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How To Involve The Neighbours and Passing Tourists

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Dear Owner,

Your home is remarkable.

We know it. You know it. The current guests know it.

But we can do even better. To do this we should overcome the following:

  1. Use the eyes and ears of the neighbourhood to keep us informed of anything that concerns your home. Very few guests ever misbehave – less than 0.5%-  but they may be noisy, they may be shooting a music video while telling us they are only having a holiday. The neighbours may want to discuss a water leak, approaching fire, baboons causing havoc etc. Yes, we know some neighbours can be overly painful, but we can live with that as we know they care. But how do they get hold of us?
  2. Our city is a serious tourist destination. Lots of tourist walk, driving by your home. They are staying elsewhere. These holidaymakers can book your place next time but how do they can book it or where?
  3. Today we are paying a premium to Airbnb,, Facebook, and Google to send us clients but we are not using our physical location to attract guests at virtually no cost.

Today we want to propose a simple and very effective solution.

We use a simple template, not larger than a number plate, on an appropriate place on the outside of the home, to help neighbours and potential guests identify the agency managing the property.

Your home is your pride. And we want to ensure it continues being remarkable. We believe by being part of the neighbourhood and allowing effective communication is a small but necessary step to help achieve this.

Here’s an example of this template.

Self Catering Marketing Ideas

People who read it can visit and they will be taken to that property called Whalers where they can contact us and view the property online. (You can visit this link now to see what I mean.)

The boards with individualised web addresses will be made out of durable 1mm plastic and not wider than a narrow ZAR number plate. The length would depend on the length of the web address. And the cost is only about R40 per board.

Our existing owners (before April 2018) are encouraged to agree to add the template to the outside of their home, in an appropriate place. If you are not interested please email saying you are not interested. BTW: For new owners and owners who did not object; we have updated our T&Cs to include the above.


The CapeHolidays Team- where we create remarkable experiences.

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