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How To Try And Prevent Too Many (Unlawful) Airbnb Guests Staying

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How To Try and Prevent Too Many (Unlawful) Airbnb Guests Staying!

As an Airbnb host or as an Airbnb agency in Cape Town no one can really be checking a home 24 hours a day. Guests are trusted. And more than 99% is great. Really excellent. ? 

But what happens when you get too many guests staying? 

  1. You have no way of controlling the number of guests. At arrival and departure, you’ll see them but never in between. And if they want to break the rules they will. Hosts can visit daily but this is not only an expensive story lining guests up to count them, it is also intrusive to the more than 99% who behave well. 
  2. Airbnb will not compensate you if you discover after the fact that too many stayed over. Airbnb will however support you to kick them out, and or get compensation for the extras from the date you discovered it. 
  3. Trying to get the less than 1% kicked out is a mess. It can be confrontational. And neighbours may become very upset. 
  4. The time to resolve such issues is long and painful. 
  5. Time to fix issues, replace broken stuff, etc. 

The larger the home, pool, jacuzzi, etc are the more the potential it is a target for parties. Smaller places may not attract parties but may still get the extra unauthorised guest or two. 

How to limit the issue. 

  1. You discourage extra guests before they book.
  2. The host, during pre-arrival communication, tells guests that only x number are expected 10 to stay as per the booking. And that no one extra is allowed. 
  3. Network with neighbours to inform you of any disturbances or odd things. 
  4. It is recommended to install a very basic video camera outside of entrances. There are various inexpensive options available. This can be used as evidence or to check numbers when guests are staying. Hosts can check the feed on their mobiles. BTW. This must be declared to guests before they book on booking sites.
  5. Unfortunately, one guest is enough to cause continuous loud noise. Therefore, I strongly recommend owners to install a clever noise monitor. One of the recommended ones for Airbnbs is the Minut Smart Home Alarm. South Africans can get it here. All new owners will be required to install such units.

Let me just remind you that we are talking about low risks. Very low. But for a small investment, you will ensure long term peace of mind. 

Is this a reasonable recommendation? Tell me. 

Regards Johan Horak

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