best airbnb hosts in cape Town recipe for success

Can You Beat The 8 Best Airbnb Hosts In Cape Town’s Recipe For Success?

Discover The 8 Best Airbnb Hosts In Cape Town & Their Recipe For Success!

best airbnb hosts in cape Town recipe for success

Today, you’ll not only read about the 8 best Airbnb Hosts in Cape Town. But also what their Airbnb hosting recipe is.

Yesterday, we walked into one of our Airbnbs where we will stay for the next six weeks. What an experience.

It was still being cleaned. But it smelled pristine. The floors were shiny, and the linen crisp. It shouted, Welcome!

The microwave’s door was open. Elmarie explained that until the microwave is cleaned, the door is open. It impressed me.

Aureol, the host, had to be complimented. She explained she is fanatic about cleaning. No surprise there given the reviews she gets.

Why Do Experience Creators Matters?

Each of our Airbnb hosts is an experienced creator. As you know, an experience is an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.

Therefore, our Airbnb hosts’ job is straightforward; All they do is to create a feeling of special-ness with the guests (and owners).

Is this not what happened to us when we arrived at this Airbnb?

They carried away us. We felt respected. Even inspired. And we had to share this experience with our friends (social media).

It bought goodwill. And it all comes from this event created by the host. Intentionally. And events designed to bring 5-star satisfaction.

Obviously, the experience created is not limited to an immaculate home, but everything else we will share today. Let’s go…

How do our Airbnb hosts initiate these experiences? It starts at the beginning…

Addressing Guest’s Expectations By

By the time the Airbnb Hosts connect with the guest, we have shared the house rules and any limitations at the Airbnb. But guests may not have taken note. Most don’t. And it can bounce back. We need to repeat. Why?

Let me leave it to Benjamin Franklin to explain;

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.

Our hosts identify issues that may cause criticism. They are not afraid or ignorant. They will spill the beans. And they do it because some foolish guests will break a neck because of our oversight.

It can be costly when you don’t address ALL the guest’s expectations.

Therefore, good Airbnb hosts tell guests exactly what they can expect, and what hosts expect from them; clearly and firmly.

They become the sergeant major with authority when needed.

Would our best Airbnb Hosts in Cape Town succeed if they left it to chance?

Pre-Arrival Communication Setting Expectations

As soon as we get a confirmed reservation, the info goes to our hosts.

The hosts then establish communication with the guest via WhatsApp. Here’s an example of a message we sent guests. Read it carefully.

Hi Guest, my name is Aureol. I will be your host at our 5 star Pax Villa.

Your arrival time is very important to me as I am not at the house all day.

If you have an arrival issue let me know soonest. If you don’t, you may end up waiting an hour while I attend to other guests arriving at our other 5 star homes.

Please confirm your eta now. And also should there be any changes on the day of arrival?

Looking forward to welcoming you to 5 Star Pax. Aureol

P.S. If you have any special requests, let me know.

You can adapt the above to your liking. But what 3 important things did you notice from the above message? Let me know in the comments.

Setting Host’s Expectations

I have mentioned expectations. The best Airbnb hosts in Cape Town never oversell. But undersell.

For example, we have baboons causing issues in Simonstown. We installed dedicated baboon electric fencing to keep them out.

Baboons cannot enter the living area and patio. Should this stop us from telling the guests about baboons? No.

We make the info available to guests before they reserve.

Explaining that they should try to keep the unfenced back door closed. And at all times, ensure the fence is activate. Etc.

BTW. The host may inform them if a troop is in the area. (She gets her info from a community group).

Another example:

At one house next to a reserve, there are snakes. We rather inform guests, at the risk of fewer reservations, than surprise them.

We never leave risks to chance.

Obviously, the hosts introduced the guest to the house, shared the rules (again), tell them about the neighbourhood, and shared local insights.

The Airbnb host may introduce the guests to the house:

Dear Guest

Let me introduce you to my 5-star self catering accommodation. Etc, etc.

