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Ultimate Guide To The Best Places to Stay in Cape Town +20 Suburbs

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Ultimate Guide To The Best Places to Stay in Cape Town By Suburb?

Are you looking for the best places to stay in Cape Town?


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You may be looking for Cape Town self catering accommodation, a fancy hotel, a guests house or a backpackers, it does not matter what. What matters first is the suburb, the area, and maybe the nightly price to stay. Well, we have you covered.

What Will You Read About In This Cape Town Tourist Guide?

  1. The most popular holiday suburbs in Cape Town.
  2. The comparative accommodation costs per suburb for your self-catering accommodation. (See our CapeHolidays Rates Index per suburb below. Read more). 
  3. What makes each holiday suburb unique.
  4. I created a map and will update it with the CHR Index to compare expensive to affordable suburbs. 
Contents: Best Places To Stay In Cape Town show

The Mother City is a beautiful, bustling, cosmopolitan city that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to spend your time on the beach or visiting a vineyard on your doorstep and nothing is stopping you from running up Table Mountain. The magic is yours to taste. It’s an adventure. A memory to cherish.

The Western Cape is beautiful. But Cape Town is the diamond.

Table Mountain dominates this huge city. With more mountains along the cold Atlantic Ocean making Clifton exclusive.

Moving north along the Atlantic coast, you’ll find a number of beach suburbs and more suburban-style homes. For example the famous view of Table Mountain at the holiday suburb of “Blouberg” (Blue Mountain). Taking Table Mountain scenic shots, from Blouberg, is contagious.

Towards the east, you get affluent suburbia. It hangs on the narrow side of Table Mountain. Going further south you get the upmarket Constantia amongst the oldest wine farms in South Africa.

From there you’ll get to the Southern Peninsula. The Peninsula is flanked by the massive False Bay. The Indian Ocean is warmer- on the east, around Cape Point, going north you meet up with the Atlantic Ocean.

A Rough Guide On A Nightly Rates Index To Easily Compares The Best Places To Stay In Cape Town.


It’s called the CapeHolidays Rates Index (CHR Index) between 0.35 and 1.50. With 0.35 as cheap, and 1.50 as expensive.

Assume Camps Bay is the norm, and we set the CHR Index of Camps Bay at 1.00. For example, you will see, if you pay one ZAR per night you’ll pay 1.4 times more in Clifton.

Well, are you interested in knowing…

Which is the best suburbs or places to stay in Cape Town? The Atlantic Seaboard


Let’s start with the Atlantic Seaboard as a holiday destination. Let’s discuss the uniqueness of the Atlantic Seaboard. (Map: See the pink area on left (Atlantic), left of the blue)

First, there’s the weather.

The Atlantic Seaboard is one of the most popular destinations for a holiday because it has got all four seasons in spades! There are hot summer days and cold winter days; you can get sunburned on the beach or caught out in an unexpected rain shower.

Second, the Atlantic Seaboard is a narrow strip of valuable land with massive mansions and beach restaurants. It’s the place of fancy cars, high heels and folks in beach gear.

Third, the Atlantic Seaboard is one of the most popular holiday destinations for first-timers. It has a laid-back vibe with all the luxuries of international travel on your doorstep.

What areas fall under the Atlantic Seaboard?

Along the Atlantic Seaboard, you’ll find Mouille Point, Green Point, Sea Point, Fresnaye, Camps Bay, Clifton and Bantry Bay. All these offer villas and guest houses with easy access to some of best beaches.

Some would say the above is “narrow” but for explaining the areas I prefer it.

The most expensive and popular holiday areas being Camps Bay, Clifton, and Bantry Bay.

The Famous Camps Bay For Holiday Accommodation:

ACHR Index 1.00


Camps Bay is a popular coastal suburb. This area is famous for its beautiful beach with palm trees and many restaurants, cafés, bars and nightclubs.

You can see Lion’s Head, the 12 Apostles, and the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of great self-catering places to stay. These include luxury villas and apartments that are across a street from the beachfront.

It’s within walking distance to Clifton’s four cosy beaches. Or drive to the Sea Point promenade or to the city centre and the V&A Waterfront.

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Clifton Accommodation For The Romantic With A Deep Pocket:

ACHR Index 1.4


Clifton is set on the lower slopes of Lions Head. Clifton is an exclusive area that has residential homes and no other buildings. Camps Bay is to the south of the city and Bantry Bay is to the north. The wind might be harsh at times, but it is mild in this area.

Clifton is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods. It is 20 minutes from downtown attractions, such as the City Bowl and V&A Waterfront.

Clifton Beach is protected in a cove. There are 4 beaches. Well, there is a fifth Beach called Moses, situated before 1st beach. Moses appears and disappears with the sand washed out.

The Clifton 4th beach has been awarded the Blue Flag Status. Go there to enjoy a hot summer day on the beach. It is popular for people who are sailing on yachts to moor or anchor near the beaches. A romantic place.

Clifton Accommodation is different. There are many types of houses. The houses on the top of the hill have a lot more space than those near the beach. But for Clifton location is more critical than space. Clifton people stay and spend a lot of money.

