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Western Cape Travel News: Facts On Domestic Tourism Rebounding

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Western Cape Travel News: Facts On Domestic Tourism Rebounding


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The good news is that after a Cape Town fire the most beautiful flowers blossom. I see the Western Cape Government (Wesgro) says,

“The Western Cape has no choice but to recover and there was already an increase in domestic tourism”. 

Summary Of Western Cape Travel News:

Source: Nuus 24 e-Edition.

  1. December and January saw a lot fewer visitors, both domestic and foreign.
  2. Since then tourism started improving with domestic travellers.
  3. New opportunities are promoted like “digital nomads”; people who can work anywhere in the world.
  4. Covid affected the tourism industry first and it will be the last to recover.
  5. The urge to travel is currently like a dam wall ready to overflow. 
  6. Travel will recover but it will happen over phases and will look different.
  7. Cape Town International Airport recorded 61 099 passengers; an increase of 65% compared to 2019. (81% less).
  8. Foreign tourists arriving at the airport increased from 18 586 during October to 22 863 during November, with December 52 711 – 2019. In December 2019 at 281 382.
  9. Domestic passengers; 249 288 October, 281 612 November, and increased to 403 401 during December. Compare this to 790 430 during December 2019 (nearly 50% less).
  10. Cape Town hotel occupancy is about 30% with 5-star hotels carrying the highest burden.

End of Western Cape Travel News Facts By WESGRO.

It’s obvious that there is growth. I cannot comment on other self catering accommodation but our occupancy was never this low. However, we have to reduce rates. Currently, we are seeing more and more bookings long in advance; high season and 2022. We had to adjust rates and discounts as demand increases. 

Let’s watch the flowers bloom after the devastation. 


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