I am your host. My only task is to ensure you enjoy a 5-star stay.

If you have any problems or issues, tell me immediately. Don’t wait for the Airbnb review. I am here to help immediately.

Remember, my only measure is the 5-star review you give me after your stay. My job even depends on it.

Enjoy your stay.


P.S. I expect a neat house when you depart. And remember, I must review you as well. 😁

Why say it’s self catering? Well, some guests are not familiar and expect full-service hotel like treatment.

Why do the best Airbnb hosts in Cape Town repeat 5 Star so often?

The only measure at Airbnb is a 5-star rating. 4 star is a critique. 3 is bad. And 2 or 1 is ridiculously poor. Our hosts score 4.9 out of 5 for over 1000 guest reviews.

Some guests just cannot give hosts a perfect score. A 5 to them is perfect. Even if they had a perfect time, they believe nothing is perfect, even if they cannot identify it. We have had a few giving us 5 stars on all sub-criteria but a 4 overall. Odd!

By repeating the 5-star phrase, the host relays her expectations. She must get a 5 -star rating. And she tells the guest why. She sets an expectation that only a 5 Star score is okay.

My Job Depends On It.

And my only measure is a 5-star review. They added these to make an emotional plea to the guests. Some guests cannot tell the host about a simple quickly resolved issue if informed. They rather wait, get frustrated 😤 and then take revenge (my exaggeration for effect) when they review hosts.

I expect a clean house. I will review you as well.

Obviously, you want to warn the guest of the risks if they leave you a dirty home. But in a jovial manner, tell them straight that you want them to have fun but respect the home by giving back a clean house.

Let’s share a few ideas for departure.

Why Is Departure Communication Important?

Remember, our hosts, our owners and our Airbnb Agency’s success depends on every guest having an unbelievable experience. (And the best Airbnb hosts in Cape Town greet guests on departure. This adds to the management costs but the benefits out-ways the cost).

The only way we measure a wow experience is with the review and review score guests gave us. We want 5 Star 🌟. Every time! The best Airbnb hosts get this done.

On departure, our hosts check in again to ensure the guests had a happy stay (and check the integrity of the accommodation). Wish them a safe trip home. But we also want to stress, to the guest, our need for a 5-star review again.

Airbnb Host’s Departure Script

This is what our Airbnb hosts may say to the guest on departure:

Dear Guest

Thanks for staying with us. It was a pleasure.

You left the house looking great. (If true.)

Just remember, I do not complete my task until you review me and my house.

And I told you, my future depends on a 5-star review. Let it come my way.

Have a safe trip home.

Your Superhost.

Keeping Guests Happy During Their Stay

How easy is it to keep a guest happy when everything is going right? What happens when things turn sour?

There’s a field mouse running in the kitchen. A scorpion on the cushion as the aunty from London goes to bed. A flying croach arrived in the kitchen. The local baboon family jumped in for a visit. A geyser broke. Or the electricity conked out. All these things happened.

The best hosts know this is the time to go way beyond the norm. Nothing, but nothing matters as much as fixing or trying to fix the issue immediately with emphasis on IMMEDIATELY.

Just recently we had an issue with power dipping at a property. It was tense. Everyone jumped in to keep the guests informed. But, eventually, the host, Cathy and Bruce, pulled it back.

They got rewarded with a 5-star review. This is the only way.

Hosts Set The Scene That Will Ensure The Guest Feels Obliged To Go Wow

Best Airbnb Hosts In Cape Town

Reviews on some of the Best Airbnb Hosts In Cape Town

Take Away: Our hosts give so much; they create a welcoming experience for the guests (from pre-arrival to arrival). And the guest has no option but to go WOW!

Everything the host does is to buy goodwill from the guests by giving them a wow experience.

So much so that the guest is obliged to return the favour with a 5-star review.

Never Justify Your Mistakes

To justify is to show or prove to be right. In our business, if you want to upset a guest, try to prove you have an excuse for an incident.