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The Popular Windless Bantry Bay:

CHR Index 2.00


The best places to stay in Cape Town is sometimes not easy to find. But if you can afford Bantry Bay then go for it.

Bantry Bay suburb is from Clifton towards the City. With accommodation on a narrow piece of expensive land hanging from the cliffs with some just above the waves.

And popular with rich and famous. Bantry Bay is a protected bay. You get about 290 days without any wind. That is important because Cape Town has a lot of wind.

It provides stunning views with luxury apartments and a few mansions.

Let’s move on. We have a lot to tell you. Hang in there. Okay?

What comes after Bantry Bay towards the city centre all along the cold Atlantic Ocean?

Check Bantry Bay Accommodation

Protected From The Buzz: Fresnaye As A Holiday Destination.

CHR Index 1.20

best places to stay in Fresnaye cape town

Fresnaye was an estate of 200 acres of vineyards and orchards, and it belonged to Ryk Le Sueur. He was a barrister from Bayeux in Normandy, and he was a descendant of the French Huguenots. It was called “A Garden of Eden” at the time.

Fresnaye At And Index Of 1.20:

One Of Best Places to Stay in Cape Town For The Wealthy

  • Today, beautiful villas remind us of why this area was called Eden.
  • It’s popular because it’s protected from the wind.
  • And you can get to hiking routes on your doorstep.
  • Less buzz (noise) than in lower beach areas.
  • Fresnaye is a popular suburb with people who are familiar with the area.

There are views of the world. Look at the ocean. Feel the fresh air. Your cares will melt away. Go to sleep every night with the colours of the sunset in your eyes.

Wander to the Sea Point promenade. And enjoy the sound of the ocean while you relax on a patch of grass in one of its many parks.

Fresnaye is near to many of the city’s highlights. You can visit the V&A Waterfront. Find luxury goods at the upmarket shops, stop by Long Street for an eclectic atmosphere bursting with artistic flavour.

In the evenings, one can climb Lion’s Head and witness a spectacular sunset.

Enquire On Fresnaye Accommodation

What comes next?

The Best Affordable Areas To Stay In Cape Town

We discussed the expensive areas. The best places to stay in Cape Town cannot all be expensive. No! Let’s move on to more affordable and unique holiday suburbs to stay in Cape Town.

Let me qualify:

What Do I Mean With Affordable Accommodation In Cape Town?

Affordable is value-for-money with pockets of extreme luxury. The same villa in these areas compared to Camps Bay will be less.

Let’s move along the Atlantic Seaboard north towards Table Bay harbour. Then to areas hugging the front of Table Mountain. Off to Sea Point, Green Point, Mouillé Point, De Waterkant, Bo-Kaap, Woodstock, V&A Waterfront, CBD, Tambourskloof. and other central suburbs under Table Mountain.

What I like is that the setting sun is not such a force to contend with. These homes face West North West and North.

Sea Point Popular Amongst All

CHR Index 0.45

best places to stay in Sea Point Cape Town

Sea Point is on the narrow land between the famous Lion’s Head to the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the northwest.

And from the rates index, you’ll pay +50% less than Camps Bay and nearly 70% less than Clifton.

It is a high-density area with houses close to one another that are near the mountainside.

Apartments are more common in the centre and toward the beach. One of the most popular communal spaces is the beach-front promenade, a paved walkway along the beachfront used for walking or jogging. A real fun place with fresh air, friendly people, restaurants, cafe etc across the street. Young, old, everyone takes a walk on the promenade. Some might say one of the best in the world.

Along the coast of the Sea Point promenade, the coastline has different characteristics. Some parts are rocky and hard to get to, while other parts have big beaches.

Popular: Sea Point beach exists close to a swimming pool the size of an Olympic-sized pool. Capetonians have flocked to this location for generations, since the pool’s construction at least as early as 1952. Towards the city is a beach known as Rocklands.

One of the many questions about Sea point:

Is Sea Point safe?

You need to use common sense and be sensible. As long as you avoid walking around late at night. Nothing serious. Don’t go walking with flashy stuff. Any big city has poor people.

Enquire On Sea Point

Green Point Mix Of Beautiful Urban Spaces:

CHR Index 0.45

best places to stay in green point

Green Point is an affluent suburb with a scenic location to the northwest of the central business district of Cape Town. Most accommodation faces North which is ideal.

It is a popular residential area for young professionals. New mid-rise apartments and mixed-use developments in recent years have transformed Somerset Road, the main thoroughfare lined by restaurants, cafés, delis, boutiques and nightclubs.

It’s a short walk to the magnificent Cape Town stadium and the popular Green Point Park.

Green Point Park is a fun place because people can do lots of things. They can take long walks, be in the sun, have picnics and do outdoor activities. The Green Point Urban Park is a special type of park. It has views of the wetlands, ocean, and a garden. If you are visiting, make sure to visit this area.

The beach is close. With a beautiful walk through the park towards Mouille Point. Or go along to Camps Bay. It’s a long and pretty walk.

