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Why Can You Not Keep Me Informed With Enquiries In The Pipeline?

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We get various questions on this topic. An owner is new or worried that the pipeline is empty. At least when we say we are working on something it gives them hope. 
We are constantly working with agents and clients from our website, where we send them suitable options that match their budget and requirements. The issue is we cannot let an owner know about every single fish that swims near our net as many (most) of them don’t actually end up biting. And these incidents are less than 10% of the potential bookings. 
The other issue is, unfortunately, things have changed to Instant Bookings.

Have a look at these concerns by owners:

“N asks me quite often if I heard of any new bookings that are in the pipeline. Of course, I don’t, I get your note only when there is a firm reservation. Times are hard for most of us and Nathalie is obviously worried about the finances of the house. Maybe a short message to the owners telling them how it goes would be great”.

D asked, “Thanks [for the] update but have you had any enquiries for our place as yet? I saw it online but as you say we happy to discount where necessary and for longer stays. We want to avoid our place standing empty over the Christmas holiday period but also not prepared to give that period away either. Please keep me posted!”
Unfortunately, or fortunately works on instant booking. 99%.
The Internet uses concepts like these described in the “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini PhD
As soon as the buyer talks he thinks. When he thinks he changes his mind.
Instant-book removes the thinking part. They book when they are hot. And when the credit card is in hand do you think Airbnb wants it now? Yes! This is scientifically proven; these guys design and test psychological greed of the human. Like it or not. It’s been done. Everyday. And rejecting it’s not the solution. Being aware is a good start. Rather encourage direct bookings. 
99% of all bookings today are instant. No enquiry.
Important. Because there is no enquiry there are no negotiations. We offer our best price with the best preset long stay discounts ahead of time. And they instantly book.

We never give stuff away. And will never allow an owner to do it. But given the above and the buyers market (COVID) rather tell me what you think is a reasonable rate. And for Instant Book we must set the best rates up front; don’t do this upfront and you snooze and just too loose.

(BTW: There is always demand (sometimes more); the only judge of value is the guest. Not the agent, not the owner. Either we work on supply and demand pricing (within reason) or we set rates based on ego reasons and fail.)
Pipeline? Because of instant bookings, this business has no pipeline of warnings. When we learn about a booking the owner knows 24 hours later or earlier. We have only perceptions, feelings and limited insights. Opinions we share via our weekly newsletters.
Conclusion: There is no way of giving you a crystal ball view. Nothing. Because the process does not allow it. 
The only way to change it is to understand your Agents process to do instant bookings. Take it away from the 3rd parties. You must share our offers for guests to make them book direct.

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