The guests don’t care if you have proof. And while you justify your innocence, they have the boiler on. Think about how to take revenge.

Guests don’t mind incidents or accidents. But they do mind inaction, justification or uselessness.

Our hosts take responsibility. And show it! They tell the truth because it creates trust.

How The Best Airbnb Hosts In Cape Town Ensure Owner’s Homes Are 5 Star

Without the owner’s support, these Airbnb hosts will fail. All owners reinvest and improve their homes. This makes it easier for the host to get better reviews.

Where the owners are absent, hosts become the substitute owner, becoming their eyes and ears. Giving feedback and taking responsibility.

After every stay the experience creators do an audit on the house; the interior, exterior and garden. This is ideal feedback for the owner and management.

Measuring Criteria For Our Airbnb Hosts In Cape Town


What Airbnb Measures:

  • Overall

This is the most critical measure. Airbnb uses the Overall to establish if a host is a Superhost. Capeholidays, thanks to its owners and hosts, has been Superhost for many years.

  • Cleanliness

A good host is an artist. You can teach them the art of cleaning. But you cannot train an attitude towards cleaning. They just get it. And they expect the best. And ensure the best.

Example: The guest left the Airbnb in immaculate condition. The cutlery and crockery are all packed neatly away. Why did the host remove it all from the cupboards and clean them again?

A Superhost leaves nothing to chance. Never. The Risk is too high. Guests (even owners) don’t clean like a Superhost. Simple.

BTW: A Superhost ensures they supervise all cleaning.

Why? Hosts carry the can. They earn their 5 stars.

Can you imagine the next guest opening the drawer, removing the supposedly clean plates and one has gunk sticking to the bottom? No!

  • Accuracy

Airbnb measures the accuracy of what we sold on Airbnb vs how the guest experienced the stay. Again, we can never oversell. Guests must always get a joyful surprise.

This kind of review tells it all. Guest Nechama said,

We had an amazing stay! The house was even better than it looked online. It was beautiful and spacious. Communication was great as well. Highly recommend.

We undersell accuracy. And the guests got a better deal than expected.

  • Value

Value is again a measure of what they paid for vs what they got. Superhost offering 5-star-proven-homes makes this easy.

  • Communication

Communication pre-arrival, during the stay and on departure, can make or break a guest’s perceived experience. Great hosts are ALWAYS available.

This may seem impossible. But the best Airbnb hosts set reasonable expectations while excelling in responsive communication.

Every time we read a guest review, highlighting a lack of responsive comms, we know a problem is brewing. And the host must improve.

Be responsive and available at all times.

  • Check-in

You have not even met the guests properly, and things go wrong.

This is the first domino.

Now the guests become critical. They expect a second failure. And they find it. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Never let a guest have reason to criticise check-in.

Our best hosts establish all the arrival protocols long before arrival. And then follow up regularly on the date of arrival.

Excellent communication with reliable check-in procedures ensures hosts are one step closer to a 5-star review.

  • Location

The last criteria for guest score are location. The host can do nothing about the location. Well. Not true.

Guests are dumb. They may not note the actual location at the time of reservation. Unfortunately, Airbnb spreads the net wide when guests search for a location.

They may want to be in Cape Town CBD but reserve a place in Simonstown. And when they arrive, they are upset with the host.

It’s critical to establish their reason for the visit and then direct them. But it’s not always that easy.

Read this guide to how Airbnb review scores work.

Our 8 Best Airbnb Hosts in Cape Town

The following people are very special. They have stood the test of time. They share our belief that guests matter – even if the guest is wrong. Yes. Sometimes we sharpen the axe.

Superhost Aureol

She is the no-nonsense sergeant major. And guests love her. She is an example of what the best Airbnb host should be. This review sums it up:

Terri’s 5 Star 🌟 Rating and Review

“We had an awesome stay! Our hostess Aureol was brilliant and when we had problems with the geyser she fixed it immediately! Service from her was excellent

Aureol will now manage and upskill our hosts. She will become a mystery shopper where she will visit random homes and critically inspect and advise hosts. What a pleasure to have such a dedicated and professional Airbnb host. And experience creator par excellence.