Or walk to the V&A Waterfront for a more sedentary experience. Rental bikes make it a lot easier to travel from enclave to enclave.

Why Stay In Mouille Point? The Secret On The Promenade:

CHR Index 0.80

best places to stay in Cape Town Mouille Point

Mouille Point is a small sea-front suburb; one street from the beach with apartments, coffee shops and a few restaurants facing the sea. The double lane street can be busy during the season, but it’s a minor road. About a kilometre, northeast, is the V&A Waterfront, in between the popular Oranjezicht Market.

It has a lovely promenade on the coast that many people walk on every day. Lots of bicycles and people running. Great stuff.

There is the Green Point common behind it, which has playing fields and a picturesque golf course. The new Green Point Urban Park and biodiversity garden are behind Mouille Point. Holiday accommodation is apartments right across the road from the sea with a few restaurants towards Green Point Light House.

Ask About Mouille Point Accommodation

Why Stay At De Waterkant? For The Young (At Heart) & Upper Class:

CHR Index 0.47


De Waterkant is a part of the suburb of Green Point. The historic neighbourhood is close to the central business district on the southeastern end of Somerset Road. On the southern end, it is neighbored by the colourful district of Bo-Kaap.

De Waterkant is an address liked by young professionals, upper-class LGBQTI community with niche restaurants and retailers. In this area, you find The Cape Quarter shopping mall.

De Waterkant Village is between the city and the V&A Waterfront. It’s avant-garde, with lots of art galleries, restaurants, salsa clubs, tapas bars and Parisian inspired cafés.

A cool area. With limited parking. But central.

Get More Info On De Waterkant Places To Stay

Why Stay At The V&A Waterfront: Modern Architecture, Cool & Classy Shops:

CHR Index 0.82


The V&A waterfront is a trendy harbour village that features lots of shops, restaurants and attractions like the Aquarium & IMAX theatre. The architecture in this area might be modern with steel, glass and concrete, but has some up-market shopping areas to explore!

Situated in South Africa’s oldest working harbour, the 123 hectares (300 acres) area has been developed for mixed-use. There is both residential (some available for short term rentals), and commercial real estate.

The Waterfront is a popular place to visit, it attracts more than 23 million visitors a year.

From the CHR Index of 0.80, the daily rates compare to Camps Bay at 1.00 and 43% less than Clifton. Excellent value for money if you are willing to drive to beaches.

More Info On V&A Waterfront Places To Stay

Why Stay In The City Bowl? Central Under Table Mountain

CHR Index 0.40

best places to stay in the city bowl

Which suburbs fall under City Bowl?

The City Bowl is bounded by Table Bay and the mountains Signal Hill, Lion’s Head, Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak. It’s natural amphitheatre-shaped geography defined.

The area includes

  • The central business district of Cape Town (CBD).
  • The harbour and V&A Waterfront,
  • The Company’s Garden (created in 1650s),
  • The residential suburbs of De Waterkant, Devil’s Peak Estate, District Six, Zonnebloem, Gardens, Higgovale, Oranjezicht, Schotsche Kloof, Tamboerskloof, University Estate, Vredehoek, Walmer Estate and Woodstock.

The City Bowl’s 0.40-index may fool you. Don’t let it.

You get affluent pockets within Tamboerskloof, Oranjezicht, Gardens and Higgovale. These areas tend to be higher up the mountain slope with excellent views.

Towards the CBD and CBD itself the residential density increases with smaller homes and apartments.

Within the CBD you’ll be amongst the buzz; restaurants, pubs, shops and many cool and trendy places. If you like this vibrancy; stay. It’s more fun to walk than drive.

Many people would ask;

Is City Bowl Cape Town safe?

It’s safe. But your part is important; be vigilant. Like any big city, you need to blend in – and become a local.

More Info On City Bowl Places To Stay

Why Stay In Woodstock? – Eclectics Must Visit

CHR Index 0.35

best places to stay in woodstock cape town

Credit: Read more on Woodstock at theculturetrip.com

What is Woodstock known for?

The Woodstock area is one of the oldest suburbs, and it remains hip to this day. There’s a healthy mix of cultures, leading some people to dub the neighbourhood a creative hub. You either do Woodstock or you stay in Camps Bay. It’s different. Fun. With lots to see; with amazing restaurants. 

The Old Biscuit Mill is a popular place; hosting lots of lively communities in the heart of Woodstock. Filter between attractions, markets and festivals during the day or night-time.

Let’s turn around towards the east face – “narrow end” – of Table Mountain. The general area, called Southern Suburbs, is residential and old wine farms like Groot Constantia. (The closer you are to the mountain the more affluent the areas).

Enquire On Woodstock Holiday Accommodation

Away From The Hustle Amongst The Green Slopes & Vine Years.

Are The Southern Suburbs The Best Places to Stay in Cape Town?

CHR Index 0.45 (Suburb Map)

best places to stay in the southern peninsula

The Southern Suburbs: See the small Green Area above the blue to the right of the pink

If you are looking for the best places to stay in Cape Town look no further than the Southern Suburbs. With a CHR Index of 0.45, it’s great value for money. There are villas and mansions next to golf courses and amongst the vineyards in Constantia.

