When is the best time for an owner to stay at their property?

Let me qualify: When is the best time for an owner to stay  at their property if they want to maximise income? 

Obviously, if you are not interested in a high return then it does not matter when you stay.

Let me pack it out for you:

  •  About 25-30% of your income will be generated between 15 December and 5 January. This is peak time. And people pay a massive premium for our remarkable Cape Town accommodation. It is therefore ideal if you do not to stay between these dates.
  •  The most popular date is 31 December.  Most peak time reservations include 31 December. Let’s say you stay over Christmas but depart on the 27 December then you can still get peak rates over 31 December. However, if you stay over 31 December but not over Christmas – forget it. People are reluctant to stay over Christmas for long and are not really willing to pay a massive premium. 
  • Winter is nearly dead. If you do it well you may get some income at 30% peak. If you are willing to do winter then it’s the best. But winter is winter. (May to end August).
  • September to 15 December improves. The weather is better. But no fireworks. And ideal if you can stay over this period.
  • January is better than the other pre-peak summer months. If you want to stay then try and stay after 5 January.
  •  February is after peak the most popular.  The rates are not peak but occupancy is very high; higher than December January. 
  • March and April are again slower and not a bad time to come and enjoy your home.
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