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Learn The 6 Simple Criteria CapeHolidays Management Airbnb Agency In Cape Town Uses To Qualify Successful Accommodation 

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6 Criteria CapeHolidays Management Airbnb Agency In Cape Town Uses To Qualify Successful Accommodation 

6 Criteria CapeHolidays Management Airbnb Agency In Cape Town

Management Airbnb Agency In Cape Town

Today we want to share the 6 most critical criteria CapeHolidays management Airbnb agency in Cape Town uses before we decide to list any short-term accommodation. 

Also read the +13 Differentiating Criteria an Airbnb should have to qualify. Without most of these, you may be a dragger or just another cook-cutter with a short lead time to reserve. And lots of last-minute availability.

But you may want to know… 

Why do we have to qualify you before we list your home? 

I’ll give you a quick intro and finally, read the conclusion for answers to the above. 

It Matters Because CapeHolidays Management Agency is an Airbnb Superhost. 

As soon as we list your (new) home, it immediately becomes an Airbnb Superhost credited place. 

It’s a badge of trust only the best Airbnb hosts earn. And they make their hosts a lot more money than ordinary hosts. Read more here

 But “giving” our Superhost badge away cheaply is, therefore, a risk… 

We Chose To Only Share Our Credibility With The Best

I can hear you ask, “what do you mean?” 

With a new home, guests have not experienced it, there are no previous reviews, no earned trust, and we do not know, yet, how our relationship will pan out with you – the owner. 

Guests are more willing to take a risk at a new home, mostly because of our Superhost status. 

It’s our responsibility to protect the unsuspecting guests from unsatisfactory experiences. And, therefore, protect our status and the status of other, proven, owners’ homes. 

Most owners are fantastic people and love to treat all guests very well. But the odd-one-out can cause endless trouble for the guest and the agent. Read about some of these odd owners. 

Only time will tell if what we see is what we expected. 

But before we leave it to chance, this management Airbnb agency in Cape Town will…

  • push all buttons; 
  • ask difficult questions, 
  • be as critical as is necessary and 
  • try to be as transparent as possible. 
  • expect the owner to do the same. 

This will show cracks, if there are any , on both sides. 

We are trying to expose the weak areas before sharing our Superhost badge. 

Will We Consider Your Home on Airbnb as One of Our Management Listings?

Yes. Considering it is easy. But qualifying is more difficult. Let me give you an example:

Just recently, we had an owner who did not like the idea that we declined her home. 

It’s difficult to criticise an owner; telling her that her apartment does not fit the bill.

It was a two-bedroom apartment, in a just-okay area with a throw over the couch. Everything was neat but basic. 

When you consider the management costs vs. the expected low daily rates (and the skimpy throw hiding a potentially doggy couch); it all makes for a negative experience. And we could not see making the income the owner expected. 

The overall aim should be profitability. 

Any Good Management Airbnb Agency In Cape Town Must Consider Profitability As A Guide! 

We are not looking at how profitable it will be for No. We must consider if the offering will meet the owner’s expectations. 

The owner will tell us what she expects to earn. This is important. And help us qualify the owner. 

And each of the following criteria we then use to assist us in establishing profitably. 

Note: we will always tell the truth even if the owner does not like the truth. (Read the conclusion). 

Our first criteria to establish if an Airbnb in Cape Town will be profitable:

  • Airbnb Qualification Criteria Number 1: Location Of Your Airbnb In Cape Town

Location plays an important role. 

We would only consider areas where tourists love to stay. Not only a fun area, but guests must see it to be safe.

For example, we need to consider how far it is from popular tourist attractions. Close to the ocean will add even more value. 

  • Airbnb Qualification Criteria Number 2: The Airbnb’s Interior

The French are amazing examples; walking in France, the outer walls may look bad. But open an old wooden door and you walk into a haven. 

A 5 – Star interior is critical. 

 For example, if they cover the lounge furniture with a throw, it means trouble. If a sparsely furnished lounge, then we cannot assist. 

If the linen is of poor quality, or carpets have stains, then no. 

The interior must be pristine and clean. 

Guests are critical. They pay to stay. And they are not stupid. Make them love your place. They will reward you. 

Pretty interior sells. If not, make it attractive and call us when done. 

  • Airbnb Qualification Criteria Number 3: Number of bedrooms

The number of bedrooms matters. But for smaller places, the criteria are stricter. For example… 

We manage a luxurious one-bedroom penthouse in Cape Town. With a deck and a private pool. It does extremely well. 

But if we have to manage a one or two-bedroom that is not exceptionally wow, then the rates will be too low to justify our management fees. 

Management fees are very similar for a one or two-bedroom as it is for a 4 bedroom house. The only difference is the linen cost. 

Therefore, we are even more critical of small places. 

  • Airbnb Qualification Criteria Number 4: Condition of the Airbnb property

A property with obvious maintenance issues will not make the grade. We cannot discount the rate enough to justify disrespect (guest’s perspective). Yes. That’s how guests will see it. 

Unfortunately, when guests see poor maintenance, they become livid and it will reflect in the reviews. 

Immaculate is the only word to describe what guests expect. Even affordable accommodation must mean wow accommodation. 

And 5-star guest ratings are what we expect. Every time. 

For example, if you have a pleasant home with a few patches of mould, you’ll have problems. 

Fix it. And we will reconsider. 

  • Airbnb Qualification Criteria Number 5: Owner’s expectations

There is no need for us to manage a home or apartment if we cannot meet the expectations of the owner. 

Some owners want to be the second main chef in the kitchen. Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s

Some owners are reluctant to use agents, hate agents, and even the thought of guests critiquing their home is enough to make them explode. Yes. 

There are owners who have no choice (no other option) but to use an Airbnb agency, even though they despise the (apparent) loss of control to the agent. 

Owners, whom we work with; respect all people, share a common goal with us, and treat us as equals.  

  • Airbnb Qualification Criteria Number 6: The Agency’s Integrity

Our aim is to make the owner money by bringing quality guests, looking after the home as our own, striving to make guests happy and getting only 5-star reviews. 

Meet all the above criteria and we happily start working today. 

If we made a mistake and qualified both owner and accommodation, but we realised as we come to know the owner, that our expectations are not on par, we cancel immediately. 

Conclusion On Qualifying Criteria For Our Management Airbnb Agency In Cape Town

The aim is for our guests to have a wow experience and our owners to receive a good income and we trust each other.

Why do we sound so critical? 

Our only goal is to be the best and not the biggest. And we rather turn you down today than fail you tomorrow. 

If we wanted to be the biggest Airbnb Agency in Cape, we could have had many more homes to manage. But no. 

By focusing on becoming the best, we only choose the best. And our owners’ respect. 

If it’s not remarkable, why do it? 

How do you like these qualifying criteria from CapeHolidays Management Airbnb Agency In Cape Town?

Do they make sense? Are they over the top, or can they improve? Let us know in the comments section below.

Use This 2 Minute Quiz To Evaluate Your Airbnb’s Profitability

The CapeHolidays Airbnb Management Team is called Experience Creators. Our guests and our owners must always have the best experience. And every day we are trying harder as you’ll read what our guests say about their stays at our managed accommodation in Cape Town (read more here (scroll down to reviews)).

Also read the +13 Differentiating Criteria an Airbnb should have to qualify. Without most of these, you may be a dragger or just another cook-cutter with a short lead time to reserve. And lots of last-minute availability.

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