For holiday accommodations in this area, I recommend the following neighbourhoods: Newlands, Bishopscourt, Constantia, Wynberg, Ottery, Bergvliet, Rondebosch and Tokai. Note: other areas like Kenneliworth is are great but there is less demand.

Enquire Southern Suburbs Accommodation

Are You Wealthy? Stay In Constantia. Do You Love Wine? Stay In Constantia. 

best places to stay in Constntia

With a CHR of 2.5, this villa is special.

To be correct, Constantia is sought after; from embassy homes, mansions to family orientated affordable accommodation.

In Constantia, you can get mansions with rates at 264% more than the average Camps Bay holiday price index. But if this same holiday villa was in Camps Bay it would be 4 times the average of Camps Bay.

The Southern Suburbs is a good choice because it’s affordable. And you won’t be crowded with tourists; the weather is milder. Nature is right outside your door, and there are wineries and restaurants like La Colombe from which you can choose. With plenty of shops, and you’re close to the central city and beaches. Muizenberg beach is a short drive, Hout Bay is across the mountain. Easy.

Constantia: A hidden secret discovered by experienced tourist to the magic.

For example:

The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is an old garden. Established in 1913. It is found on the Eastern Slope of Table Mountain and is in the suburb of Bishopscourt. There are many different flower species found in this garden.

The Rhodes Memorial is a tourist attraction in the Rondebosch suburb. The memorial commemorates a former British South African politician and is near the University of Cape Town.

Newlands Forest is popular. There are many trails and braai areas here. One day you might walk in the forest and find ruins from a house where Lady Anne Barnard lived for some time.

Golf Courses

There are many golf courses in the Southern Suburbs.

There is King David Mowbray golf club in Mowbray, Rondebosch golf course and the Royal Cape golf club. The popular Steenberg Golf Club is also there.

Talking about Steenberg; this area along with Constantia will cost you. Constantia general runs at about 0.50-holiday pricing index, affordable, but the royal villas go and Steenberg accommodation is scarce.

Enquire On Constantia Accommodation

Where To Stay In Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula?

Holiday Price Index 0.43 (See the Blue Area on the map above for the Peninsula)


Walk up Klawer Steps in Simonstown

The best places to stay in Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula? Well, it depends on interest. With a CHR Index of 0.43, it’s a bargain.

The Peninsula is made up of seven towns: Hout Bay, Chapman’s Peak Drive, Noord Hoek, Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie, Scarborough, Cape Point and Simon’s Town.

The South Peninsula can be reached via Chapman’s Peak Drive. It is a spectacular pass with amazing views.

Note: Seeing Many Cars Stopped In The Road! Whale Sighting!

You’ll see interesting seaside villages and suburbs with no madding crowd. But crowds congregate along the beach road if a whale is spotted. Noordhoekers go slow for Leopard Toads. I told you; it’s “green” and the locals want to keep it that way.

  1. Cape Point; The cold Benguela current on the west coast and the warm Agulhas current on the east coast merge. It is a huge cliff within the reserve – popular.
  2. Boulder’s Beach in Simonstown is a must-do. There are lots of cool things to do there like see African penguins and lots more!
  3. Grab some fish and chips at Kalky’s at the Kalk Bay Harbour. It is a local institution.
  4. Or enjoy a stroll on Noordhoek Beach – a superb stretch of white sand a few minute’s drive from Chapman’s Peak on the Noordhoek side. Get some food and taste the beer or wine. You can enjoy it with the locals. There are many places to go surfing. You could go to Muizenberg or Kommetjie; the birthplaces of the best surfers in SA.

There is much to see! You should make time to stay in this nature dominated area.

Get More Info On Simonstown Accommodation

Why Stay in Muizenberg? The Family Village & Friendly Surfers:

CHR Index of 0.37

It is on the shore of Cape Peninsula and curves around onto False Bay. Surfers flock to this area for its prime surfing conditions and the “Surfer’ is a popular spot among surfers. But judging it as a surfer’s spot is not fair. Muizenberg beach is great for families.

What impresses me is the spectrum of people surfing. If you are old you may get jealous looking at the grey-haired uncles and anties surfing. Or the many families doing surfing lesson. It’s a fun place.

Accommodation varies from a few expensive. But with a CHR Index of 0.40, it’s affordable.

Most holiday accommodation is higher up the mountain. With great views or in the eclectic homes (and people) living along and close to Parmer Road. It’s nothing impressive as it’s tiny but staying will reveal character. Driving through? No. Walk it. Or stay over.

Enquire Here For Muizenberg Accommodation

Why Stay In Kalk Bay? Cool African Trends Meet The South Of France:

CHR Index of 0.50

best places to stay in kalk bay

South from Muizenberg is the small St James area with expensive holiday accommodation. Next is Kalk Bay. Kalk Bay is another popular buzz.

This fishing village is a fun place. There are many shops and people, and it has waves for surfers. You could learn about the culture and history of the area. It has an art scene and nightlife with different things for people to do.

