What is the procedure? You Currently Airbnb my accommodation while I want to sell it.

Procedure when I want to sell my home while you manage.

An owner may think that it’s easy selling their home while we try and keep guests happy.

Unfortunately, the consequences are not obvious to the outsider. Paying guests will not tolerate intrusions. Never. Ever!

You can ask nicely; they may oblige but deep down they are disappointed when “their home” is intruded upon. 

And the one small consequence? A bad review!

We are extremely protective of our SuperHost status (more here), and our nearly 1000, 5 out of 5-star ratings. We will not sacrifice quality under any circumstances.

Therefore, while we manage and market your home, you must be aware of the limitations.

There is a price to pay for this. And it may be better to cancel our agreement than to compromise our commitment to you, your home and the guests with high expectations.

You know the saying:

You can’t have your cake and eat it too…

There is a conflict between your needs to have a rental income and selling your home. Your rental agent must ensure the integrity of the home at all times while the real estate agent wants access now and will do whatever to get access.

We must find a way for all three interested parties to work hand in hand.

The following procedure is applicable while we have a mandate to market and manage your home.

Obviously, if the owner believes it is too restrictive then we need to consider the request.

But if the request limits our ability to ensure guest’s privacy or a third party interferes with the quality (as we have set it up for guests), then we must reconsider the agreement.

Please read this FAQ first for some background info.

The following procedure applies:

  1. The T&Cs indicate that you need to honour all future bookings. To reduce the risk we recommend you limit the availability calendar. For example, you can ask us to open a rolling one month or three-month availability-window. This will, however, reduce occupancy; most people book at least 2 to six months in advance. The further the calendar extends (opens) the higher the occupancy but the higher the risk that the property may sell and the new owner may not want to honour the bookings. In that case, you, the responsible party, will be liable for additional costs and penalties of at least $1500 plus relocating costs.
  2. Any real estate agent wanting to show the home or wanting access to the home can only enter through Agency.CapeHolidays.
  3. At no time will the real estate agent be permitted to enter the home without an appointment with Agency.CapeHolidays.
  4. Never will real estate agents engage with guests.
  5. No real estate agent will have keys to the home.
  6. Should the owner give access to a third party without our knowledge or consent and we cannot resolve the issue amicably the owner has by default cancelled the agreement and must honour all future bookings as per our T&CS.
  7. Agency.CapeHolidays cannot be responsible for the property when there’s a third party with uncontrolled access. Let me be blunt; if a third party has access without our control the risk is too high and we would not be interested to continue our mandate.
  8. The owner may choose to block a few days per month for viewings. But again only via Agency.CapeHolidays.Info.
  9. The owner must notify Agency.CapeHolidays.Info immediately when a sales agreement has been signed.
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