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Latest Covid Cape Town Travel News

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Covid Cape Town Travel News – Issue #2

Cape Town Covid! Covid! Covid! The never ending story. It’s a tragedy. In the Mother City; Cape Town

Covid Cape Town Travel News – Issue #2
By Johan Horak • Issue #2 • View online
Cape Town Covid! Covid! Covid! The never-ending story.
It’s a tragedy. In the Mother City; Cape Town tourists are few. But Cape Town is still beautiful. Business is closing.
But you may agree that dark clouds always come with a silver lining. Or, “Behind the clouds the sun always shines”.
Today I want to share some Cape Town Covid news for travelers and tourists. And start with a few inspiring Covid quotes. I picked one, see below. The others you can read…

30 Incredible Quotes on Work and Life: COVID-19 Edition

Cape Town J&J 'Vaccines will be pre-syringed tonight, vaccinators to start vaccinating by Wed'

Sometimes we question governments ability. And rightly so. Most are making mistakes. But listening to Andrew Cuomo blasting the USA Federal Government’s poor response where every Tom & Dick jump against each other to bid for PPE. The only winners were the Chinese sellers of PPE. Now reading Discovery’s news brief I get the feeling there are sensible businesses out there.

Discovery on sourcing Covid-19 vaccines privately – and why you can’t just skip the queue

SA's AstraZeneca vaccines will be offered to other African countries as first J&J shots expected

Western Cape Covid-19 vaccine procurement: Winde set to meet with Sahpra

Talking about herd immunity. Check what these tests show for the (skewed) population donating blood.

Coronavirus: South Africa's COVID lockdown may have created 'herd immunity' | World News | Sky News

The Russians are on us! The Russians are at it again. Cyber crackers. But Sputnik may be one of our vaccines….

Russian Covid-19 vaccine submitted for approval in South Africa: report

South Africa is getting a Covid-19 vaccine ‘ID system’ – how it will work

Well. Well. Who knows. I think “natural” immunity due to already being millions already infected, and the start of COVID vaccinations the number of deaths will decline further.

What About Some Good News? Relatively Speaking

The latests trends are positive. How will it change? Keep in touch and let’s see.

Whatever COVID passport you may need we hope to see you back in Cape Town soon.

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