Stroll along the Kalk Bay Harbour. It is a place with many restaurants (like the local’s Kalky’s for fish and chips), shops and colourful boats. In Kalk Bay enjoy the coastal views as you look at stores for antiques, second-hand items and books.

In the summer, Wooley’s Tidal Pool is a popular place to swim. Bring the kids here. And they can play in this man-made rock pool making it safe and the tidal ocean keeps it clean. There is (advanced) surfing on Kalk Bay Reef which has an easterly swell.

Enquire Here For Kalk Bay Accommodation

The Best Places To Stay In Fish Hoek: The Family Beach Town:

CHR Index of 0.35

fish-hoek-beach fishing

Credit: https://mapio.net/pic/p-7768185/

Fish Hoek is a town on the side of the Cape Peninsula. It faces False Bay and has an easterly swell for surfing at Kalk Bay Reef. It’s home to one of the most popular beaches. These offers safe swimming. With ocean tides keep it fresh as waves come crashing onto the shore.

The Family Beach – as locals call this spot – is great for anyone with little children. With its protective shark nets, friendly lifeguards and close parking areas. You don’t have to carry all your (kids) gear across the sand! With sunloungers dotted along the shoreline. You get a mix of sand and rock pools, this is one of those beaches. You can spend an entire day.

Fish Hoek Beach, offers protection from dangerous sharks thanks to shark nets installed after several incidents in 2016.

In Fish Hoek, you have two types of homes. Some are big and have great views of the mountain slopes. Others are smaller and on the flatter land behind the business area of the village.

NOTE: The business street can be prettier; large signs all over but it is functional. And you’ll find the stores convenient.

Where are the best places to stay in Cape Town after Fish Hoek on your way to Cape Point?

The Best Places To Stay In Simonstown: Penguins & Whales:

CHR Index of 0.40


Simon’s Town is a historical town established in the 1700s. The town is in a scenic area. It’s home to one of South Africa’s best dive sites; Seal Island – where you can see penguins and whales!

This small fishing village with beautiful beaches, including Boulders Beach which overlooks False Bay. It has an interesting naval history as Simonstown with the Dutch establishing the harbour. Becoming a naval base later.

Seal Island is one of the best places to go diving, with it being possible for you to see penguins and whales whilst underwater! Boulders Beach also provides some fantastic views. With interesting history. If you know where to look you’ll see iron rings in these boulders, used to pull unfortunate whales from the water.

Today it’s mainly residential. But there are still plenty of attractions worth visiting (more things to do in Simonstown);

  • like hiking,
  • whale watching,
  • diving and free diving.
  • swim with penguins at Boulders Beach.
  • Lazying around at one of the exclusive beach coves like Water’s Edge, Windmill Beach or the paid beach at Boulders Penguin protection area.

Accommodation in Simonstown can be expensive or budget.

The luxury villas look like the homes in Clifton, but they are more affordable.

How far is Simonstown from Cape Town?

Simonstown is about 45 km from the centre.

We have now looked at where to stay in the Southern Peninsula. All along False Bay. Now we move on past Cape Point and come to Scarborough on the colder Atlantic Ocean.

Enquire  Here For Simonstown Accommodation

Why Stay In Scarborough? Barefoot Where Nature Matters:

CHR Index of 0.38


Scarborough is a seaside town. It was made a conservation village in 1996. It is surrounded by the conserved natural landscape, and it is committed to reversing past environmental damage. Scarborough does not allow future environmental impacts.

I think you may see more barefoot people here than anywhere in Cape Town. They love Mother Earth.

Scarborough Beach can be reached by a coastal road from both sides of the Cape Peninsula. You will see beautiful scenery along the way.

The large beach is not too crowded.

The town can get more crowded in the summer when there are more visitors to the town. The beach is a place where people do activities like surfing and bodyboarding. But swimmers are warned to be careful.

There are some strong currents just off the beach which can pull you away. On windy days, with the beach a great place for kite and kite surfing. Shelled pickers have space to roam (with a permit).

There are not many facilities in this area. There are only two or three restaurants and one shop with limited essentials.

If nature, cycling, hiking (not alone) is your thing; far away from shops then Scarborough will not disappoint.

How far is Scarborough from Cape Town?

Scarborough is 47 km from the city centre. Either via the M3 highway or slower via the beautiful Chapmans Peak.

Tell Us Your Scarborough Accommodation Needs

Staying In Misty Cliffs With Never The Ending Beach, Crayfish And Surfing:

CHR Index: There are too few homes to calculate – but I would judge about 0.65


On your way North towards the next big stop is Kommetjie. But you cannot miss Misty Cliffs. This misty settlement is tiny, with a few homes on the beach and a few large homes against the mountain.

Misty Cliffs has an exposed beach break that has, mostly, reliable surf, but it becomes quite flat in the summer. The best swell direction is from the southwest, and the waves here sometimes peel to the right. Sometimes crowded.

A few kilometres down the coast is the crayfish factory and launch area for crayfish boats.

Misty Cliffs Self-Catering is limited and demand is high during the season. The whale season from June to September is great if you are higher against the mountain.

