How to improve Airbnb ranking: Is this what you’ll do?

How to improve Airbnb ranking when your are new to the game is not easy.

If you read the 9 Tips to Boost Your Airbnb Host Search Ranking you’ll notice that you can improve your rankings on AirBnB. One of our homeowners (Tom) with a listing on our site is number one on AirBnB for Muizenberg. Tom started about a year ago and has 24 reviews. No wonder.

What is Tom doing better than others?

  1. He sticks to the 9 tips above.
  2. His house is lovely – and well described with many photos.
  3. His house can sleep 8, but his rate on AirBnB is indicated for 4 people. He charges R250 for every extra person. Instead of advertising R2400 per night his R1401 per night (for 4) seems attractive. This is important as it gives Tom more flexibility – as he sells his 4 bedroom as 2, 3 or 4 bedroom. This gives him higher occupation, more reviews and meaning higher income. 
AirBnB likes turnover and promotes you because they make money out of your success. And the more they promote Tom the more money he gets. Today he is number one on AirBnB. What a self fulfilling cycle….if you find the magic.
How to improve airbnb ranking? Simple or not?
It’s not that simple if you don’t break it down further. 
Now I want you to go and read How to Use Airbnb Like a Pro
If you are lazy then let me share the following with you;


Charge less than market rate at first, then raise your rates

… since it can be tough to get bookings without a solid base of reviews, you’ll want to undercharge at first. Once you’ve built up a nice stash of testimonials, raise the rate to be comparable with similar listings in your neighborhood. As a bonus: You’ll have tons of reviews lauding what a great bargain your place was, even after the price jump. 

Start out taking as many one and two-night rentals as you can

The goal of the Airbnb game is to rise up the search rankings. The quickest, fastest, most powerful ways to do this are by accepting reservations and by earning reviews. So if you want to build up lots of reviews (which you do), shorter stays rule. Taking lots of short-term tenants earns you more points that fewer long-term guests. Once you earn a couple of nice reviews, you can (and should) accept low-maintenance longer-term tenants. But at first, go short.

I have just started out on AirBnB. I did not know what to expect. But I followed the ideas shared by these AirBnB experts. The only thing I did was to figure out the best possible rate to boost my rankings on AirBnB.
Two days ago I listed 5 properties on AirBnB (12345). Interestingly I am working on two bookings for 5 weeks (one and four) on accommodation 1. I had three enquiries and 206 page views on all 5. Not bad. In Kalk Bay I am listed 5th. In Simonstown 7th. In Muizenberg the apartment is only on page three. In Tamboerskloof our listing is only on pg 7 (ouch).
I need to answer a few questions:
  1. Why did two of our listed properties appear on page one?
  2. Why is the Kalk Bay apartment hitting the sweet spot so soon?
  3. How can I improve the other three and duplicate what I have done with Kalk Bay?
Time will tell.
In the meantime I am learning.
BTW: What I don’t like about AirBnb is that they only pay you 24 hours after checking. This may not be ideal but if you want maximise the income from your accommodation then this is a great option.
P.S. If you are on AirBnB why do we not share references? Send me a mail to johan at
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