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Where Will CapeHolidays.Info Market Your Home?

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After reading an article on if you should list your accommodation on multiple sites we decided to do research on the matter. With only 12% of potential clients only visiting 1 site we were leaving money on the table. Nearly 70% visit 2 to 5 sites. The short and sweet of it, is that have to list our accommodation with many booking sites.

But where do we start?

We did a survey under local homeowners to see where they get the best results. The full results and comments will soon be published. Today I want to share a short list of where we believe the best opportunities exist:


  • (part of TripAdvisor).
  • is part of TripAdvisor as well. Their rate for agents is $225 annually. We will include this site immediately.
  1. is a local site. They give a few enquiries per year.
  2. Razor is a database where 400 agents and some homeowners share their homes. The cost is $60 per year as well as 1% value of any bookings. Although Camps Bay and Clifton get lots of bookings it’s still recommended for other areas of Cape Town.
  3. AirBnB is free to list and charges only 3%. They can bring in about 10% off all your bookings per year. One downside is that you only get your money released 24 hours after check-in. If the owner agrees that 10% is worthwhile then we recommend it.
  4. There are some free listing sites that we will list on. They take a commission to book.
  7. And many more.
When you agree, we will list your accommodation and give you a monthly statement of income and expenses. We would need you to give us your goals; do you want to maximise income or do you just want a low-key marketing effort.
For setting your rates you can read more here.