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What do you mean by “maximising” Airbnb income?

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What do you mean by maximizing Airbnb income?

Meaning of MaximisingHow To Maximise Income

Maximizing Airbnb income is “shorthand”  for our focus on (long-term) profitability over a year. Instead of focusing on maximising daily rates we ensure with our philosophy to:

  1. Build trust – reviews and high ratings from happy guests.
  2. We base our Airbnb rates on demand. And demand depends on seasonality and mostly on trust.
  3. Maximizing Airbnb income does not mean we are unreasonable at any time; our guest will never say the rates are cheap; we are not and will not ever be cheap, but guests will tell you we are reasonable.
  4.  Our model of building a snowball of trust takes longer than a year. Getting 40 reviews needs patience (more here).
  5. But if we are lucky and demand jumps quickly to higher than 50% occupancy we increase rates. Let me add; we always adjust rates depending on demand. Always within reason.

Maximised income depends on trust; high rates depend on high demand.

As a Cape Town Airbnb accommodation agency;

Initially, you pay a price for the lack of trust. And you pay a price to get many positive reviews…… Our income only increases if your home improves at all times and your income improves.  Nothing else.