Stay in Misty Cliffs? Enquire Here

Why Stay In Kommetjie Where Surfers Get Their “Fins” & Tourists Find Peace:

CHR Index 0.40

Kommetjie Walk To Light Tower

A popular surfing spot. This happens when powerful waves come in from the ocean over rocks of the Table Mountain Group that are made up of hard sandstones.

The rural village is well known for tourist attractions such as Imhoff Farm, Slangkop Lighthouse, and Long Beach with excellent cray fishing opportunities.

Kommetjie is located around a small rock inlet that resembles a basin (Kommetjie in Afrikaans). The shallow basin is a safe place for surfing and fishing. It is filled with thick kelp forests.

Tourists coming to Kommetjie should stop at Imhoff Farm. Its a local hotspot where visitors buy fresh cheese, shop for country meals served in the courtyard. Enjoy the best pizza in town.

Kids will be entertained at Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard. It has goats, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, geese, rabbits, guinea pigs. Even a pony, as well as a snake park. Visitors can enjoy horse rides and exciting camel rides.

Situated on the beach is Slangkop Lighthouse (built-in 1919), one of South Africa’s tallest lighthouses. Visitors to Kommetjie can do a tour of the lighthouse with the lighthouse keeper and climb to the top to enjoy panoramic views.

They will see Cape Point Nature Reserve and Hout Bay too. Towards the end of Kommetjie’s Long Beach, you will find the Kakapo shipwreck which crashed onshore over one hundred years ago.

Kommetjie is relatively large, although the shopping is limited, with a few restaurants, a pub, a cafe and a few more. The village is loved by tourists and residents.

Kommetjie Accommodation On The Beach Or Against The Mountain

Kommetjie accommodation can roughly be divided into two areas; the “on the beach” and further away from the beach. Let me add a third area; Die Kom (basin) where Kommetjie’s first homes were built next to the beach or close to the beach. Die Kom area is popular as you are within walking distance from everything.

Along the Kommetje’s long beach towards the north are modern beach villas, with a few gated communities with fancy accommodation.

Situated against the mountain, and further away from the beach, Kommetjie’s self-catering accommodation becomes less expensive with good value.

Sitting at your home with the setting sun over the Atlantic. Taking a long stroll along the beach with the distinct “kelp” in the air will always be a treasured memory.

I told you to find the best places to stay in Cape Town is not easy. You need to stay many months. Become a digital nomad and stay for weeks exploring the area.

Let’s travel north along the Atlantic. Going past the popular Imhoff Farm; a place to stopover. Buy artefacts, wine, fresh produce even fancy second-hand clothes.

Enquire For Kommetjie Accommodation

Our next stop on the list of the best places to stay in Cape Town is Noord Hoek.

Why Stay In Noordhoek? Where Nature Is Respected While Locals Have Fun:

CHR Index 0.45

Noordhoek is a seaside town. It’s probably best known for its beach where surfers and sunbathers can enjoy the waves as they frolic about on the sand. The relaxed atmosphere reflects what it feels like to live at Noord Hoek. There are many families who own homes here that have been passed down through generations, making this area an important part of the local history. If you want to stay somewhere with a laid-back vibe while surrounded by nature then Noordhoek may be your perfect location!

Noordhoek is beautiful. It is a good choice when looking for places to visit in South Africa.

If You Are “GREEN, You’ll Love Noordhoek

Even the Green Party’s chief has a home here.

The northern-most suburb of Noordhoek called such because it was the first village established in the northern corner of Slangkop Farm. It is fiercely protected by its residents.

The balance between agriculture, rural living and residential population makes this village a highly desired area to live.

Noordhoek still has a farming vibe. The locals sell their produce at farmers’ markets. Horses walk the streets. Leopard toads jump in the roads, kids play. Carefree dogs jog along. Owls rear their chicks. They all live here in the green Common areas.

Noordhoek feels like an old-town village. It has retained its down-to-earth vibe despite being on one of South Africa’s most scenic routes – Chapman’s Peak Drive. One of the best places to stay in Cape Town is Noordhoek.

Noordhoek is a blend of modest cottages and luxury homes that sit on rolling hills overlooking the Bay. Long Beach stretches for over eight kilometres, offering beautiful views over wetlands and eventually links up with Kommetjie.

You may have seen photos of Noordhoek beach, where locals ride horses. The dunes are popular for dogs, children, families and groups.

One can also access Hout Bay from this end of Chapman’s Peak Drive and the neighbouring suburbs are Kommetjie, Scarborough, and Fish Hoek. Simonstown is also just around the corner.

A great place for meeting new people, kids to have fun and eating well is the Noordhoek Farm Village. On your way to the beach do not miss the Aegir Project Taproom, a family-friendly restaurant with a brewery at its heart.

Where To Stay In Noord Hoek?

From luxury beach accommodation to a luxury resort, there are plenty of options for all budgets in Noordhoek. From hotels to self catering villas on the beach to fancy homes in amongst the smallholdings to less expensive accommodation a little further away.

Noordhoek is the Southern Peninsula centre for major shops. You’ll never run out of opportunities to spend money.

