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How Should We Manage Friends & Family Wanting To Stay?

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I  propose  the following simple procedure:

How to Handle Your Friends and Family Staying:

Most owners use the agent as the bad guy that must be consulted. This removes the emotional ties between family and friends when money is involved. And it works like a dream for other owners. Owners can adapt the procedure to meet their needs as long as you communicate it in writing with us.
  1. Send friends and family to us to check availability, arrange bookings, quote them and get payments.
  2. They pay R1200 change-over-fee for less than 7 days’ stay. Longer than ten nights stay, with another linen change, another R1200.
  3. All guests get a 40% discount between May and September from the Airbnb guest rate they would have paid.
  4. All guests get a 30% discount between March & April and October to 15 December from the Airbnb guest rate they would have paid.
  5. All guests get a 20% discount between 7 Jan – Feb.
  6. No discount over peak 18 Dec to 7 Jan
  7. Any payment received will be reflected in your cash flow sheet.
  8. Our commission is on the discounted rate.
  9. Friends and guests should ideally stay 4 nights. If they stay shorter we will block 4 nights. This is due to capacity constraints. If we can fit in a clean sooner we will open the calendar sooner. For peak, the minimum stay is none negotiable at 12 nights.
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