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How Does Your Home Rank?

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Easily See If Your Home Is Remakable!

Do you want to bank money with your Airbnb home?

With more than 15 000 Cape Town Airbnb homes, only about 20% of these will make money at an occupancy of 66%. The other 80% will have occupancy of less than 33%.

If you are part of the top 20% your home will have that charm and and you will know how to make love to Airbnb.

Today I want to share a free tool with you, which you can use to immediately get an idea if your Cape Town Airbnb property ranks high on the ‘wowness’ scale.

Let’s discuss a few homes and their owners:

The owner of the first lovely home came to us after a year of making no money. They had an agency who made money from managing the garden, the pool, the guests, the maintenance. The owner had an outflow of cash but nobody paid to stay in the house as there was little to no marketing.

This house has most of the important ingredients to rank high on our scale.

No wonder we grossed sales of nearly R300 000 within 3 months of marketing this home. Have a look at the photos of this home and read the reviews on Airbnb (they are not all 100% but you’ll get the idea).

To further prove my point:

Just the other day we received another instant booking. And this is some of what the guest had to say:

“Hello! My wife and I will be travelling to your country from Chicago with our two best friends. Your home is easily one of the most beautiful and would love to stay. Thank you very much!”(SiC)

And then another guest comment:

It was like walking into our dream home! An exceptionally warm welcome! Beautifully decorated, stylish and spotlessly clean. A great view and the kids loved the trampoline and jacuzzi! Best few nights sleep I’ve had in months. Will definitely be back.”

Camps Bay; The Most Popular Beach Destination in Cape Town

Without going into a long justification why the above is true; let me just say that Camps Bay and Clifton have the most appeal, which is why short-term holiday makers are willing to pay +3 times more for a home than in most other areas in and around Cape Town.

So when you get a Camps Bay guest choosing to stay at French Breeze in Glen Cairn Simonstown then you know there must be something special. Read what she had to say before she booked:

reviewfrenchbreeze 1

Magic words: ‘LURE’ ‘APPEALING’

Have a look at one photo of French Breeze:Simonstown Three Bedroom Holiday Home With Jacuzzi And Pool 6 1

You’ll agree that it’s very attractive. The view, the modern minimalistic interior, the features, the spacious main bedroom with romantic bath, the Jacuzzi. The location and exterior are nice – nothing more.

On The Rocks:
similar home with similar ingredients on the rocks:
wownesshomes 1024x683 1

Let’s stop talking and see how your home ranks on Remarkability (WOWNESS) using our FREE Quiz.

As soon as I get your results I’ll send you the verdict. Immediately. 

Obviously the score and advice I share with you are based on or influenced by my personal experience and feelings, tastes, and opinions. It is in no way intended to be a 100% true reflection of your home. But it will be fun and we can further clarify the score when done.

Just click on the button below. Complete the quiz and it will immediately send you the Remarkability evaluation.

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