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How to Prep Your AirBnB For The Business Traveller

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The other day one of our Airbnb guests gave a very useful review at the same time I got an email from Airbnb on how, our more than 40, Airbnb listings can qualify for the business traveller.

This what Airbnb had to say:

For business travelers, a hair dryer and an ironing board can make or break a trip. That’s why we launched Business Travel Ready listings: a classification for listings that have the services and amenities that business travelers have told us they most frequently request. If you confirm that you’ll provide these services and amenities, your space will be shown as aBusiness Travel Ready listing to travelers from companies like Google and Salesforce, which are encouraging their employees to stay with Airbnb hosts when they’re on business trips.

Let me summarise:

  1. A hairdryer
  2. An ironing board and obviously an iron

Now if you read the following review from one of our frequent business guest:


Nandi met us at the house and gave us some great pointers about getting around and what to do in Cape Town. Great one about Uber, saved us on numerous occasions. The house was perfect for us as it was well laid out, quiet, secure and reasonably close to everything during AfricaCom. The WiFi is way better than Nandi let on.

Johan Elmarie & Nandi At The CapeHolidays Agency

Response from you: Hi Kimon very kind of you. It is obvious that you have travelled a lot and know what you are talking about. Your review will assist other business travellers. And I must say your private feedback is worth a lot to us. We can only use this to make this home even better than it is at the moment. Thanks also for the kind words about Nandi. She will be smiling. Have fun


What Kimon thought you could improve about the experience:
There was a little bit of confusion as the workmen kept wanting access. 1) the coffee machine made very “plasticky” tasting coffee. 2) it would be nice to have a bottle of combo bodywash/shampoo in the bathrooms and 3) the kitchen could have had some kitchen paper. But, these were minor points.

Let me get these ideas all together and summarise again adding my own ideas as well to go that extra mile:

  1. A hairdryer
  2. An ironing board and obviously an iron
  3. Add an espresso machine and few pods to start with.
  4. Samples of salt, pepper, milk, sugar and olive oil.
  5. Proper WiFi.
  6. Professional photos are non-negotiable if you want professionals.

This will not cost a lot but will appeal to the business traveller. And these travellers tend to travel during non high peak times when occupancy is not sky high. And it will pay back.



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