For Noordhoek Accommodation Enquire Here!

Okay, let’s hit the magnificent Champans Peak to Hout Bay; our last official Southern Peninsula place to stay in Cape Town.

Just because Llandudno is close to Hout Bay I’ll add it into the mix. But, it’s rather part of the “Atlantic Seaboard”.

Why Stay At The Republic Of Hout Bay?

Holiday Pricing Index 0.47 (Map: See the bay; at the left of the blue peninsula (Atlantic) where the pink starts.)

best places to stay in hout bay cape town

Three Bedroom 6 Sleeper Home With CHR Index of 1.00.

Calling Hout Bay “the republic of.” Reports show that locals affectionately call the area this. It has a narrow offshore with a limited means of arrival into it due to its steep slope and clear water.

Considering Cape Town for your vacation? Wanting to avoid the big-city bustle? And still, have access to all amenities? Then Hout Bay is one suburb you need to think about!

Hout Bay is 20 minutes away from the centre.

This place is very popular with both locals and visitors. Visitors get to feel like a part of the town when they stay here. Hout Bay shares the essence of South Africa and more intriguing because the views are so diverse.

With a CHR Index of 0.47, it’s half the price of what you’ll pay at Camps Bay. But as you can see from the image above you get very expensive homes in Hout Bay.

Hout Bay Is Also A “Country”

The last time I was in Cape Town, my friends convinced me to pack a swimsuit. And head over to Hout Bay for a day of a fun beach day. I’d never been there before. They told me I should get an unofficial passport first. Apparently, when we arrived at the border, it would be easier.

We all had a good laugh about how ridiculous it sounded. But still went along with it since no one else seemed surprised by this suggestion. We made our way down to the tourist office. Got our passports stamped. We purchased postcards for our back-home-family members who might not find such humour in all of this.

[I made this up. The Republic idea was a marketing tactic by the Lions and Rotary Club charities]

The Truth About Hout Bay

Hout Bay is a village that was used for fishing. It has the harbour but also the country, too. Hout Bay has managed to keep this style even though it is being developed now.

The mountain-framed sandy beach is quite beautiful. Locals frequent this dreamy harbour. Come and eat fish and chips, watch with the seals who claim it as their home, and enjoy a waterfront view.

Hout Bay offers three different ways of reaching Cape Town, all of which are scenic drives. Chapman’s Peak is a toll road, but it has beautiful views. It is one of the best routes to take that will make you awe.

It’s also equally inspiring to drive over Suikerbossie Hill. It’s on the way to Llandudno and other Atlantic beaches. These are next to the Twelve Apostles.

The road that joins up with the Constantia Wine Route also goes over a mountain. On the other side of the mountain, you can see False Bay and then you are in Constantia Valley. Along this road, you’ll find exclusive self catering accommodation and the famous La Colombe restaurant.

Despite its central location, Hout Bay is small, with lots of attractions on its own. Hiking and cycling in the mountains. Abseiling. Fishing. Cruising to the V&A Waterfront.

It is easy to never leave Hout Bay, which means that you can do many things. One of these is going to Seal Island in a glass-bottomed boat. Or watch whales. There is also the World of Birds. You can get passports from this place which are very special souvenirs.

Do You Like Hout Bay? Enquire Here!

Why Stay In Llandudno? The Cliff Hanging Village With The Nudest Beach:

Agency CapeHoliday Rates Index 0.82 (Map: See left of the blue peninsula, just beyond the bay at the start of the pink.)

best places to stay in llandudno cape town

Just from the CHR Index of 0.82, it’s obvious that this is NOT a tight budget area. You’ll pay. But still 20% less than Camps Bay.

This is a place that is 18 km from the centre. It is unique. You can get here by driving over Suikerbossie Hill from Hout Bay. Llandudno is a private and peaceful cove. It lies along Victoria Road from Camps Bay.

Llandudno is an upscale, yet rural suburban area with properties worth millions. Residents are proud of their coastal status and the neighbourhood is not well lit or stocked with shops. Why let streetlights pollute nature?

One challenge for Llandudno is that the town is accessed by only one road and visitors have limited space to park.

Perhaps the most stunning of all beaches is distinguished by its white sandy shores, clear blue seas and enormous boulders. And a favourite of those who like beach sports such as volleyball, beach rugby and surfing. Most people visit the area for sun-worshipping and as a preferred picnic spot for families.

The beach is still untouched by human hands, while the countryside’s flora stretches off in both directions.

Llandudno Is Famous For Its Nudist Beach: Sandy Beach


Sandy Beach is a 20-minute walk from Sunset rocks will take you to the famous Sandy Bay nude beach. And don’t worry. It’s private. And if you want to get there you must be serious.

For shopping and restaurants:

Hout Bay Village is a 5-minute drive from Llandudno. Hope over the mountain to Hout Bay; the Bay offers plenty of restaurants and shopping centres for any type of family you can imagine.

A bit more away, you can visit the world-class wine estates of the Constantia Valley. There are many good restaurants and a few golf clubs like Steenberg there too.

Where to stay in Llandudno? Easy. It’s small, but you’ll be paying good money to stay here.