The Friendly Superhost Coral

You’ll see her smile first. If you want happiness, the Coral is the one. And she gets it done. Effectively on time. And guests love her attention to detail. The caring. She goes out of her way. And if you care about green things, Coral will teach you to use tea bags as firelighters, for example.

Amy stayed in one of Coral’s hosted homes:

“Coral was just fantastic. Super approachable, available and attentive. Thank you so much!”

It’s so encouraging to read how well these hosts do.

Anna The French Dressage Villa Professional Host

Anna, the lovely owner of three unique stays on her farm in Constantia, is also a 5 Star Superhost. She brings French flair to her guests, staying amongst her horses, goats and dogs.

As dressage kingpin with her professional pose, she takes care of her guests. But don’t let that fool you; she loves the fun. And the twinkle in her eye and her serene smile give it all away.

A guest wrote

Anna and the staff who maintain this lovely place are all fantastic, very communicative, and helpful. The only noise you will hear is frogs and horses.

See one of Superhost Anna’s stays.

The Wave Sound Family In Kommetjie

We all love 5 Star reviews. And Cathy and Bruce never accept less. Never. Even if it’s not in their control. They always accept responsibility and fix issues. The following review tells it all:

Guest Zelda said.

Our hosts made sure we had everything we needed and when something was amiss they did everything possible to sort it out as soon as possible.

This is a sure sign of a Superhost when you turn an unpleasant situation into a 5 Star review.

See their lovely Wavesound in Kommetjie.

Toby The Friendly Precision Man

Toby is a host at French Breeze. He oversees the home’s maintenance and others. And greets all guests as they depart. He only expects German precision, even though he is not German. He loves 5 Stars. And ask every departing guest to give a 5 Star review. Love it.

The Purcell Family And Hans

They own two luxury homes next door to each other in Constantia. They are not professional hosts in the genuine sense. But they operate as professionals for guests. If one house gets reserved, they move next door. Etc. It does not take long for guests to invite them over. And become friends.

Amazing home and a wonderful host! We have stayed in a few Airbnbs in Capetown over the years, but will definitely make this home our first choice from now on! Our experience from the first day to the last was brilliant! Your home is wonderful, we loved our stay.

Villa Purcell. Villa Hans

The Deluxe Margie In Stellenbosch

Margie ran her 5 🌟 guesthouse in Stellenbosch for years. But simplified and converted her guesthouse to Airbnb. She is a host who loves people; she even bribes the guests with all kinds of baked goods. A very kind and caring host. As long as she gets 5 🌟 she will thrive, like this one where the guest says she is the best host…

Location, cleanliness and the rooms are so good. Special note to host Margie who made our stay amazing, she is the best host I’ve ever met in my life so far. Will definitely be back to this place when I come back to Stellenbosch.

Charming Lady Anneth

Anneth brings wow experiences to Airbnb guests along the Atlantic Seaboard and central Cape Town. With her charm and innocence, she is piling up the 5 Star 🌟 reviews.

Anneth our host was super nice and competent.

Read More Of Our 5 Star Airbnb Superhost Reviews

It makes our team of experience extremely proud to receive and read the reviews we get. Every day, Nandi replies to each guest review and sends it to the team. And we include the owner in this team.

We critically look at each review and adapt where necessary. The best part is the private review we get.

Airbnb allows guests to send hosts private suggestions. These are excellent and assist us in making improvements.

There is nothing as honest as a guest. They are our judges.

Read all our Cape Town Airbnb Host reviews here. 😁

What Is Your Opinion On The 8 Best Airbnb Hosts In Cape Town’s Recipe For Success?

Please share your comments, recommendations and general points of interest in the above. We love to learn from our readers.

Have Fun

Johan Horak is One of the experience creators at; an Airbnb management agency in Cape Town where we are not trying to be the biggest but strive to be the best.


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