African clawless otters are having fun, the politicians exceed themselves like they tend to do everywhere – (funny breed), the locals are drinking wine and having beach fun.

Unfortunately, excellent wine gathered dust (because you are missing), good beer is being dumped, and we can’t even get marmite. But who cares about marmite?

Orcas are ominously returning, seals are having fun. Even caracals are seen all over. And I mentioned my favourite clawless otters taking back the beaches.

Otters: Intriguing and friendly. Curious. Some (not locals) carry their favourite rock with them for life. Goodness. But why are they curious? Tell me. I don’t know.

Then our fav baboon Kataza is a tiring and sad storyKill him! Protect him! They all shout. Why the issue? It’s complex. It’s called civilization – advancement. Really?

Now that I have shared these stories with you……

Please tell me why you think Cape Town is magical?

I cannot really define this Cape Town magic. But, like a clawless otter, I am curious.

The clever and wise said this:

“To us on Robben Island, Table Mountain was a beacon of hope. It represented the mainland to which we knew we would one day return.” Nelson Mandela

That reminds me that Cape Town is called the Mother City. Is the mother symbol not (also) the beacon of hope? We all want to return to the mother’s comforts. Goodness. I am getting beyond myself.

Rather! You tell me. What is the Cape Town magic?

Share it. And I will choose the best response and publish it. Deal?

We all have our travel stories about Cape Town, animals, culture, people; pleasant experiences.

  • How do you feel about Cape Town?
  • Why is it so attractive to you?
  • Why not share your short story with us?

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