Tell Us Your Llandudno Accommodation Needs Here

Summary So Far About The Best places To Stay in Cape Town

Reading about the best places to stay in Cape Town we took you from the Atlantic Seaboard exclusive beach villages of Camps Bay. Then the romantic and most expensive Clifton to the city centre and used Table Mountain as the anchor.

Then we went south to the affordable Southern Suburbs. Eventually the nature lovers Southern Peninsula. A little further away along the warmer False Bay where sunrises dominate.

At Cape Point, we turned north again along the western side. We meet the cold Atlantic Ocean along with unique villages with west accommodation facing the setting sun. And we concluded with the small Llandudno village.

But, we are missing one major beach area where Kite Surfers and South Africans love to holiday; the Blouberg Area.

The Northern Atlantic Beach: Places To Stay On The Other Side.

Agency CapeHoliday Rates Index 0.30

Enquire The Northen Suburbs Accommodation

There is a distinct difference between the northern suburbs and the southern suburbs. As with many cities in South Africa, there is an imaginary line that locals call “the boerewors curtain.”

Boerewors is South Africa’s famous sausage you must try. The Boerewors Curtain is used to explain most people in this area seem to speak Afrikaans.

The southern suburbs speak English.

Even Afrikaans people, in the south, may speak Afrikaans amongst friends but in a formal setting speak English.

These suburbs have experienced enormous property growth in recent years. It’s close to the International Airport. Flocks of people visit the Grand West Casino. Others like to meander along the wine routes.

I’ll not be talking about northern rural suburbia but focus on the more popular holiday areas like Bloubergstrant and Milnerton.

Where To Stay In Bloubergstrand?

Golden Beach Loved By Kite Surfers With Iconic Table Mountain Views

CapeHoliday Rates Index 0.35 (Map: See the left of the map (Atlantic) until you find the “psychedelic” pink. Across from Robben Island is Blouberg).


Photo by Aaron Yun on Unsplash

Why iconic? If you see a photo of Table Mountain, I bet it’s taken from here.

Beautiful views of Table Mountain can be seen while staying in Bloubergstrand, which is a perfect choice for visitors.

The pretty beach provides good opportunities for water sports. Windsurfing and kite surfing are popular. While other activities like quad biking, hiking, shopping and dining out can be enjoyed within short distances.

You’ll have many choices regarding luxurious and affordable accommodation in Bloubergstrand.

It’s Called Blouberg For A Good Reason

Bloubergstrand translated to “Blue Mountain Beach” in Afrikaans. And when you look at Table Mountain, over the bay, you’ll know why it’s called Blouberg (Blue Mountain).

The Bloubergstrand area is close to the city heart (about 20 minutes away). Making it a great place for anyone who wants to be close enough in case they want downtown amenities.

Bloubergstrand has a number of beaches worth checking out, including the Big Bay Beach – perfect for surfing.

Little Bay is a family-friendly beach with a rock pool for the kids to splash in. The water is cold, but it’s popular among surfers when you’ll see floating about in the waves.

While Southern Right Whales are a seasonal species, the occasional Killer Whale has also been spotted in the ocean. Humpback Dolphins, Heaviside’s Dolphin, and Cape Fur Seals can be found off the Bay’s shoreline.

Apart from the beautiful beaches and views, Bloubergstrand also has a lot of things to do for people who like adventures. There are many restaurants here. There is a restaurant at the water’s edge where one can enjoy a seafood feast as the sunsets. It is a reasonable price and has excellent food.

This area is a Marine Nature Reserve. Diving for perlemoen and other sea creatures is not allowed. But there are many delicious seafood restaurants in the area that let visitors taste good food.

With an accommodation index at 0.35, the self-catering accommodation in Blouberg is nearly 70% less expensive than Camps Bay.

Enquire On Blouberg Accommodation Here

All Great Stories End With A New Opportunity

It’s a city of contrasts. With special magic.

  • From the top of Table Mountain to the bottom.
  • From Clifton’s romantic and expensive bungalows,
  • Camps Bay mansions and Ferraris to Woodstock hippies or surfers in Muizenberg, Kite Surfers in Blouberg – every budget is catered for. And if that isn’t enough? Nature lovers can visit penguins and whales at Simonstown! We hope you have enjoyed our blog post on what makes Cape Town so special.

Opportunities To Stay For Less In Cape Town Self Catering

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What Kind Of Budget Do You Need For Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation?

During high season – Christmas to New Years you’ll pay a minimum of R500 per night per person ($36) in a budget suburb with a CHR Index of less than 0.50. In suburbs with a high CHR Index, near or above 1.00, you will pay at least R1000 ($75), if you are lucky. Rates per night per person at high CHR Index suburbs can be R3000 or more per night per person.

What Are The Minimum Stay In Cape Town Self Catering?

Many hosts will do 1 night out of high season. But most would do 2 to 4 nights minimum. During peak season most popular self catering homes will require a 10 to 14-night stay. Some Clifton homes even set a 21 night stay minimum. And they don’t care if you stay for 10 or 21 nights. You pay.


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